What Do You Put Your Toddler in to Sleep When It Is Not Quite AC Weather?

Updated on April 11, 2011
M.K. asks from Chesterfield, MO
12 answers

So we live in St. Louis and around this time of year, we have humid and slightly warm weather, followed by cold and rainy, followed by beautiful. This weekend it was almost 90, today it is in the 60s, and by Saturday it is suppose to be 45 as a high again!

It is too crazy to turn your air conditioning on, but we live in a one story house so we don't feel comfertable leaving our almost 2 year old's window open for security reasons.

Last night my son wanted PJs on but I convinced him it was ok to just sleep in his diaper (it was 82 in our house even when the windows open).

I was just trying to figure out what other people do when the weather is wierd.Is it ok to just let your toddler sleep in a diaper when its 80 inside your house? We are going to get him some short sleeve shirts and shorts type PJs but of course they didn't have any in his size on Friday when I went to look!


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answers from Chicago on

We still do PJs, but no socks, and light blankets. Plus, I run an oscillating fan pointed toward the bed to keep the air moving. I hate being hot while I sleep, and having that fan on me is non-negotiable!

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answers from Lincoln on

It was 90 here on Saturday too. I just put mine in a onesie. That's all I used last summer too. Even with the air on. We live in a 2nd floor apartment and it can get hot at night unless I have air turned down to 65 which I refuse! and there was no way the air was getting turned on in April so sad to say we suffered!



answers from Fayetteville on

When it's warm at night like that I usually do a diaper and a short sleeved tshirt (like the little white Hanes ones) or A-shirt. Just a diaper if it's particularly warm. And no blankets.



answers from Joplin on

We have broken down and turned the AC on, Andy ( SO and day sleeper due to working night shift) gets uncomfortable trying to sleep in the heat of the day and also suffers from bad allergies. Alex who is nearing 4 and cannot stand for changes in his routine wants to wear PJ's and I can't seem to talk him into anything cooler. My daughter will happily wear the cute short sets or night gowns though.
Could you talk him into just wearing a t shirt? I don't see any problem with just a diaper if it is hot.


answers from San Diego on

I used to put my boys in a simple Gerber onsie or a Gerber T-shirt and a diaper when it was icky, sticky and hot. I prefered the onsie as it covered the diaper and kept them from wanting to take it off. I also have some great cotton jammies that are a pair of shorts and a tshirt that we use all the time that work well. We've bought them at Target and Disney Store have great ones. Going shirtless I found always made the boys uncomfortable as their arms would stick to their sides and stuff.
I found it to be important to use 100% cotton and not a polyester blend of any kind. The polyester doesn't breath the same and especially my oldest boy would sweat like mad.



answers from Cleveland on

my 2 yr old slept in cappri soft cloth pants and a tee shirt last night she slept in light weight jammies, she normally sleeps in light weight pants n a tee shirt or long sleeve shirt



answers from Topeka on

Go with the flow of the weather,long jammie pants with a short sleeve shirt,or shorts & short sleeve shirt,footed jammies when its to cold outside but don't want to run the heat,I have nite gowns for my girls when it is really hot outside,my son he will go with shorts & t shirt.
Our windows are opend during the day at night I have my bedroom windows opened with the attic fan on theirs are all closed with their ceiling fans on


answers from Chicago on

we live in a ranch and it was 81 in our house the other night...I turned on my son's ceiling fan, put him in a onesie and opened the windows in the living room and left his door cracked open so that hopefully the cooler air would get sucked into his room without me having to open the windows in his room.



answers from Kansas City on

It's hard isn't it! I would say don't fight the battle of what to wear to bed. I try to dress down my 3 y/o when it's warm and she won't have it. I try and encourage her not to use the comforter, etc. but she wants it all. In the end, I think it's fine if he's wearing jammies he likes until you get summer ones. He really will kick of covers during the night if he gets too hot and if he's really too hot, he'll wake you up, which is not ideal, I know, but I doubt it will happen. Good luck! Oh and lots of places have lightweight sleepwear out now too, which is nice. I bought some for my son at Target, Old Navy, and Carter's recently.



answers from Chattanooga on

I will put my DD in a lightweight short-sleeved onesie when it's too hot for PJs. I don't know why, but I just can't put her to bed in just her diaper... even though I will go to bed in just my chonies on nights like that. :P (I don't see a problem with diaper sleeping though.)



answers from Austin on

Light t-shirt or tank top for my winter baby and no bottoms except for the diaper of course =)



answers from Kansas City on

We live in KC so have similar problems! I've been putting my 3.5 year old in some little boxer shorts, and just white undershirts. I've been bad though, and if the forcast is above 75 for two days I'll turn on the air.

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