What Do I Do with a Dead Washing Machine?

Updated on June 29, 2012
S.F. asks from Dallas, TX
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I live in an apt and our washing machine is dead. We got a new one from some friends; what do we do with the old one??


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answers from Dallas on

I also recommend posting on craigslist. If you are in the Arlington area, I would recommend calling Mission Arlington. They will come pick it up for you & you will get a tax write-off!

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answers from Dallas on

We recently replaced a washing machine that was not working also. We donated ours to the Salvation Army. They will repair and resell it. All you need to do is call and set up a time and they will pick it up from your home. Then you can also write it off as a donation on your taxes next year.

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donation canter


call ###-###-#### for free appliance removal. they provide same day service. they take all washing machines dryers fridges and stoves no matter what the shape or condition may be.Also you can check ou the website for additional details or to fill out their east pick up form. with same day removal as well, http://www.washerbegone.com/



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if you have a way to transport it i would first try the salvation army (just bc i think it is a better cause) but there is also an appliance store in keller on 377, AAA Appliance, & they take old appliances.



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I liked Tracy's idea but I thought I'd also give you another option. There's a guy who has worked on my washer when it broke down. He might come get it for you if no one else will. His name is Jim Swann at ###-###-####.


answers from Dallas on

Call the Salvation Army. They will come get it and you get a tax write off.



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Join your local freecycle group at www.freecycle.org and offer it there.

You could call some used appliance stores and see if they would like to come pick it up. You can look in the newspaper or greensheet and there are usually listings for people who will come and take it off your hands. We did that many many years ago with an old broken freezer we had. A man in an old beat up truck came to our apartment and took it away for us. He would fix the broken appliances if he could and then sell them which is how he made his living.

It's very commendable that you are considering other options rather than just sending it to the landfill!

Good luck! :-)



answers from Dallas on

you could post it on craigslist under the free section



answers from Dallas on

We donated ours to Habitat of Humanity. They will fix it and put in a house. The only thing you have to do is take it to them and it also a tax write off.

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