What Are the Chances of Pregnancy After Vascectomy?

Updated on July 27, 2011
W.K. asks from Florida, NY
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Im 36 my husband is 34 - we have an 8 year old girl - weve been together for 10 years. I have two boys from Previous marriage ages 18 & 17.

Our daughter was a 'surprise' and once she was 6 weeks old he went and got a vasectomy done. It was solely his decision and I didnt argue about it but I was not sure at the time if I wanted any more. i know he didnt want any more, we have 8 nephews and my daughter is the only granddaughter on both sides of the family. I often thought he would want a boy and my daughter would have a playmate. MY sons dont really play with their sister and she makes me crazy about having no one to play with. Lately I keep wishing Id be pregnant but the vasectomy was done over 8 years ago and well nothings happened since then. Maybe I just dont want to have a period anymore lol.

Maybe too many people around me are having kids, I dunno, I have this bug about it. Am I crazy? Has anyone gone thru this?

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So What Happened?

Sorry Im just feeling lost with everyone having kids, I wanted another but thats not possible. I know its late to give my daughter a playmate its what happened with my sons and their sister, the age gap is there already. I was just wondering if other people had felt this way.

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Well, as a lab tech, I ran hcg tests on PLENTY of women whose husbands had had vasectomies...and SURPRISE!!! Almost 90% of those + tests were men who didn't go back for their SECOND follow up. The farthest out from a vasectomy that I saw come out positive was 13 years. Can you imagine?!? After 13 years, one would assume the vasectomy took! But nope! In one case in particular, there was a lot of rumor/mud slinging about affairs, ect (of which I knew the woman and knew almost for certain there was no affair) and when Mr. went in for a LOOOOONG overdue 2nd post vas, there were clear swimmers!

Is it common? No. But I've seen it plenty!

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my husbands uncle had a vasectomy & 14 yrs later was a little surprise named crissy

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Pretty uncommon that you'd be able to get pregnant unless the vasectomy is reversed. But it sounds like YOU want a baby. Your husband has not said that he wants a boy, don't make decions for thing that you want by making up something about him. Also, if you got pregnant now, your daughter would be 9 when her sister or brother would be born. They would NOT be playmates. A 9 year old needs to play with friends her age. An infant is not a playmate for a 9 year old. In 5 years, she's be a teenager into music, boys, makeup and the mall, and would have nothing in common with a 5 year old. A baby is something that YOU wantl, but don't try to justify that by saying it's for your husband and daughter.

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My mom and dad were both fixed.

At 44 my mom came and told my older sister and I she was expecting....I was7 she was 9.

I now have a lil' sister who is almost 21. She is one of my best friends.

So, can it happen? Yes.

They can be reversed.

He would have to be willing.

I go through this every once in awhile. I had my tubs tied by 25. Three kids they were practically helping me sign the paper work to have it done.

I always keep in the back of my head that my mom and dad were BOTH FIXED and had my sister...So, miracles can happen. Although they are never a guarantee.



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my dad had a vasectomy and we got my little brother 10 years later. It can happen, but it's not super likely.

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