What Age Should You Stop Baby Food

Updated on March 13, 2007
J.J. asks from Carrollton, TX
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My 15 month old still loves baby food. In fact he doesn't care for most adult foods. Luckily he is doing well with Gerber Graduates, but is there an age where I should stop allowing him to eat the Stage 3 foods?

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My little girl ate the Gerber Graduates for about 3 years and 3 months. She is a strong healthy little girl who gets great check-up results with her pediatrician and her dentist. I think those GG are real food. I can't remember one thing in that was only for "littles". My little girl now loves peas, carrots, and all of the vegies in the GG. You could slowly try to introduce "big people" food but I wouldn't worry too much about it unless your ped. is telling you something isn't right with your little boy's lbs. or something like that. I am not a Dr.. I'm just giving you another mom's (like you) opinion. Good Luck!!



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My daughter, who is now 16m 2wk, was still eating primarily baby food at 13-14mo. She only had two teeth at that point and the only things I felt comfortable giving her were the soft Gerber Graduates carrots. I tried the green beans, but she had such an issue with gas, that those made it worse, plus she was having difficulty with digesting milk, so most dairy products were out. I slowly added in peas and other bite-sized fingers foods, like cut up bananas and tofu. She mostly eats finger foods now, but I still give her rice cereal and the occassional baby food of fruits or vegetables. I mean, really, the baby "apples" are just applesause with no added sugar, so it seems like an ok thing to feed her. I wouldn't worry about her not wanting table foods, as my daughter wants to try whatever we're having... that's how she got started with eggs... having some from mommy's plate in the morning.

My daughter didn't seem to like the texture of most adult foods the first couple of times she tried them, but I had read that you might have to give them something 10-12 times before they would accept, so I just kept offering her stuff (I probably would have assumed that she just didn't like it after the second try if I hadn't read that). Most things only seem to take about 4-5 tries with her and it seems to help to space out the tries... like a few days between when she rejects something before I try it again. And, again, it generally helps if I'm eating it or daddy's eating it, then she at least wants to try it.

I wouldn't worry. He'll start eating other things soon enough.


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I have a 15 month old who is still eating baby food, in fact she gags on the stage 3 & is only eating stage 2's. She does self feed a smidge, but not enough to get any nutrition at all. At this point I am not sweating it too much, as she is ahead in everything else. Just bought her a few of the graduates...guess we will see how it goes....Oh yeah, she also still LOVES the baby oatmeal. Just wanted you to know you are definitely not alone. I think as long as they are eating, and you are still encouraging table foods, then it will happen quicker than you think. After all, they usually want to do what Mama and Daddy are doing.



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It is pretty much up to you but the Pedi's I work for all say that by 12-18 months a child should be eating all of the same things you eat- and self-feeding as much as possible.
If in doubt just keep doing what you are doing until his 18 month check and discuss it w/ your doctor. Find WHY they recommend what they do and go from there.
Also, those Gerbers are expensive! :-)




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My pediatrician says that a child should be eating 100% adult food by 12 months. I know someone's baby that wasn't forced to eat table food and she was 20 months and didn't want to eat solid foods--don't wait too long. All she wanted to eat was soft foods like yogurt or baby food. Other moms may disagree with me but that's what my doctor told me.

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