What Are You Getting Your SO for Valentines Day?

Updated on February 14, 2012
J.☯. asks from Sherman, IL
17 answers

I have one gift for my husband, but I would really like to get something else. I'd like to get something small that he can open first thing in the morning with the kids. For the past two years I've gotten my husband and each of our sons a small gift (maybe $5) to open first thing in the morning. Just a little something to make us smile throughout the day and remember how lucky we are as a family.

What will you be giving your SO?

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answers from Chicago on

I bought my kids each a book and some candy. Hubby isn't getting anything. I will be making homemade ravioli for dinner. I'll probably serve shrimp too.

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answers from Detroit on

I'm not getting hubby anything. The way to my hubby's heart is thru his stomach he loves my baking & cooking so I'm making a heart shaped chocolate cake for dessert and some kind of pasta dish either chicken parm or chicken marsala. I had my kiddos make their daddy a valentine using their hand prints & foot print from an idea off of pinterest. :) http://tonsoffunpreschoolactivities.blogspot.com/2011/02/...

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answers from Washington DC on

Nothing. I love him greatly, but the holiday doesn't mean much to me! We won't go out (crowed, cheesy couples surrounding us... no thanks!!!)

My four girls love Valentines day... hahaha (they are only 9, 7, 4 and 3 now)... I will try to raise them to not fall into the "dopey girl is in love with guy because he gave her some flowers and chocolate on V-day" trap. HIGHER STANDARDS, GIRLS!!! LOL:)

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answers from Chicago on

Nothing. But I got my daughters some nice jewelry like I do every year.

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answers from Savannah on

We don't really give gifts, but are all about "dates" and quality time. We've ended up with a couple dates this time, but not really on purpose, more just because this is when things came to town. Yesterday we did the Cooks and Books event (actually not expensive at all, but very enjoyable). Tonight we were supposed to go to the symphony but I don't really like sitting down too long right now because it hurts my leg badly (I have some blood clots), and my husband is getting a spinal injection so he won't want to sit in a chair motionless either. (Funny how our "handicaps" make us not want to be sitting around or lazy, lol). We reluctantly gave our tickets away this weekend, but we gave them to our sitter! Now they have a date (I'll babysit her children for free) for V-day tonight, and tomorrow we'll drop our kids off at her house (for free) and we'll have a nice dinner in. Not the original plan, but we roll with it.....and a childless evening at home and a fantastic dinner in will be great for both of us! We've got our menu and stuff together, will cook it together, have a nice "date" at home. I've got a beautiful "special occasion" table cloth, we'll eat on our china like we used to do all the time before the kids, and we'll play our old CD and dance.
As far as "gifts" go, we don't usually buy "real" gifts. Our gifts are more like inside jokes, or things the boys can do with me. I think inside jokes and from the heart little notes or poems are more romantic because they show that we know each other and are thinking of each other instead of just "what to buy". Today the boys will help me make oatmeal raisin cookies (my husband's favorite) and chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) and we'll use heart shaped cookie cutters. That way, they'll be ready tomorrow for us to slip in Jeremy's lunchbox, along with little notes. We're also making chocolate banana pops, and dipping strawberries in chocolate for tomorrow. Just a fun "home ec" type activity for my guys, with the reward of eating some tonight and tomorrow.
Unfortunately, our dvd player broke (thank you 2 year old son) and our over the range microwave broke, so there will still be some replacement purchases made today....maybe I'll wrap them up as "gifts" for a laugh.

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answers from Omaha on

We had Valentines portraits done and I had one of the really cute pics of our kids made into an 11x14 canvas print for my husband's office. We are also going to make cookies and put all of it in a gift bag with a mylar balloon and deliver it to my husband's work. My kids are getting a fish tank.

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answers from New York on

This year, just a package of Godiva chocolate bars. Usually that's what we do and go out for a fancy dinner as our "gift." Hubby has been out of work for nearly a year so we will be skipping the fancy dinner. OUr kids (12 and 16) get candy and a small giftcard (Dunkin,Starbucks, ice cream place) - usually $10 but just $5 this year

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answers from Phoenix on

Hubby usually gets me something nice, a nice piece of jewlery. He already brought home roses on Saturday. And we usually will go out to eat on the weekend we don't have the kids. However, Kathy Griffin is coming to Phoenix this weekend and I'm thinking of getting tickets, although she may already be sold out. So we'll see about that. But I am getting him a new chain for his cross necklace. He will be surprised because its been broken for several months and I keep telling him I will get one and then my ADD kicks in and I haven't done it yet! So I think he'll be surprised and happy with that. =)


answers from Redding on

We don't usually do gifts, most likely we will go out for dinner tomorrow night or maybe breakfast tomorrow morning, or maybe both.


answers from Richmond on

I got him a new hat :) He had one similar to it a few years ago and LOVED it... so naturally, he lost it... so I got him a new one :) That, and a card, that's it!

The kids all got sock monkeys; the 2 older kids get a small box of candy as well.

I'm sticking little love notes in all their lunches tomorrow!!


answers from St. Louis on

No gifts - we're going out tonight...but we will each take $50 and spend it on something we want!! It's easier to do that than try to surprise each other for this holiday because there's nothing either of us NEEDS....but our list of WANTS varies...his are much more expensive than mine! So we agreed to just take money to spend on ourselves and then enjoy the night out tonight for V-Day. I probably won't even get him a card - but I will write or type him a letter to have when he gets up!



answers from Chicago on

I wished him a happy valentine's day when I brought him his coffee this morning.


answers from Washington DC on

Every year we do family fondue. It's become a tradition. My son LOVES it! We don't do gifts, we make cards with our son each year and add a little sweet treat. It's fun and we get to say exactly what we want each time.

I personally love writing a special note to my hubby, it helps me remember what I love about him.



answers from Chicago on

A Gander Mountain gift card and a BJ. Believe me we were BOTH happy this morning.



answers from St. Louis on

my DH's cousin played pro baseball. I found an obscure photo from the beginning of his baseball career....from one of the farm teams. It is a rarity & I was excited to find it on ebay. That would be my DH's gift! & our sons are really happy with my purchase.....


answers from Jacksonville on

My husband is getting private lesson from a top Jiu Jitsu guy. Seriously. He is way excited about it.


answers from Orlando on

No sure, he is out of town this week, so any present would have to wait until Saturday, which by then kind of lose the purpose of Valentine team.
I think we just are going to go out when he comes back, but we always do so I guess nothing special...perhaps I would just call him at night and talk him a little present, wink, wink.

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