What Do I Use to Clean Our Couch?

Updated on October 26, 2009
K.B. asks from Warner Robins, GA
7 answers

My daughter just threw-up milk on our couch last night. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could use to get the smell out? Thank you for your help.

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answers from Atlanta on

Try Odo-ban.... I found it at Home Depot for about $10.00 a gallon (in the Cleaning Supplies Section) My oldest son went to summer camp and left his wet clothes in a tote for a week. The clothes smelled DISGUSTING!!! I thought they were ruined. But Odo-ban got the smell out. I washed his clothes and added a cup to the rinse cycle. Problem solved. If it worked on them, it would work on your couch. Just put it in a spray bottle. I have used it on my carpet too. Try it : )



answers from Atlanta on

I would do the vinegar too, but try adding some tea tree for it's anti-bacterial qualities or eucolyptus oil to REALLY get out the smell. Put the mixture in the washing machine on gentle and line dry or fluff air dry like the previous poster said. You can also put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the cushion and allow it to dry thoroughly (soak it up with a towel, then air dry). Hope you find something that works....that smell s the worst :O !
God bless you & your family!



answers from Atlanta on

I think I could second with the other poster that if the cover is removeable and wash it but I would try to wash it with some vinegar. I would also try to add the vinegar to the cushion as well and be sure that it dries throughly. IT's most likely going to take awhile but it should work. Another suggestion would be calling an upholstery cleaner out to your home to clean it up but that's an extra expense that you really shouldn't have to pay if your willing to do the work yourself-vinegar is great for ALL foul smells. I actually use it for my floors to rid of any "bad" smells and it does and always has worked like a charm.



answers from Augusta on

You might try "Nature's Miracle." It's available at PetsMart. It's made to get rid of odor from that type of thing. Hope it helps. It definitly did with the puppies. :)



answers from Dallas on

We use Nature's Miracle pet stain cleaner for all gross fluids from anyone living in our home. YOu get it at Petco/Petsmart. It is in a white bottle with red writing.



answers from Charleston on

When my 2yr old had diarrhea, it leaked out of her diaper and on to the couch. I had no idea what to do. I called my FIL because he has a cleaning business. He told us to take cover off and wash in washing machine. As for the cushine, use dishwasher detergant. Dilute with some water, take a sponge or cloth and wash. I have never smelt the dish washer detergant smell, thought I would but never did. Thats what we did and we have never smelt poo on the couch, she is now 5yr old and the couch is 7yrs old and still going



answers from Columbus on


If you can take off the cushion cover wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle and air dry or air fluff in the dryer, it will prevent it from shrinking. Then take the cushion and hose it down and leave it out to dry. It a process but I think its the best way to get everything out of the cushion and not "cover" it with something else.

Good Luck!

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