What Brand of Dress on Zulily Ad"festive Frocks"

Updated on November 19, 2011
M.L. asks from San Antonio, TX
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The one with the white, red, and green plus maybe Christmas flower arrangement?
I won't do zulily because of all the complaints, but I would buy that dress for Christmas if I can find it elsewhere.

i heard they take orders, often times waiting weeks to admit they are sold out. they then take weeks to refund money.
i also heard they actually don't have the merchandise. they have it shipped from factories or stores. lastly, some things were damaged and they would not believe it so the woman lost her money.

i typed in zulily complaints

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answers from Detroit on

I actually have sold my products via Zulily. They don't stock the merchandise, they sell it on their site, then they place the order with me, I fill it, ship to them and the re-ship to customers. Sometimes is the merchandiser has a stock issue the zuilily customers gets the short end of the stick!

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answers from San Antonio on

Zulily is very hit or miss. I've been shopping with them since day 1. They do take a long time because they essentially place a bulk order from the manufacturer - which means the price is low but shipping is long. I will never order clothing items from them again - although they did refund the price of a pair of gloves I ordered for my 6 yr old (I went according to their size chart and the gloves were so big they almost fit my husband!). I have ordered some other sets that were in good shape but another shirt was stained. Their best deals are on the toys - price compare with Amazon first, but you can score some great deals on board games, puzzles and book sets and those likely won't be damaged.

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answers from Chicago on

I've bought from them with no problems but the shipping did take forever.

I do have to say that I don't think they're great deals after seeing the same exact holiday dresses in SEARS for $16.99! I couldn't believe it. Zulily had corduroy jumpers with holiday themes a few weeks ago. I went into Sears to look for something for my daughters halloween cosutme and there were the dresses for A LOT cheaper than Zulily. Buyer beware.

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answers from Tyler on

I loved Zulily and purchased from them often until recently. I ordered a swim suit for my daughter during the summer. The thread on the straps were unraveling! I only paid $6.99 and since they don't accept returns I didn't bother calling to complain. Not long after they had crocs for $9.99! Again, I bought a pair for my daughter in the same size and style as the pair she already has, just a different color. After taking nearly a month to receive them I waa highly disappointed to see that they too were defective!! They said size 9 just as my daughters other crocs, but were atleast 1-2 sizes smaller. I was pretty ticked and decided to call this time to complain about the swimsuit and crocs! Their customer service was very nice and offered to credit my card back for both items and put a $15 credit on my Zulily acct. for future purchases. They did credit my card back for the two items but not for the two shipping charges I paid. However they never put the credit on my Zulily acct. After reading really bad reviews of the damaged products people have bought from them I decided I'd never order from them again anyway. Beware!

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answers from San Antonio on

I have bought lots of stuff from them, and yes had a few problems. They generally are good about apologizing and promising a credit back to your zulily account for future purchases, but you have to follow up on the credit! Whenever they "forget" to give me my credit, I send another email and it is fixed right away. If you don't mind a wait time for shipping, you can get some good deals.


answers from Chicago on

Hmmm, I've bought probably a dozen or so times from Zulily and haven't run into any problems. What have you heard about them?


answers from Tampa on

I've always been happy with my purchases with Zulilly... Totsy was more of a so so experience.



answers from Atlanta on

I haven't bought anything yet, but been thinking on it. I too would like to know about the complaints or problems.



answers from Cleveland on

I didn't see the dress, but I've placed many orders with Zulily and always been very happy with them.

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