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Updated on November 01, 2010
K.T. asks from Tampa, FL
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My son is 4 months old and he is on goodstart and it make him cry all the time and looks like he is in pain should i get diff formula ?

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answers from Louisville on

My dgd had some issues w/goodstart - think it's the additives at that time. Anyway, I got some concentrated Similac (what she was started on in hospital) and started her w/that one weekend. By the end of the weekend, the bm's were where they should've been all along. (used the concentrated to prevent any clumping - also did the sterilizing of the stuff)



answers from Denver on

take him to the doctor- first and foremost-

could be a number of things- potentially GERD

I used enfamil gentlease formula. the milk proteins are broken down
which seemed to help both my girls...

good luck

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answers from Tampa on

Nurse him, if at all possible.
Check with WestonPrice.com for proper food, for him.
best, k

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answers from Detroit on

Is it regular cow's milk formula? Maybe try a soy-based one instead?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Talk to your pediatrician about this. Don't start changing everything willy-nilly. Put in a call to the nurse. Is he gassy? Does he spit it up?

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answers from Chicago on

Try Enfamil Gentlease, we even used the Walmart brand and his fussiness subsided.

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answers from Portland on

Taking him off formula would mean putting him directly on cow's milk, and that is NOT a good idea. That's the perfect food for baby cows, not baby humans, who need a different combination of protein, fats and sugars.

Do try other formulas, though. I have heard that Enfamil Gentlease is well-tolerated by many babies that don't do well on other brands. Talk to his doctor about this if you can.

And some babies also suffer from acid reflux, with stomach acid backing up in the throat. Propping him with his head and upper body a little higher might help him feel better.

Be sure to burp him well during and after feeding, whenever he starts to squirm and seem uncomfortable. Rubbing his belly gently or moving is legs like he's riding a bicycle might help him pass gas more easily.

Be sure he's not hungry, too. Is there any possibility he's actually crying for more food? Babies usually go through a growth spurt around 4 months, and they are hungrier.



answers from Dallas on

I would definitely switch formulas and see if he has any intolerances to milk protein. I have gone through several formulas and consulted with my pediatrician each time. If there is no vomiting, it should be the formula or milk intolerance. I would try Dr. Brown bottles as well. They helped my son with gas. I hope this helps!


answers from Lake Charles on

talk 2 ur pedi. does he have gas or anything? if so u might want to change formulas. we had change 3 times with my daughter when she was little . its normal. just see what he/she says.



answers from Boca Raton on

Is there any chance you can bring your milk back in and give him breast milk? It's really the best thing for him, and you....



answers from Miami on

Of course you should! Try Nutramigen or Alimentum since he cannot digest the milk or soy protein. Babies who have feeding disorders like this tend to grow up with self regulation issues and lots of sensory problems centered around foods, textures, noises and social anxiety. Take action at once since her has already experienced 4 months of this.



answers from Columbia on

I agree with Kristina. Also before you switch you could try gas medicine. The walmart brand of that is just as good too. He may be lactose intolerant. Definately should talk to your ped to get their opinion too. Good luck, crying baby's are so hard. It's worth it though


answers from Dallas on

Take him to the doctor. Sounds like he could have infant reflux. If he does he'll need some medicine and some gentle formula.



answers from Miami on

I would take him to the doctor. The doctor will have you try several formulas until you find the right one. My daughter was colicky and had GERD (acid reflux), so we had to try several formulas until we found that Alimentum was the only one that did not give her so much colic, and she was also prescribed medicine for the reflux. The doctor will ask questions to help you decide whether the formula is right or not and the consistency of his bowel movements. Do not try experimenting and changing formulas on your own, only under the advice of a doctor, who can make sure it isn't something else.



answers from New York on

You could try switching formulas. If that doesn't work, he may need to use a soy based formula. Give your pediatrician a call.



answers from Jacksonville on

Sometimes baby's get gassy no matter what formula. Try some GRIPE WATER. Its homopathic adn has helped me with youngest. Didnt know about it for the first one. I used enfamel cause it smelled the least with spit up. Or you could try a lactose version of goodstart. My first daughter would get a rash on her chin from the spit up and was gassy alot til we switched. Please note that it will take up to a week for you to see results. Switching formulas wether from liquid to dry or brand to another brand can upset and constipate baby for a bit.



answers from Honolulu on

Or you mixing the Formula correctly?
Meaning, putting the water in the bottle first... THEN the scoop of Formula.
Many people, even my own friends, I've seen them put the Formula scoops in the bottle first, then add the water. That is wrong.
If you do it that way, the Formula will be TOO concentrated... and overload an infant's kidneys.

Which Formula did your Pediatrician recommend? They often, recommend one to parents...

Also, gas causes pain and discomfort and makes a baby cry. Make sure to burp him... or use Mylicon infant gas drops.

Or maybe the bottle you are using is giving him gas and he is sucking in a lot of air...

Are you feeding him on-demand?
Babies... should NOT be fed on a "schedule."

all the best,



answers from Tulsa on

yeah put him on a soy formula he is allergiec to it.



answers from Indianapolis on

It might be jsut that formula, it might be the milk IN the formula in which case you can't use any milk-based formula. Then you have to decide if you want to take the chance with the estrogens in soy formula. Or just relactate and nurse him and you don't have to worry about it so much:)



answers from Chicago on

i thought the good start stuff was for older babies like 6 months plus? maybe he isn't getting what he needs. did the doctor put him on that? maybe check with the ped and ask.

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