What Do You Do When Your in a Bind and Can't Afford Pet (Vet) Care?

Updated on November 21, 2009
M.A. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I feel bad that our economic situation has put us in the siutation where we have to let our dogs pet (vet) care go to the bottom of the list right now. We are not having trouble feeding our pets it's the vet care. Our oldest dog needs vet care FAST (NON-Emergency) and I know that it will cost us atleast $500.00 that we do not have. What do you other do? Does anyone know anyone that takes payments or "barter"?

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I had NEVER heard of Care Credit before! It was SUPER easy & fast! We applied and within seconds were accepted and called a vet that accepted the Care Credit. It was a new vet to us. Got in this morning with in a couple of hours after applying didn't have to pay for emergency care since it was during business hours (thank goodness). An Appointment that I figured would cost $300-500.00 ended up only costing $53.00, Since they didn't have to run tests or xrays that I thought would be needed. I ended up NOT needing the Care Credit since we got a New Patient Discount!!!!!!!! PS Pooch is already doing wonderfully!!!! Big Sighs of relief!

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Check to see if your vet, or one in the area, works with the Care Credit. They have a payment plan with no interest, and no upfront pet insurance costs.

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I just want to dito what JL said, I think she offered a lot of great ideas. I especially like the vet school suggestion, very creative and pratical. My cousin is losing his house right now and he and his wife had to bring their dogs to a shelter. Times are tough. Good luck with whatever you do.



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I haven't read any of the other responses so sorry if I have repeated any. I would check with a school that does Vet Tech. I know that when you go to a dental school or a beauty school you can recieve services for a reduced rate. It might be worth a shot.




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im in the same boat as you are.its hideous what vets charge-both my dogs are rescues,so far ive found nothing.if you do come up with someone-can you please email me the info??..banfeild has a great insurance plan-but you have to pay so much up front..if you can afford that-then all is good..###-###-####..they have spots all over the metro area-plus their really great with animals....

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