What Are the "In" Sneakers for This Year?

Updated on August 29, 2012
D.B. asks from Eastlake, CO
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My kids have never cared diddly about what they wear. However, my son seems to have been bitten by the shoe bug this year. He doesn't know what brand he wants, but he's asking to get the sneakers with the 'zig' in the heels. He says 'everyone' is wearing them. I do recall a friend of mine buying a pair for her son mid-winter last year, but didn't pay too much attention. I don't even know if they are 'in' this year, but i have noticed that the bright colored heels are popular in the ads this year. Secretly, I think the reason he wants them is because the heel is so large/high on them. He's very short for his age, and is very sensitive about it as he is constantly picked on, so I think he's hoping to gain a 1/2 inch from these shoes:) I'm not opposed to investing a lot of money in shoes, as I usually do anyway because he's so hard on them. A pair of Avias will usually last for 2 months, where as a New Balance will last for about 6.

Anyway, I figure if I'm going to continue to spend some $$ on his sneakers, I might as well get him what he wants. But I also don't want to add foder to the reasons he can get picked on. (i still have nightmares about my first day of 5th grade, when I showed up wearing the same exact model of sneakers I'd had the year before. brand new, but everyone seemed to remember they were the same exact shoe and i never lived that down. i still don't quite know what was wrong with it or how everyone remembered my shoes from the prior year.) Are these zig-shoes still an 'in thing'? Any idea what brand they are so I know were to look?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for the insight and information. Glad to hear it's a Reebok I'm searching for. For being such a small petite kid, he has a foot like a ham and cannot fit many brands like Nike. Reeboks tend to run a little wider, I think:) Glad to hear they are still 'in' this year. I'd hate to spend a lot of money on anything that my kid will only hate in another month. And thank you on the advise on where to find them. We have like NO stores around us, so we don't get to window shop much. No, i don't think the 'right' shoe is going to help him fit in, but if he shows up in a shoe that was 'out' 2 years ago, well then why bother to add yet another potential target on him. (again, bad flashbacks to my 1st day of 5th grade umteen million years ago!)

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answers from Milwaukee on

Reebok makes the zig heels. I did not know them to be "in" or not. My DS likes Sketchers. I personally like the old 80's styles of Asics onitsuka tigers.

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answers from Reno on

Hi! Try taking him to Famous Footwear. They have all the name brand, "famous" shoes. I am sure he will find what he wants there. At least he knows what he wants! lol My daughter got a pair of Vans this year. They were "normally" 70 something dollars, got them for $50ish. She's very difficult to buy for, and that's the only place we can always find what she likes. Best of luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I believe they are Nike. Yes they are in this year. I have a pair for myself and they are so comfortable, lightweight, and I love the neon zig heel.
I was checking footlockers site and I think maybe be is referring to the reebok ziglite electrify or reebok zig activate.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I never know either. My daughter insisted she wanted Converse a few years ago... and I thought, "What? Those have been out of style for 30 years or more!" Well, they came back, lol.

This year my daughter chose black Nike's with purple ziggly sole thing. That may be what you are talking about. She is not necessarily "into" whatever is "in", she likes what she likes. But I have seen lots of kids with them on, too.
She is in 6th grade and doesn't like any of the "cute" flats or other "girly" shoes. She likes her sneakers.

My son (9th grade) who is very "into" fashion, has worn Sperry's for a couple of years now, but this year he is wearing a pair of black suede Van's. They, too, look a little "old school"...just a simple, plain lace up shoe without much to differentiate it from anything else. Which makes it different. No big fat tongue, no thick sole, no checkerboard anything, no special laces (plain white). VERY PLAIN. I thought they were cotton duck cloth actually, until it was raining when we were leaving the doctor's office last week, and he didn't want to get his shoes wet. Said it would mess up the leather. I said 'those aren't leather, they are cloth' and he said, "no, they are suede". Silly me... :/

sons: http://www.zumiez.com/brands/vans/vans-shoes/guys/vans-ch...

Here is my daughter's shoe: http://www.google.com/search?q=nike+women's+dual+fusi...

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answers from New York on

The in sneaker really depends on what the trend is in school and where you live. Here in NY it's converse. Depending on his background, his friends, etc..it can be anything....Jordan's, Nike's, so I guess what I'm trying to say is that, there is no real trendy sneaker, the trend is delegated by what is popular in his school, with his friends, at this time. The zig zag sneaker I believe you are seeking are Ziglite, Zig Nano by REEBOK.

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answers from Washington DC on

I'd think of a budget and tell him he needs x number of pairs for x price and let's see what you can find. He may want and receive the "zig" pair or he might try them on and find they are uncomfortable for his feet. My SS wears a lot of Nikes and I've never really thought much about brand appeal. His sister has about 50 pairs of Converse sneakers in different combinations. It's about the kid, really. And maybe he'll get them and people will make fun of him anyway and he'll just learn to shrug it off. I remember having to tell SS that I didn't care that he wanted spotless sneakers, but the bleach could not be used near the laundry pile because it was ruining MY clothes (that year it was "in" to have brand new looking sneakers all year so he cleaned them often).

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answers from Augusta on

Well yeah if he's running track. I think your referring to the Reebok. I dont know the name for the shoe but Ive seen it on Tv. They're running shoes I personally wouldnt wear running shoes as casual shoes but if thats your sons style then go ahead!! But ask him if he likes Converse, Jordans (those cost between $110-$245 my daughter loves those shoes but I only get her a couple pairs) Nike's, Addias. Those are the "In" shoes now.

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answers from Augusta on

The shoes you are refering to are Reebok I believe and they are running shoes. "Ziglite Run" is what they are called.
Does he need running shoes?
Not sure a about them being "in" . If they are it's cause the commercials have the Manning brothers in them.
I buy my kids shoes they need. My daughter is flat footed so she needs a specific type of shoe. And for kids really the more flexible a shoe is the better it is for their growing feet.

Do you really want to put and emphasis on "brands" ?
Trust me when I tell you this. The shoes won't stop them from picking on him. I was that kid that got picked on and then my grandmother took me out shopping and I talked her into getting me the "in" brands of clothes and shoes. It didn't make a difference, then they started making fun of me for trying to join the "in " crowd. They will always find something. Teaching him to be proud of himself and confident will be the BEST thing for him.


answers from Los Angeles on

They are Reebok and guessing by the sheer quantity of them along the walls at the FootLockers and Champs, yes I say they are still 'in'. Regardless of what you pick the 'in trend' this year seems to be shoes with bright almost neon colors.

~My son wanted the bright green ones last year but *everyone* had them so we went in another direction, I am partial to Addidas :)



answers from Pittsburgh on

Kids love those shoes-mine went through a phase where they had to have them. They are not as 'in' now in my area because the newness of them has worn off and many kids have had them by now. They are definitely not out either though. I bet it will remain good choice for years to come.

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