What Do You Do for "Mental Health Day"

Updated on July 08, 2010
V.T. asks from McKinney, TX
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We've had a lot of stuff going on the past few weeks and today was the last straw. I told my husband that I really need a mental health day. He told me to go get a massage or a mani/pedi, but I don't really want to. The problem is, I don't know what I want. If you had 4 hours to do what ever you wanted, what would you do? My husband told me not to worry about price, but I'd like to keep it reasonable. Thanks.

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answers from Hartford on

massages are nice so are mani pedis. but I might just veg out and watch tv or sleep.....have a good one! xo


massages are nice so are mani pedis. but I might just veg out and watch tv or sleep.....have a good one! xo

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answers from Dallas on

I would ask my husband to take our little one out somewhere and leave the house to me. Just relax and read a good book or catch up on favorite tv shows. Peace and quiet at home.

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answers from Honolulu on

I would tell my Hubby to take the kids out, so I can have the house AND quiet to myself. Even if I do nothing... that is a treat for me.
For me, "vegging" is a luxury! LOL
And I like to be in my "woman-cave" too.... like men have their "man-cave."
Or I"d get a hair-cut... and then just hang out.
I rarely even have the chance to get a hair-cut... its been 3 months already for me since my last one!
For me, being by myself is a treat though.. and how I 'recharge.' The last thing I'd want to do is be on a "schedule" or someone else's schedule.

Or, I would go out with a girlfriend... for a nice long lunch and whatever.
Or get your errands done etc.

Its NICE your Husband is understanding of that.... bravo for him! And no price constraints!
Lucky you :)

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answers from Raleigh on

I'm with your hubby! I would go to a TRUE spa, not just the massage place down the street. At a "true" spa, you get in that lovely robe and sit with a cup of water/tea/coffee and just relax in peace and quiet. I bring along books or magazines, and make sure that I spend some time in the sauna and steam room to relax me even more. Facials, hot stone massages and soaking bathes are my absolute favorite! Add aromatherapy and I am in heaven! Good luck deciding...I wish my hubby would send me!!!

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answers from New York on

uhhh, close doors, earplugs, and sleep for 4 hrs straight.

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answers from Minneapolis on

What are some of your favorite things to do? Definitely find a friend to enjoy the day with you, no matter what you end up doing.

Some of the things I would do:
Horseback riding
Theme Park
The Mall
The Movies
A Dinner Theater

Or... Have your husband take the kids away for 4 hours and spend the day at home doing whatever you want to do :)



answers from Philadelphia on

Massage. Definitely. Followed by a full body sugar/salt scrubdown. Then a good book and a cup of coffee with no interruptions. THAT would leave me feeling relaxed and ready for any upcoming battle.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi V.,
It could be as easy as going to a coffee shop and reading a book. If you are outdoorsy you could go for a hike nearby. I like to scrapbook and there are places that offer classes/sessions on site. You could also go swimming at the local pool and then go somewhere to relax after.
Hope this helps!
Suzy & her men (2 & 4 1/2)


answers from New York on

I vote for massage too, then in my way back home would get some ice cream and go home (I would ask my husband to take the kids to a fun place so I don't feel guilty about kicking them out of the house) eat my ice cream as I watch tv or play a computer game or just google, just until I finish my ice cream ALL on my own!
And then take what ever time I have left to take a nap. You don't say how old are your kids but if they are old enough for my husband to put them sleep on his own, I would love to sleep to the next day.
Sometime my husband take our kids to the bookstore so I can have my time alone, I always think I would sleep but never really do, but if I could have a massage I probably would fall sleep right there.



answers from Seattle on

4 hours AND I get to spend money???

Huh... that's really a hard one.

I get 4 hours twice a week (spring, summer, & fall)... but they aren't financed time. I usually end up using one of them to work/run errands/make appointments... and the other to veg out. If I had 4 financed hours I would *personally* go do one of the following:

- go out for sushi, go lingerie shopping, read a book, get a massage.

for unfinanced
- swim, tan, lounge around with a book or curl up with my laptop



answers from Charlotte on




answers from Kansas City on

Listen to your husband! Go to the spa! If you want to keep it reasonable, go to a cosmetology school and have a student give you a facial and massage.


answers from Denver on

ooh 4 hours to do anything i wanted. I'd do a 30 minute massage just enough to relax you for the rest of your 3 1/2 hours doing something you enjoyed before you became a mommy and a wife. Ask a friend to go to a chick flick, or just a nice lunch and do not talk about the house work, kids, husband. If you do when you get back home you feel like you never left.



answers from Detroit on

take myself out to lunch.. read a magazine or newspaper while I ate in the nice quiet..

go to the mall and buy myself a new shirt or something..maybe see a movie or even get a haircut..

I dont have to spend much money to recharge my batteries.

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