What Did You Do for Your 30Th Birthday?

Updated on October 25, 2007
K.D. asks from Fort Worth, TX
11 answers

My 30th birthday is on November 3rd...what did you ladies do on your 30th????

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answers from Dallas on

My 30th is tomorrow, and I'm going to the symphony. Sounded like a "grown up" way to celebrate (ha ha), and I have never been. My friends are joing us for dinner, and a few are even coming along to the symphony. And I guess I have good birthday luck, because my tickets got a complimentary upgrade! I'm excited to celebrate tomorrow. Happy birthday to you!

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answers from San Antonio on

We have the same birthday... I too am turning 30 on Nov. 3... How funny you should ask.... My husband has planned the whole day for me so I don't know. on Friday I going out to eat with all my family. If it were up to me I would have prefer to take a short trip to Austin with my husband or my best friend and party away.
GoodLuck and Happy Birthday

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answers from Dallas on

I threw myself a big party. Had it in my house, invited everyone I knew. My sister came from Jersey to help me with it. Huge hit and I forgot all about how depressed I was about turning 30 because I had so much fun. It was great!!



answers from Dallas on

I remember my (now ex) hubby taking me out to dinner, and I got CARDED!!! :)

My current (and last!) hubby turns 40 on the 4th....still trying to figure out what to do with him. LOL :)




answers from Houston on

It was not my 30th but my last birthday I really treat myself. I spent the day at a very nice SPA: massage, body scrub, lunch, manicure, pedicure and facial with two friends while my husband took care of my baby!!! After having a baby and really not time for taking care/time for "just ME" that was heaven!!!

At night he got me a babysitter and invited me for dinner to nice restaurant with some friends and after dinner we all went to have a drink. We have not gone to a bar since we got married!

I love parties and always have friends at my place but on my birthday the last thing I wanted was to lift a finger!

I'll do the SPA thing again and again and again!




answers from Dallas on

Cleaned the house...hahahaha



answers from Dallas on

My husband got all our friends and family together and trew me a surprise party in our home town (California). It was great! I also went shopping!



answers from Dallas on

My 30th was a week ago today. My whole family took me to Bucca de Beco in Southlake and it was yummy! My hubby and I are taking a trip next month as a combined birthday gift to each other since he will be 40 in a couple of months. (I know, older man! :) :) :) )


answers from Dallas on

I turned 30 before I had my one and only daughter so hubby and I went out to eat at Del Friscos. It was very special because we were just getting on our feet and had only been in TX a couple of years.

I remember at 40 I was SO depressed. Hubby surprised me with a little red convertible. That was a hit. I LOVED it. I still have the car and every now and then I take it out and have fun!

At 45, even more depressing, I came home from errands and had a new sports luxury car waiting on me. I officially stopped driving the soccer mom van and the convertible for the most part. They stay in the garage now.

Enjoy your day!! Enjoy getting carded too! I love it when that happens, yes, it still happens!




answers from Sherman on

just go out ant let your hair down and act like your twenty ok twenty one im doing great with my at home buisness email me and i will send u some info im a mother of six and also needed flexable hours and good money happy birthday [email protected]____.com



answers from New York on

Wow, you'r birthday is my daughter's birthday too.. cool.

Well, I turned 30 last year... And I thought about it too much and endend up doing nothing.. so you better do somehting before you regret it.. lol.
I was a little depressed about not having my friends around. I'm from NJ, and so being new to HOuston, and having a job that at that time demanded me to be there on my day.. I felt trapped.. anyhow.. my 31st is gona be my 30th.. lol. I'm already prentending I'm younger.. oh boy. anyhow, Good luck with your plans..
But if I were to go back to my day, I would have taken the whole week off, and gone to were my friends were at... just to have a girls night out... No one can understand you better than your girl friends, or if you have a sister who you really relate to.. go out with her, and if possible go to another country to make it more memorable... just a thought. But I would defiantely suggest doing something memorable! Good luck and have fun!


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