What Birth Control Pill Works for You?

Updated on May 19, 2011
C.1. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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After numerous years of issues with birth control pills I had an IUD put in and have had nothing but complications after it's implant. This was 2 months ago and I received a letter in the mail yesterday that the IUD I had implanted is being recalled for "effectiveness and safety". I'm just having them take it out and not replaced. Which means I have to go back on the pill. The issues I end up having with every birth control pill I've taken is spotting, very painful physical pms and reocurring yeast infections. With these issues my gyno said I should get on an IUD. Needless to say, I wish I never had done that, defective or not I don't want to chance going through what I've gone through again. The pill's side effects were nothing compared to my issues with the IUD. But I am wondering if there is anyone out there that has had the same issues with birth control pills and if so were you able to find a birth control pill that worked for you?

Thank you!

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answers from Biloxi on

Two aspirin held between the knees?

What about the Depo (sp?) shot, or the nuvo ring? I know these are all hormone delivery systems, but the choices are far greater from when I was on the pill.

Good Luck

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answers from Dallas on

I'm taking Lo-Estrin 24 Fe, which is working wonderfully. During the start of the 2nd month, or my 1st menstrual period on the pill, I have spotting for a few weeks but it passes. Most side effects like spotting or emotional outbursts (haha!) will pass quickly when the hormones 'even out'.

Stay away from progesterone-only pills and the depo shot (from what I understand- several gynos have told me) because those have terrible side effects.



answers from Daytona Beach on

Yes! I had all these problems, too. I had my period for 3 weeks and then for the sugar pills, i was period free. and that was for months. finally got off. that was several different pills, too. anyways, after my son was born, i got a tubal done, and don't have to worry about anything unless God wills it.



answers from Cleveland on

i hate pills and birth control period because it just does not work with my body at all. um look into the nuva ring or the depo shot, the depo for me i lost sex drive and gained weight and some moodyness because of all the hormones in it but i never tried the nuva ring and heard good things about it



answers from Denver on

I have been on the Nuva ring - and after a few months of spotting, it works really well. Lower hormones and like the pill - stop and remove whenever you want. Worth a try : )


answers from Dallas on

No birth control pills worked for me they made me bleed 3 weeks out of a month then one week nothing. I track when I'm fertile and when i'm not; and when i'm fertile I tell the husband not for such amount of days or we just use a condom and some spermicide inserts. We have 2 daughters, a 17year old and a 2 year old, and are planning on trying for #3 starting in august of 2012, then afterwards he's getting a vasectomy.



answers from New York on

Tubal ligation - freedom! Of course you have to know that you're done having babies.

I had used everything but an IUD - the pill, cervical cap, diaphram, condoms, etc. I had such horrible awful menstrual cycles and such bad cramps (abdomin, back, even crotch cramp!) that the doctor said I waas not a good candidate for an IUD.

Good luck mama - so surpised that we're still having these conversations in the 21st century!



answers from Cleveland on

I know it's not what you asked, but I use a diapragm and have been very happy with it. Hormonal birth control made me crazy!



answers from San Francisco on


sorry that you have such horrible experiences. I am on loestrin fe-- it works really well and has iron tablets for the substitute pills. I have had issues with bc in the past, but this one has by far been the most wonderful. I don't have spotting or cramping or yeast infections. Ask your dr about it!




answers from Columbus on

You don't need birth control pills ... please read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler. You're only fertile for about 5 days a month. If you can take your temperature each morning and chart it, you can know what days to avoid. Bet you OB/GYN didn't tell you that...



answers from Evansville on

please consider natural family planning. there are no hormones or procedures or copays:) creighton method nfp works well for us because there is no temperature monitoring, only keeping track of your cervical mucus characteristics as you use the restroom everyday. it allows you to see very clearly when you are fertile and infertile, and when it's used correctly it is more effective than any other birth control on the market (99%)!!
i believe you can find intructors in your area if you visit their website:)


answers from Chicago on

I take Mircette, which is a low dose pill.
OrthoCyclen and Tri-Cyclen are the other two I've been on, and they gave me horrible, week-long migraines.
Once I switched, I've been pretty issue free.



answers from Phoenix on

Nuva Ring is the best. Can't feel it.. Can take it out for sex if you like and then put it back in (after a rinse) You put it in, leave it there for 3 weeks and then take it out for a week. Then a new one to start it again

Took BC bills for 10 years... made me sick to my stomach. Hated trying to remember them every single day. Been on Nuva Ring for 5 years. LOVE IT.

My periods were 4-5 days a week before NR. Gradally in about 2-3 years, they tapered down to..... NOTHING. Really nothing. I was so concerned I talked to my gyno. Apparently the lining of the uterus gets so thin when using NR, there is simply nothing left to shed come that time of the month.

I would HIGHLY recommend NR. SO easy to use. Zero side effects for me. Give it a try.

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