What Camcorder Do You Love?

Updated on August 23, 2010
M.M. asks from Houston, TX
11 answers

Hello! I could have sworn I saw this question once, but I can't find it in the archives. What camcorder do you love and why? I've seen commercials for ones that flip open and you start recording. They seem cool, but do they provide good quality? I'm really open, but want some good Mom advise. Ya'll know better than any other when you're trying to record a milestone :) Thx.

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answers from Houston on

I cant tell you what TO get, rather what NOT to get...Sony HandyCam....it, for lack of a better word and as not to offend the masses....STINKS!!!! I get better shots with my $100 dollar Kodak digital camera. There aint nothing "handy" about the Handy Cam....AND, if you want to use it for more than 30 minutes or so...you have to invest 80-90 bucks for an "extended" battery....I live with it...I dont like it...but I live with it.

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answers from Atlanta on

I am SO in love with my Kodak Playsport! It's tiny, and I got it for vacation because it's waterproof to 10m. It takes FANTASTIC photos and movies! We have so many cute videos we wouldn't normally have if we were relying on our Sony handycam. That's a great camera, but a pain to have at the beach or pool and to tote around everywhere. This Kodak is smaller than my iPhone! I am very happy with both the still shots and the videos. I have great video of my oldest jumping in, swimming underwater and boogie boarding -priceless!

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answers from Dallas on

These days there are video recorders for every budget and skill level. Some basic requirements are going to be 720p HD quality (1080 is better if you can afford it) a decent zoom and autofocus. I think all recorders are going to digital media (internal hard drives) so you can download, process and edit the video on your computer - and burn to DVD.



answers from San Diego on

I like my Panasonic SDR-H18. I LOVE that it is HDD and can download to the computer so fast. I have had a bit of trouble with the file type on my video editing software though. This camcorder is light and fits in my hand well. I've used it at home with the kiddos and at school in my classroom on a tripod--great quality video every time. *I don't use it for still photos--all grainy.

Next time I'm getting one with a mic in the FRONT, rather than on the side so you record voices of those in front of the lens rather than you talking to your child subjects.



answers from Dallas on

I have the Flip HD (Can you believe I won it in a contest?) and I do like it. If I'd had to pay for it, I probably wouldn't be AS satisfied. The zoom is pretty pathetic. The picture quality is pretty good, though. And it's SUPER easy to use. Basically, push the red button to record, push it again to stop. The flip-out USB plug is good, in concept, but very awkward to plug into my computer where my USB ports happen to be located (very close to the power cord; I have to unplug the power cord to get the flip to plug in.)

Have you ever shot video from your regular digital camera? I have a plain jane Kodak point-n-shoot camera that takes really good video. And it zooms pretty well, to boot. Just something to think about.



answers from Seattle on

My 8yo has the Flip ($50 during Amazon's xmas sale, $200 regular price). It's okay, but not one that is going to get crystal clear, "filmed", shots like you would get with an actual videocamera. But for the price, you won't find ANYTHING better.


answers from New York on

We have the Flip.
When my husband just bring it home I hate it, its totally different to any of my old fashion ones and I had a little problem figuring out how to use it.
But once I did I love it, is small, and I can take it anywhere. Is actually now easy to use, just press the button.
I recommend you to before buying it ask to be teach how to use it, I had to figure it out and it took me longer to fall in love with it, then again I didn't read the manual, lol.
EDIT: There are different models of the Flip, some very cheap $50 and some better quality $200, I have the Mino HD, no problem with definition.



answers from Dallas on

I love my flip and it's AWESOME quality, especially if you splurge and go for the HD.



answers from Dallas on

I love our Flip HD. Good quality and super easy to use.



answers from Harrisburg on

For the first year when I was recording milestones, I used and loved the handheld one minute touch and go recorder (Kodak Easyshare, Point and Shoot). I could upload my mini videos in no time and didn't have to log around with a huge device.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have been researching these for a week now and in love with SONY model HDR-CX150 it is pricey but gotta have it $548.00 bundle pack...

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