What Do You Stuff Your Kids Stockings With?

Updated on December 17, 2011
M.N. asks from Jesup, GA
16 answers

I am not creative at all... LOL

What do you all stuff your kids stockings with? I usually do candy, an orange and one or two small gifts...My daughter is 10 but she LOVES bath crayons so I usually put those in her stocking and something else that is small and inexpensive.

What do you do?

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So What Happened?

What a bunch of FABULOUS ideas!!! I think I stole a little bit from almost everyone. Loved the idea about the Teen (Preteen) magazines - I would have never thought of that.

That is one of the reasons that I love this site so much. No matter what the question there are so many different ideas out there! You ladies are great and I hope that you all had a FABULOUS Christmas and Holiday

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answers from Spokane on

nail polish
hair stuff

Basically I just wander around the dollar store and grab stuff I think they'd like, and top it off with things they *need*.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Inexpensive necklace ($5-10) from Wal-Mart or Target


Coloring pens

Cute keychain

Fuzzy, warm socks




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answers from San Francisco on

I put exactly the same as what you put.

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answers from Philadelphia on

at ten my mom put candy, some preteen magazine, hair things, more candy=) little toys that could be gotten under 5 bucks

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answers from Decatur on

Handheld video games


Gift cards I make up (like one night of dinner of their choice, one night free of chores, etc)

Actual gift cards (think $5 dairy queen card)



Pencils/Pens for school

Mini Puzzles

Card Games

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answers from Minneapolis on

10 was easy for a girl..hair do-dads, lip gloss, nail stuff, socks, music, lotion, bath stuff, etc)!

Mine is 17 now, so new earbuds, a CD (yes she still wants those :-), a book, socks/slippers, some fancy Green and Black's chocolate...candy cane...usually I put new collars for the kitties in her stocking too if they need it...but last years are still fine..so maybe some catnip and cat toys (shes the cat "owner" on record)....and a few of her fancy colored pencils (she is an artist attending an arts high school)...

Have fun with it!!

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answers from Dallas on

My 10 year old is getting gloves, beef jerky (her favorite!), candy, lip gloss, bath salts, a webkinz, and a few little small toys that are holiday related.

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answers from New York on

There have been several posts like this in the past week, you might want to do a search. My daughters are now teens, here are somethings I did a few years ago.

lip balm
fuzzy socks
m&m's, candy bar
hair ties
shower gel and a poofie
nail polish
hand lotion
coloring book/activity book
deck of cards
small game, like Uno
music cd
movie tickets
fun erasers
pencil case
fun pencils, gel pens

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answers from Houston on

mostly chocolate, little tacky jewelry, candy, hair stuff, a cheap watch..........pretty much anything little and not of much value.

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answers from Houston on

toothpaste toothbrush, body soaps, cars, action figures, colors and color books,batteries, candy, body wash , body spray (for the older ones and 10 should like this) earrings or jewlery in general. make up if you approve of it for that age, a purse under the tree and a wallet in the stocking she is getting close enough to need one. I got something really cool that I was dying for last year and it cost a whole dollar a hair brush with a mirror on the back and hair ties in it. I do alot of pony tails. she is at the age that would be cool. hair barettes.

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answers from Lafayette on

Fun bandaids. (I won't buy them during the year, so it's a fun treat for them at Christmas.) :) Or gum -- we don't do many sweets, but gum is nice. Fingernail polish and/or a nail files is good. This year, my husband wants his gift to be paying extra on the mortgage so we can pay it off sooner...so that's going in his stocking! :)



answers from Muncie on

Bath stuff (mine also loves this stuff), a penny per year of age, a couple of small candies (3-4), an orange, and a little toy (usually some thing under 5 dollars) that will get him something to keep his interest until we open gifts.


answers from Salt Lake City on

lottery ticket
A drink- either a hot cocoa mix or juice box
bath toys (my kiddos are a bit younger. We have done bath stickers (Alex brand), stackable bath cups, funny rubber ducks, bubble bath, those dollar store wash cloths that are smashed into a block, or THE BEST was h2goo (thinkgeek.com)- a packet that you dissolve in bat water and it turns the bath water into goop!
toothbrushes and paste
art supplies
Itunes card or McDonalds gift card



answers from Indianapolis on

We havecalways done stockings for the eight in our family.....little kids likeva box of bandaids....small books...flashlights...anything and everything...the most valuable thing I did time wise was to wrap the gift items in aluminum foil, shiny side out....conforms to any shape and NO tape necessary!!!!
Saved me SO much time!



answers from Elkhart on

When I was young My "santa" gave us a box of cereal that mom wouldn't normally buy. toothbrush and a game of cards. there are so many that we still haven't played.



answers from Baton Rouge on

Mine was always picky about candy, so I put in the kind she liked
Ferraro-Roche hazelnut chocolates
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Almond Joy
I also put in her other favorite snacks
Green olives
Sweet gherkins
Pickled okra
Beef jerky
Sour cream and onion Pringles

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