What Comes After Size 5T in Boys?

Updated on March 22, 2013
K.P. asks from Cherryville, MO
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My son is wearing size 5T jeans/pants. However, his 5T PJ's and 5T shirts and a little snug. I have been told size 5 is the same thing as 5T, but then others tell me size 5 is bigger. Do I now go to size 6 for PJ's and shirts? Those seem too big! HELP!

I buy most if not all of my items on ebay, so I am not able to try most of them on my little man!

Thanks in advance moms!

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My 4 year old son has completely outgrown all "T" sizes... 5Ts are just way too small. I've been buying him boys 4-6, depending on the item. Some 4s are still pretty big. Some are too tight. I would disagree that 5T and 5 are the same. I don't think the T sizes are the same as the boy sizes at all! At least not from the stores we typically shop in. If I were you, I'd go straight to boys size 6. Things might be a bit big, but at least they won't be too small.



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5 is the most confusing size. I was reminded of that sorting through clothes recently. I have an older son and a son who just moved up to size 6. There is, I swear, a 3 to 4 inch length difference between some brands! Unbelievable. I don't think any other size is so variable. What's weird is that they are about the same in waist and fit fine through hips and bottom.

Anyway, in my experience 5t is shorter, but for this age I actually measure the total length and the inseam of pants that fit well, and carry a measuring tape in my purse when I go shopping unless it's at a store or brand I know well.



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The next size is just 6. I know it is confusing to get that at first. It was hard with both my girls and now my boy too. He is 6.
S. Bailey CLD



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C.P. I'm in the same boat! My son is 4 and in 5T but I don't see it lasting past this summer. That's how I ended up here lol. I needed to know what came next...he's a big boy all around! 3 foot 8, 67 pounds (according to his doctors old move the weights until it balances scale...so he's fat according to them and needs to lose 15 pounds), and in a size 10 wide or if we don't want wide 11 shoe. He's a lot of muscle...you're gonna feel it if he pops you one...he does have a little belly on him and I am paranoid but anyway! What gets me with him is something might fit fine around the waist...it's a matter of getting pants over his thighs! They're killer. So glad to be a member of a super helpful site! :)



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Hi! I asked the sales clerks at Gymboree about this recently. Basically, "T" sizes are cut differently. They allow extra room around the crotch and bottom for the possibility of a diaper or pull-up. You can often get the same styles in 5T and 5. 5 should be a little snugger in the pelvic area since it doesn't need the option to incorporate a pull-up. Of course clothing is produced in shops and factories around the world, so people may have had experiences getting a cut that doesn't match up with that. But, overall, that's the rationale behind the sizes.



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My boy is about the same size...5T is really too small for him. 5 fits about perfect and 6/7 are a little big but I still buy them sometimes so they can last a little longer. I think size 5 is a little longer/taller than 5T. I had a hard time finding 5T so I mostly went right from 4T to 5. But the few size 5Ts that we have are too small.



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A 5T is like a regular 4 most of the time (depending on brand) and regular 5 is bigger than 5T (mostly in length and only a bit wider). My daughter who has outgrown 4T can usually fit in a 5T or a regular 4; reg 5 is usually to big (long, baggy).

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