What Dishwasher Would You Buy?

Updated on January 26, 2011
C.T. asks from Parker, CO
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My GE Profile dishwasher just bit the dust tonight after 13 yrs so I need to shop for a new one. I've heard good things about Bosch but I'm concerned about reviews I read that say they have chronic odor issues and dont clean consistently.

What brand/model of built-in dishwasher would you recommend? I'm looking for something reliable, quiet and one that has a disposal built in.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

My husband used to work for Sears and Maytag as a service repairman. He wore his Maytag uniform to buy the Bosch. It is spendy but the quality is excellent. Go with the Bosch, it's quiet and high quality.
Good Luck!



answers from San Diego on

We have a Bosch that we bought on the recommendation of a couple of friends. It's only ok. It's not as quiet as I was given to believe it would be, and we definitely have issues with odor. When I was pregnant, I couldn't even open it without gagging. Also, I don't like putting plastic containers on the top drawer, because they frequently flip over and then the dirty water gets stuck in them and it's disgusting. And you do need a rinsing agent for maximum cleaning. It's better than the one we replaced, but it was expensive enough that I really feel I ought to LOVE it. I don't.

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answers from Seattle on

I have a GE profile stainless dishwasher.. It is 4 yrs old but I really love it.. Fits ton of dishes.. I like the antibaterial cycle.. also the control panel is hidden so kids can not play with the buttons.. It is a sleek design and simple looking.. Dries my dishes well.. Also super quite.. and I am happy with our GE profile 5 bunner stove too :) I am not sure but I think the Bosch dishwahers do not have a heated dry option..

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answers from Norfolk on

Just a quick "something to think about"... my Kenmore dishwasher works great, but the cycles take FOREVER! I'm talking 2 hours or so. The repairman says this is normal. Anyway, highly recommend comparing cycle run times and also get a "quick wash" option. Have fun! Yes, I would buy a Kenmore again, but only if the cycles were shorter.

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answers from Boise on

We have an almost 3 year old Kenmore and it's done very well for us, but my folks have a Bosch and really like it, too. One problem I've heard re: the Bosch dishwashers, however, is that the stainless steel interior can react with stainless steel flatware and create rust issues on the flatware. Odd, but apparently it has happened to a lot of folks (though not mine?) You might want to check out this website for nitty gritty info: http://appliantology.org/. Whatever you get, I hope it works wonderfully for you! :)

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answers from Washington DC on

We bought a Bosch because my in-laws and sister-in-law have one. We like how quiet it is, it has some bells and whistles but not all of them (our choice) . The only thing I miss was the ease of filling the old one. It was slightly bigger than this one, and the tines on the trays were better placed.


answers from Denver on

We got a Kitcheaide from Sears. We like it.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I would buy something way quieter than the LG we DID buy. Also, it does not ave a "clean" indicator light like my old O. did and I miss that feature.



answers from Dallas on

I bought a bosch a few years ago. I don't know if we got a lemon or what but I am having to clean it (filters and the door area) more than I cleaned the one I had before which was just the one that was in our house when we moved. I'm irritated because I thought they were supposed to be so great but mine drives me crazy!



answers from Atlanta on

DO NOT get a Jenn Air! It used to be a great brand, and now they're horrible! We had an older Jenn Air oven in our old house, and it was fantastic, but our new (2 year old) Jenn Air dishwasher and oven are the worst. The oven panel has gone out twice and the dishwasher doesn't clean well and doesn't dry at all -even on hot dry. I had someone come out and look at it and there's nothing "wrong" with it -except it's a piece of junk! In my old house the Whirlpool was about 4 years old, and it was fantastic. Not sure how they are now, but I would look at those again if I could justify yanking this one right now!



answers from Boise on

Bosch is more like a dish sanitizer than a dish washer. For them to work properly you have to make sure there is not any food on the dishes before you stack them. They generally do not come with a disposal.

I have been searching for a dishwasher myself and found a Frigidaire that I LOVE and as soon as I get enough money (we do everything in cash) I am going to buy it. It is one that Sears has, I cannot remember the name, my husband has it written down somewhere, but it is around a thousand not on sale.


answers from Phoenix on

this is great........i need to know this question too. anyone know if the sound is quite. I need a quiet machine.



answers from New York on

DO NOT BUY A FRIGIDAIRE! We had the "upgraded" model put into our house when we built (5 yrs ago) and have already replaced it b/c of faulty parts and the fact that the "silent" dishwasher was so loud we had to run it when we were out of the house!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have all frigidaire appliances in my kitchen and love them all. My dishwasher is quiet, and I don't even have to rinse dishes off before putting them in. My dishwasher even washes pans.



answers from Denver on

I just went through this in the fall and after looking into it quite a bit and talking to a friend who has been an appliance repair man for years, I bought a kitchenaid at Loews. It was not the cheapest one - I think around $700. I was worried about how loud it would be, but it turned out to be very quiet. It has been really fantastic so far. Much better than my old GE profile. Also my friend said they hardly ever get calls on Kitchenaid repairs. He didn't recommend Bosch at all.



answers from San Francisco on

I've really been happy with my Kenmore. It holds a lot and I never rinse the dishes beforehand.



answers from Denver on

I was so excited when we moved into our house because they had just installed a Bosch dishwasher and I had heard good things. We HATED it. I replaced it with a Maytag and it's been much better.



answers from Houston on

I love my dish drawers! Many brands carry them now and they are so much more efficient and convenient - you can choose to wash half a load or just use the top dish drawer if you don't want to have to bend over all the time. We bought the Fisher Paykel brand when they first came out several years ago and have loved them ever since!


answers from Jacksonville on

I like my Bosch. It is very quiet. Plenty of times either myself or my husband has opened it to put a glass or something in while it was in the MIDDLE OF A CYCLE. OOPS!!!

And my dishes are clean. They sometimes get spotty, when I accidentally forget to refill the rinse agent (we have REALLY hard water). Ours is almost 5 years old. Still happy with it.



answers from Norfolk on

We love our Kitchen Aid. We had a Bosch but didn't care for it--it was quiet but it didn't have a food grinder which we definitly need. Also there was something about the way the Bosch's racks were arranged that just didn't fit with our needs.

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