What Do You Do/give to Your Newborn for Gas?

Updated on March 05, 2010
J.P. asks from Newark, TX
13 answers

My 2 week old has gas at times and can tell that it is uncomfortable. What have have you given to your children for gas? Gripe water, mylicon drops, bath etc? TIA

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answers from Dallas on

For us - mylecon made my son projectile vomit (it contains citric acid). A warm bath and knee bends worked best for us. Good luck.

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answers from Atlanta on

mylicon drops didnt work for us. we used hylands (a natural medicine) colic tablets.colic is essentially caused by gas pains. my baby wasnt a colic baby but these really settled her tummy. they instantly dissolve in the mouth so no chocking hazard. try it in your own mouth if you are concerned. or you can dissolve them in a teaspoon mixed with a drop or so of milk. like i said..this brand of medicine is alll natural. we looooovvvveee the teething tablets also. works much better than orajel and much safer. they also make earache tablets which are great. also for gas, i would lay her over my knees and bounce slightly. this helped the gas work its way out.

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answers from Charlotte on

Mylicon drops. Immediately after you can feel the "pop, pop" in their little diaper.

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Mylicon drops, even the Walmart brand, is fine. Bath with lavender and chamomile is great! If you are breast feeding, please watch your diet and make sure that you are cutting back on caffeine, spicy foods and other foods that could possibly affect the breast milk. Modify your diet a little and see what affects your little one. If you are using formula, possibly look at a different brand... but really breast is best!

Good luck!

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answers from New York on

Mylicon drops helped our infant A LOT



answers from San Francisco on

For us mylicon drops didn't work at all.
Gripe water worked wonders with our son.
For my daughter, the only thing was to burp her a lot (she would burp 3-4 times after a feeding) and let her in a upright position for at least 20 minutes after the feedings (in our arms or her bouncing chair)


answers from Gainesville on

i would say gripe water is works wonders for my 6 month old and she has been using it alsmot since birth it is pretty much alnatural so it better for them.but the peppermint bottle works but can sometimes we very strong for such a young one..hope this help and congrat on the new baby.they truely are wonderful



answers from Tampa on

If you are nursing mom you may need to consider what it is that you are eating, it may be causing the problem ie. onions, garlic that sort of thing. Gripe water works very well and quickly much better then mylicon drops.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi J.,

Congratulations on your new little one~ I know gas can be really troubling for a new mommy...Gripe water can help--- but I have found that a nice gentle massage and then tightly swaddling your baby really helps. Make sure that you burp your baby frequently when nursing/giving a bottle and keep him/her upright for a short time after. Good luck~ It will pass....



answers from Jacksonville on

Mylicon (or the generic: simethycone (sp?)).
Used it for my son when he would wake in the middle of the night screeching with a gas bubble (he was about 7 months). Almost immediately after giving it he would be right back asleep... gas gone.

Just mentioned it to my friend, who has a 1 month baby that has been fussy/gassy.... she tried it and said she was stunned at how well/quickly it worked.

It's just a liquid form of the same stuff you might use for yourself (phazyme?)...



answers from Chicago on

I cut out milk. The gas and spitting up has decreased dramatically.



answers from Seattle on

before trying gas drops, I did what my grandma taught me, and that was to give baby about 1 to 2 oz of pepermint water.
But used gas drops also and worked.



answers from Los Angeles on

Chamomile tea. The ped recommended for us to use a more natural remedy. Are you breastfeeding? If so, then brew some tea, let it cool, give about 1 ml to baby, and drink the rest yourself.
Question - Has your baby been like this since birth? Colic doesn't start that soon. You should talk to your ped. Maybe your baby is not getting enough to eat. We found this out with my daughter. We thought she had colic but all along I had low milk supply and had to supplement. She was gassy & cranky but it was because she was hungry. : ( Make sure you find out what the real problem is and not just cover it up with gas drops, gripe water, etc. Also, my daughter was allergic to eggs, and I had to cut it from my diet. Good Luck!

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