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Updated on September 28, 2012
C.Z. asks from Manning, IA
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So after my question yesterday about what you used from your baby shower I got an idea from a great mom to give my SIL a gift basket for her to take to the hospital and another for the baby.

So here is my question. What do I put in the basket for her to take to the hospital? I know she probably wont be there long but I would like to make it easy for her to pack stuff up on the big day. Also daddy of the baby which is BF's brother is currently in Afganastan. We can only hope timing is right for him to come home to see the baby born. Here is what I am thinking (toothbrush, girly movie, towel (dark colored), maybe some easy pajama's, a warm blanket... now I am lost. I don't really remember what I wanted in the hospital)

Also the baby basket- It is a girl. I want to do things that others may not think of. I know I will be doing a pack of size 1 and size 2 diapers for her but I want a basket of the not thought of things.
(tylenol, baby orijel, butt cream, wipes, her baby blanket that I still need to finish,... now I need help.)

Anyone help me with the strange requests!

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answers from Sacramento on

A pack of real maxi pads. Hospitals give huge, clunky, non-absorbant ones from a time vault. A big pack of Always Overnight will be appreciated!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I think the best gift you can give for her to take to the hospital is a really nice robe and comfy new slippers. And some really nice scented shampoo to wash with after the baby is born. Those items will feel like a luxurious treat after labor is finished. Go with a dark color, though, so she doesn't have to worry about bleeding or a leaky breast.

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answers from Kansas City on

what you put sounds great to me!? do you need more, really? i especially like the pj's idea.

when i had mine, i didn't need much. the hospital provides anything you could need, and between visitors, having a brand new baby, naps (LOVED those naps!), seeing doctors...shoot, i might have watched 5 minutes of tv here or there, but that was it. and i had a c-section so i was there longer than most. i remember being really glad i didn't have a bunch of books, gadgets, etc, to lug home. didn't need them.

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answers from New York on

I think your heart is in the right place, but why dont you leave the basket at home for her to come home to. The hospital is a germy place and things can get misplaced and I'm sure she will be receiving flowers and things and it will just be something more for her to take home. You can leave the baskets at her home, in her bedroom and she will come home to perhaps shower and enjoy her new pj's and slippers at home, as well as baby's new things.
As for doing things others may not have thought of, the pjs & slippers are awesome, she'll be living in them. Huge sanitizing lotion for mom and visitors (go easy on the scented stuff as it may irritate baby) I love the stuff at Bath and Body, but it is very strong scented. Antibacterial soap for her bathroom, Lubriderm, Chapstick, box of chocolates, a tall bottle of water, a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at her local nail place, for when she's up and about. A gift certificate for the works at her local salon(mani pedi haircut).
As for the baby, diapers, burp cloths, onesies, receiving blankets, socks,

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answers from Albuquerque on

I love all the previous answers, and I'll add in hard candies, non slip socks, and best of all, a couple of stress balls!



answers from Minneapolis on

Seriously, I hate institutional food. I brought Nile soups with me because it was the only way I was going to get protein and fiber!! For your SIL, you might throw in some of her favorite pre-packaged comfort foods.



answers from St. Cloud on

For the baby basket....include a baby nail clipper....I certainly would have appreciated one with both deliveries...


answers from Spokane on

nipple cream if she plans to nurse!



answers from Eau Claire on

I haven't looked at others responses but when I was in the hospital I always had chap-stick and lotion within my reach. Also while I was there I ended up getting a cold, in hopes to not pass it on to my newborn, who of course spent all day in my arms I had to sanitize my hands constantly. Maybe get some nice smelling sanitizer from Bath and Body so she wont have to get out of bed to sanitize. I ended up having to send my hubby to get some since all the hospital had was huge containers.

As far as a robe or any type of clothing I wouldn't waste your money, the hospital provides these things, which also means the hospital washes them! You don't want her to have to worry about getting blood stains out of her stuff. But I did bring a thin pair of slippers, I didn't want to wear anything to warm. Keep in mind hormones are still a little crazy to with the heat warm for the baby she might not to wear anything to warm. Good Luck!



answers from New York on

For mommy:
- travel sized toiletry items in a small plastic travel bag
- chapstick
- travel sized brush and hair ties
- gum/ mints
- magazine or trashy paperback
- small notebook with an attached pen to take notes (especially if daddy won't be there in time)
- bath robe
- socks (hospitals are cold and the floors freak me out) or flip flops
- nursing tank top
** I would make sure that there is a DVD player at the hospital before buying a movie**

For Baby:
- no scratch mittens
- pacifiers
- pacifier wipes
- pacifier clip
- burp cloths (we still go through 3 or 4 a day)
- kick-proof socks (Stride Rite and Robeez both make them)



answers from Rochester on

I would actually not give her things like baby Tylenol, orajel, gas drops, or anything else that has an expiration date on it. I got several things like that and ended up throwing them out because I didn't need them before they expired.

As for a basket for mom, I would keep it small. I don't think I used even half of what I took to the hospital. I didn't take a towel or blanket and didn't need them. The only thing I remember being really glad I had was my own pillow (with a bright pillow case) and a neck pillow like they sell in the travel section at Target. Otherwise, maybe a reusable water bottle that has a straw, Chapstick, a non scented lotion, if she has an iPod an iTunes gift card would be great.


answers from Milwaukee on

Hi some ideas for mom could be a bottle of shampoo,conditinor,body wash and body spray and toothpaste. some ideas for baby could be a baby book and a disposable camera that mom could use to take pictures and get a photo album


answers from Los Angeles on

Ear plugs and eye mask (there is always a chance she will end up with C-section and be there for days, no harm in factoring that in. Hospitals are a tough place to catch Zzzz's- so noisy and the nurses want you to keep lights on)
nursing pillow
fresh fruit
finger nail file (realized after baby arrived, that I needed to keep nails short so I wouldn't scratch her)

skip linens, hospital will provide.
Also consider:
slippers and robe
tank top with shelf bra (I don't go braless, so these were the perfect thing to wear under my gown, they pull down easily for nursing, and give just a little support)

I second the previously mentioned items:
chap stick
baby wipes (hospital provided ones substandard)



answers from Davenport on

a swaddler blanket that velcros closed is a big help. Maybe face cleanser pads that are use without water so freshening up is easier. I like the Neutrogena. A good book is nice to have. I just read a book by Karen Kingsbury called Take One and it was wonderful!

I know they provide the pads to wear, but I remember being paranoid of leakage and experiencing it. Nothing more embarrassing than walking around with a blood spot on your pj pants, so with child #2, Depends gave more security for after baby comes. Also was great to wear on the way to hospital. My water broke before we got to the room, and it saved me a soaking :) Nursing jammies were wonderful. as well as a comfy nursing shirt.

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