What Are Some ?'S to Ask When You Are Looking for Working at Home?

Updated on September 13, 2009
A.E. asks from Waukee, IA
4 answers

I will be meeting with someone about computer working from home options. I was wondering what are some good ?'s to ask regarding this.
I thought that there would be some moms that work at home that could give me some pointers maybe...


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answers from Milwaukee on

Hi A.,

The questions I would ask are:

What if any, are the costs for you?
Are you expected to carry any inventory?
How many hours are you committing to?
Are those hours flexible?
Are you expected to be on call?
How much money are you going to be making per hour?
How are you logging those hours?
Is the company registered with the BBB?
What kind of benefits do they offer if any?

How is this computer business going to enhance your life?

If you are interested in working from home...you may want to check out our company...


Blessings and best wishes to you!




answers from Minneapolis on

Hi A.,
Working from home is a wonderful choice for those that are self-motivated. This article may help. Feel free to contact me if I can help you with any other questions. (some specific thoughts about the option you mentioned: is this with a person/company that you have personal contact with? Most ads regarding this kind of work are scams. I would only agree to do computer work with a company that you know exists because you have actually interviewed at the building and you have met your boss.)

Choosing the Right Company

No doubt you’ve been where I’ve been; on a search for the best way to earn income from home. It’s a difficult journey, isn’t it?

There are some great companies to choose from; you just need to be willing to sift through some questionable ones to find the right company for you.

When researching a company, ask questions, lots and lots of questions, and don’t rush into a decision. Paying attention to some of the following ideas should help in determining the best choice.

Track Record: Don’t take the word of an individual. Unfortunately, not everyone will speak with integrity. Investigate for yourself. How long has the company been in business? What is their rate of growth? Are they, in fact, growing? What does the Better Business Bureau have to say about them? Be cautious of “ground floor opportunities”.

Management Team: Validate the credentials of the management and their team. Do they have business experience with reputable companies? Do they employ their own scientists or do they hire someone in a white coat for show? Did their scientists get their degrees from an accredited university?

Initial Investment: While some companies have a valid reason for requiring an initial investment, be suspicious of those that require a large amount. Certainly do not pay anything prior to being given a full explanation of the company and its requirements.

Unique products: If the company’s focus is products, then these products should be unique to the company. They should not be available elsewhere.

Need: The products should fill a definite need in every household. A product line may be incredible but, if it’s needed by only a certain group of people, the sales will be limited by that factor. Look for a company that fills the need of the average family. Would a family order these products even when their budget is tight or is it considered a luxury purchase and would be the first thing cut when finances are low?

Inventory: If you are required to carry an inventory, that inventory is most likely an out-of-pocket expense. Typically, the only way to get a profit on the inventory is to sell those products. What if those products become out-dated or are dropped from their line? Are you able to return them for a full refund or are you required to sell them at a clearance price/a loss?

Orders/Deliveries: Are you responsible for the customer and their orders? Do you need to deliver the products? What if a customer needs to return a product? Look for a company that has great customer service. One that takes the orders, bills the customer directly, delivers the products to them, and handles returns.

Re-order Rate: How often will a customer re-order a product? Will it be months before you see another order or can you expect an order monthly? True residual income develops when you can expect a high re-order rate.

Risk: There should be no financial risk involved. Period. You should have a written guarantee that you (and everyone else) will get a full refund if requested.

Working from home is a very rewarding endeavor. Rewarding financially, but more importantly, rewarding for those little ones that have you home with them each day. Be thorough in your search for the right company for you. Once you find it, you’ll have the right vehicle to reach your goals.

About the Author:

K. has 15 years experience training others to work from home. Her expertise in the field has benefited people across the nation; helping them to develop supplemental or replacement income. Because of her success, she has made it her goal to mentor others to attain the income they desire with a solid business built on integrity and teamwork. Visit her site: www.MyCornerstoneAdvantage.com

©Cornerstone Advantage



answers from Grand Forks on

If you go to ClarkHoward.com he has some legit work from home companies on there that you can check out. Good luck



answers from Minneapolis on

I also did data entry work at home - the company no longer operating, but was great extra side income.
What is the piece rate?
How long had the company been in business?
How steady is the work?
What is the expectation?
Do you need to pick up/drop off - location and how often?
Is there any special "equipment" required for you to do the work?

I also have had a very successful experience doing direct sales/party plan. You get the benefit of choosing how often you want to "work", nice commission, support, etc. My website is www.snowflakegems.com - but have been involved with direct sales for over 10 years so would be happy to discuss with you pros/cons of direct sales and differenct companies.

Best of luck with your work a home search

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