What Do I Pay a Sitter ???

Updated on June 14, 2009
L.E. asks from Hialeah, FL
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Hi Mommies,

Okay... I am in a little dilema & I need advise. I have a friend coming to spend about 9 days with me for her vacation. I have pretty much every day planned out as to what we are doing in the day with the kids (she has no kids) & at night going out on the town.

My husband was laid off a week ago, & already got a new job which he started today. The down fall to this new job he took on he will be on call 24hrs a day. So now he won't be able to be home with the kids at night the week my friend will be here because he could get called in to work in the middle of the night.

I asked a woman I know if she would be willing to come over the house at night & sit with the kids ( while they are sleeping ). She has no kids & her husband does not live here. She lives with her father. I would do this according to her work schedule on days she's off. I would bring her over & then drop her off at home . I like this woman also for the simple reason my older son already has met her & likes her . She works with the elderly at the same facility I put my mom in. She was one of my reasons I picked the location because of how she interacted & treated the other's there.

My kids have never been around a sitter, & I have never really used one so I don't know what I would pay this woman. My husband will also be home at the time but he can also leave at any moment.

What would be the right amount to give her hourly ? She knows right now that we are in a financial pinch.

Thank you!!

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answers from Orlando on

I agree that making an opinion that is not relevant to the question asked should have a retraction for the advise given.

We need to try to stick to the subject created in the subject line when giving advise. Moms have a hard enough time I'm sure from family members and friends that have their own ideas on how they should raise their children.

I think mama source was created more to help support one another and build each other up and not tear each other down in their personal parenting choices.

With that said, L., my daughter is 16 and is CPR trained and extremely responsible, more so than most adults. I would trust her watching her siblings over any adult any day of the week. I would trust her to do what is safe, right, fun, in every situation with her siblings. Having someone you feel comfortable with is very important and it's good you have this lady.

The reason I stated that above about my daughter is for you to see that she is paid not as a teen, but as adult when babysitting. She asks for $5 an hour per child, and add a dollar per hour for each child added after that and two dollars more per hour after midnight. She has these rates due to the economy and there are a lot of college students that are in child development that charge similar rates. My aunt works at a daycare and if she takes care of the children on the weekend they pay her $8 an hour for one child and add $4 for each child added after that and $4 more an hour after midnight.

Note also, my daughter cleans, cooks, and reads bedtime stories and tutors the school age children if they need her help with homework.

Some people charge extra for these services, just to give you something to think about with the woman who will be watching your children. If you expect her to do baths, and dinner and clean up she may ask for more, or not.

Hope the advise helps. Have fun and enjoy your evening out. It is a rare treat I'm sure.

Let us know what you and her decided to do so we all know what to pay other sitters too. Thanks!

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answers from Boca Raton on

Hi L.! I would just ask her what her rate is. Have a cap as to what you can afford, and start with that. Knowing all the dynamics of the situation, she might offer a lower rate than you would offer. If she does offer to do it for a small amount, I would show my gratitude, by maybe giving her an extra bit at the end...like and extra $20. Good luck..and have fun!!!

A. :)

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answers from Miami on

it dpends where you live ,etc. Here in miami, in Miami Beach, people pay up to $15 an hour for a sitter! Now that is the HIGH range! I pay $10 an hr and I have 2 kids. When we had one, I paid $8.

I would think that because you are providing her transportation, your kids will be sleeping & she knows your financial situation, you can offer her $8 an hour.
You could also make her some food/snacks to make her feel at home, etc :)

OR, just offer $10 and don't worry about it.

HTH (hope this helps)


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answers from Miami on

Although I do think having a babysitter one trusts is great and every parent should have that resource, here's my take on your situation: You have a 17 month old. You've seen this woman interact with elderly, what about babies? I would never leave my children with a babysitter without first having her babysit my children while I'm there so I can see first hand how they are with her. Do you really want your 17 month old to wake up in the middle of the night to find a stranget trying to comfort him?? Secondly, my husband is on call 24/7 too. If I want to go somewhere in the evening, he'll watch the kids - if he happens to get called to work, all he has to do is call me and I'll come home - simple. The fact that that doesn't even appear to be an option for you I find strange. Taking care of my kids and being responsible is more important to me than being out "on the town" with a friend - your friend should understand that moms have different responsibilities. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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