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Updated on December 06, 2007
K.K. asks from Bedford, TX
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If I don't like my daughters teacher?

Everyone told me she was the best teacher in our school district. I was so happy we got her for my daughters 2nd grade homeroom. I'm starting to like her less and less. She is very cold with the parents and never lets us in the room to help or otherwise. She is a GT teacher. My daughter has been a GT student since she was in 1st grade. Her teacher decided somehow that all the GT kids get to do extra credit assignments every six weeks but the rest of the class does not. How is that fair. My daughter gets extra credit and the other kids who are struggling don't get an opportunity? This is just one example of wierd things this teacher does. I have talked to her about it but she just says it's her way of doing things. My daughter is miserable but I told her that she has to deal with it because she is going to find a lot of unfriendly people in this world that she'll have to deal with.

Should I just deal with it or should I keep trying to talk with her?


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answers from Dallas on

I agree, spend more time in the classroom. She can't say "no" to you, at least on a consistant basis. You have a right to visit your daughter's class.
As for the extra credit--It's actually quite common with combined (or not) classes, the GT kids receive extra credit or enrichment activities for credit. Both of my older boys have been in GT classes since first grade, and have had their share of extra credit, when the other kids did not.
I've had the experience of not liking my child's teacher. Whatever you do, please don't let your feelings influence your daughter's about her teacher or classroom environment. Focus on the positive!
Another thing I've realized, alot of GT teachers were once GT students! And on average, GT kids are just different LOL. I've met some teachers that were on the strange side to me---both in attitude & social aspect, and classroom activities & assignments. But in the end, my child LEARNED alot from each of them.
Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I am one of those people that feel like you should not pull a child out of a class just because of teacher issues, because you have to learn to deal with some things. HOWEVER, I would be very leery of any teacher that does not welcome parents in the classroom. You have to right to observe the workings of the class, with very few restrictions. Most schools just require that you let the administration know in advance. You can even request that they NOT let the teacher know you are coming.

I would suggest spending some time in the classroom, so that you can see exactly how things are working, and have something to work with. Then you can better decide what course of action to take. If nobody ever rocks the boat a bit, the teacher may be left to teach in an unacceptable manner for many years to come.

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answers from Wichita Falls on

I am also a former teacher staying home with my children.

If parents aren't welcome in the classroom then something is wrong.

Period. End of statement.

I wonder at "G/T" classes in elementary school anyway - if they are talented at a particular subject, put them in a talented class. If they're gifted and need accelerating, put them in an accelerated class - but to say, "You're so smart you finish early - so here's more work to do." Where in the adult world would that fly? NO wonder so many GT kids in elementary end up drop out risks in the 10th grade.



answers from Dallas on

Unfortunately, this will not be the last time you or your daughter don't care for a teacher. It will happen again, probably several more times during her education. If you move her, she will miss the opportunity to learn to work with others with whom she does not "gell". You can explain to her that she doesn't have to like everyone, students or teachers, but that it's important to follow instructions and get her work done. You might also mention that she will also meet and work with/for people as an adult that she doesn't really like, but she will still need to get her work/job done. I'm sure you've worked with/for people for whom you did not have the warm fuzzies. I know I have. In the 15 years I taught, I always kept my door open, literally, but had few parents visit. I think the open door policy reassured them. Your daughter is on task and able to stay focused. However, for a lot of kids, another adult in the room regardless of whether it's their parent, someone else's, or a stranger can really throw them off both with academics and behavior. An entire lesson can be lost for some kids when someone else is in the room. Some kids cannot handle any time of change. I don't know about the extra credit deal. We did not offer extra credit (school policy).



answers from Dallas on

I was a teacher who is currently staying at home with my children. At my school, while we appreciated parents volunteering in the work room and during parties, they couldn't help out regularly in the classroom. There are many different learning styles, and many students would be too distracted with another adult in the room. If parents wanted to see what was going on in the classroom, they would schedule a 30 mintue time with the office to come in and sit. This is also for security reasons. The teacher should be open to explaining to you how she does things and the reasoning. Just make sure you are approaching her in a positive way. If you ever have questions that she won't answer, ask the principal. The extra credit assignments are probably to challenge the GT students, not just to help their grades. We have to make sure that all students understand the concepts we teach, which could take much longer for some than for the GT kids. I hope the reason for the extra credit is for them to stretch their minds and grow. This teacher should be explaining this to you. I am wondering about the way you said "I have talked to her about it." Every teacher has dealt with parents who try to tell them how to do their job. She may have labeled you as one of these parents, even if you were only trying to find out info. Just remember that there must be a reason why everyone was saying this was the best teacher in the district.



answers from Beaumont on

I have heard that GT students do extra work but I think they are usually for a grade not extra credit. If she doesn't want to talk to you about anything then go talk to the principal.



answers from Dallas on

My son is only three, so I have only dealt with this on the preschool level. What does "GT" stand for???

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