What Car Do You Have That Fits 3 Car Seats?

Updated on March 24, 2011
C.C. asks from Dansville, MI
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My husband was car shopping and had settled on the 4 door Jeep Wrangler. Well we just found out were pregnant again-Surprise! My son is in a highback booster seat and within the next year will only need the seat base. My daughter is in a rear facing convertable seat. She will be able to be front facing by the time the new baby comes, but still the thing is ginormous! We have an infant carrier for the baby. I have a van so its no problem there, but my husband does help with transporting the kids to daycare. Now he's thinking of getting a Tahoe or Suburban- but I think those are just too big and such gas guzzlers! So my question. What do you drive that fits 3 car seats?

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answers from Detroit on

I have a Chevy Traverse with the 2+2+3 seating arrangement. My 2 daughters have their car seats in the captains chairs in the second row and when I have my nieces (which is quite often) they are in the third row in their booster seats. The arrangement works great. I can even fit my stroller in the back with the third row up.



answers from Detroit on

My hubby has a Volkswagon Passat. It's a snug fit but we have the booster base in the middle and 2 britax seats next to the booster.

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answers from Topeka on

The Jeep is not going to hold all the kiddos,my mom has one & it sucks it has leather seats whcich I hate becasue the carseats don't grip they slip & slide even with all my body weight to fasten int he carseats now they are in booster seats.My sis has a Dodge Journey with the 3rd row has 3 boys & has room for another car seat she loves this vehilce.I have an old car it is 1999 Olds Intrigue it holds all 3 carseats rear & forward facing now 2 booster seats & the baby in her forward facing car seat.I would love a new or used(within 2 years) SUV but i'll wait since mine is paid for & I don't want to make payments on another vehicle.

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answers from San Francisco on

I have a 2004 Volvo XC90 and can fit 3 car seats across the middle row.



answers from Johnstown on

I have a Ford Taurus and it comfortably fits 3 full-sized carseats.


answers from Detroit on

I have a 2002 Saturn Vue. While I don't have 3 car seats regularly, I have had 2 carseats and a booster in mine.

An F150 Crew Cab seats 6 and isn't horrible on gas. Especially with the small V8.

Like previously mentioned, Dodge Journey would be sufficient. Ford Flex (w/3rd row option). The Chevy Traverse... I've heard awesome things about those. Ford Explorer (w/3rd row option). Ford Expedition with the small V8... Heck the Expedition has more room than the Explorer, gets better gas mileage, and is usually less expensive than the Explorer.

If I think of anything else, I'll PM you.



answers from Chicago on

I have a midsize SUV and have done fine with three car seats! :)


answers from Nashville on

I have an 07 nissan altima and they are roomy and they fit 3 full size car seats in there. I have a daughter and one on the way but i also have to nieces i cart around some time and they all fit. My husband has a tahoe and the car seats fit in there just the same no 3rd row. But his truck does cost alot more for gas then my car does:)


answers from Boston on

I have gone between Tahoes and suburbans. I would never have anything else. Well, maybe my Escalade when the kids are old enough to not trash it. Yeah right. :)
I like having a third row to separate them.


I have gone between Tahoes and suburbans. I would never have anything else. Well, maybe my Escalade when the kids are old enough to not trash it. Yeah right. :)
I like having a third row to separate them.



answers from Austin on

I don't currently have 3 in mine, but I drive an Acura SUV and it's got plenty of room for 4 carseats and all the junk you need to carry around for kiddos. The only downside is that it requires premium gas which is a nightmare when gas gets high. But it does well on mileage- about 19-24 depending on where you're driving.



answers from Detroit on

If you're looking for 4 wheel drive, look at some crossover vehicles. I prefer the GMC Acadia and the Chevy Traverse because they are the only two in this class that seat 7, but have a 2+2+3 seating arrangement with captains chairs in the middle row. The makes it easy to access the back bench, just like in a mini van. I used to own a Ford Freestyle, which I LOVED, however I only had one child back then and it had a 2+3+2 seating arrangement and it would not be easy to use the back seat and 3 car seats would NOT fit across the middle bench. I did a lot of research and looked into some of the crossovers that had captains chairs. Most of them only seat 6, and many have a center console so you have to flip one of the captains chairs up to access the back (big issue if you have 2 in 5 point harness seats).

A GREAT option for your husband is the Mazda 5. Its called a mini minivan. It seats 6 in a 2+2+2 arrangement. The middle row is captains chairs and they slide forward and backward to accommodate adults and kids, or make it easier to buckle kids in, etc. My MAIN reason for not choosing this vehicle for me is that when all 6 seats are in use there is basically NO room in the trunk, so for the main family car its not practical. If the back two seats are not in use you can fold them down and have a TON of room. Since you have a van, this might be the perfect car for your hubby since he won't need to keep the kids in there all the time. Also the back is split, so if he needs to keep all the car seats in there, the one seat not being used can be folded down as trunk space. They are way better on gas then a SUV, van, or crossover.

My husband tells me that Ford is coming out with one of these soon as well, called the Focus C-Max, its also available electric and with a electric and tiny gas motor (like the chevy volt). We've given this type of vehicle lots of thought, and will probably get an electric one in the future as a commuter vehicle for me. But we'd have to have a larger crossover for when we travel (we love to camp, take bikes, etc...) as a third vehicle, as my husband will also get an electricfocus for commuting. :)

Hope this is helpful. Happy car shopping and congratulations on the next baby!



answers from Albuquerque on

I have an 06 Tahoe that can fit 3 car seats-2 infant car seats for my twins and a high back booster for my 3 year old neice. I love my tahoe, and the gas really isnt as bad as many people think and it is big but its nice to have all that room.



answers from Detroit on

I know you don't want a Suburban, but I absolutely LOVE LOVE my Suburban!!! My 2 older children sit it the 3rd row, both in high back boosters, my toddler sits in the middle row, in a convertible car seat, and in a couple months, the new baby will sit in the middle row also in an infant seat. The middle seat right behind the passenger seat I have folded down, so I can easily kneel there to help buckle. It really is the perfect car for me.



answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Extended cab (with the suicide doors) Silverado. Fits a booster, Britax (can't remember the exact type) front facing, and an infant rear facing.



answers from Columbus on

We have a 4 door jeep wrangler. We have 2 booster seats and a front facing car seat. The only hard part is the kids have a harder time Buckling their own seat belts. However, since you have a baby carrier and a car seat they usually stay buckled. So there will be no hassle trying to find the buckle.


answers from Chicago on

I have a Kia Sorento - which has an optional 3rd row of seats, and a 3rd seat would fit really easily back there. Plus, the 3rd row splits, so I can still have storage space, in addition to sitting a kid back there if need be.




answers from Detroit on


I used to drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which fit the 3 car seats nicely.

And my husband has an F1-50 truck that fits them as well.

Big negative: the seat belts are a bi**h to jam your had down the sides of the tight spaces to secure ALL THREE! lol

I now have a Ford Flex, which seats 7. It is a bigger car, love the 3rd row seating to break my kids up. However, this car is big and uses more gas than my Jeep did. Seat belts easier, as all 3 seats are not side by side.

Can't wait till they ALL can buckle up, my sentence served has been long enough! =)

Maybe find out which car you chose has a longer back seat???

Have a great day!



answers from Detroit on

Get a Ford expedition or flex are nice for your size family and should fit the seats comfy. I have two in a booster plus a baby rear seat and one facing front. we have an expedition and I think its better than a van



answers from Detroit on

Check out a new Explorer with the removable 3rd seat.



answers from Atlanta on

Any car can fit the right car seats. Look into a combi coccoro or sunshine kids radian for the two younger ones and everyone will fit fine.

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