What Age Group Is Goosebumps For? Need Book Ideas for 7 Yr Old.

Updated on February 04, 2016
S.P. asks from Garland, TX
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My daughter is in second grade and is reading a little above a third grade level but the only book series she has liked so far has been Junie B. Jones. I am a voracious reader but for the life of me can not seem to remember what I was reading at her age (7 yrs.) Most of my favorite childhood books are for an older age. Please send some suggestions my way! I thought about goosebumps but haven't read any myself and don't know what the targeted age range for them is-figured someone out there would. I'll read whatever before she does just to check it out but I need some idea of what to look for in the public library first. I am hoping to find something she has trouble putting down and can't wait to read through as this is the best way to encourage reading. Everything I can think of is a little too long or thick. I'd like smaller books for now until she gets a little faster. Long books are daunting at this age and an occassional picture can make a world of difference-so what do you moms recommend?

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answers from Dallas on

Try Sonlight.com reader lists for age appropriate books that are acceptable from a Christian perspective. Some of the books on the list are fun fiction, like Encyclopedia Brown, Misty of Chincoteague, Little House on the Prairie, etc. I would recommend Christian Book Distributors online for adolescent books as well. In lieu of Goosebumps, my children read the Christian fiction author Frank Peretti's children series. My son, who is now 22, says those are still his favorite all time books. My daughter liked the American girl series.

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answers from Chicago on

I think Goosebumps are for ages 9 - 12 or so, so if she is reading at 3rd grade level, that might be a good series for her. i never read them, but i used to read the Fear Street books by R.L. Stine (same author) (back in the 90s! haha )when i was a pre-teen/teenager and loved them. I loved reading when i was that age, so i'm trying to remember what i read..... i also used to read The Babysitters Club - dont know if those are still out??? What about the Little House on the Prairee series? I never read that, but used to love watching the show when I was younger. The chronicles of narnia - not sure if that's her age group. I also used to read Nancy Drew. What about those Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events books? those might be her age group? Oh, i also used to love Sweet Valley High and I think they had a series for younger girls called Sweet Valley Twins when they were younger.

Hope that helped give you some ideas. :)



answers from St. Cloud on

How about the "Ramona" books by Beverly Cleary?



answers from Dallas on

Here's a GREAT thread for you on DFW Area Moms: http://www.dfwareamoms.com/forums/showthread.php?t=129298...

My kids never got into Goosebumps, so I can't tell you about that series, but they really enjoy Magic Treehouse, Boxcar Children, Jigsaw Jones, and Amber Brown.

We tried Little House when my oldest was younger (she's a really good reader as well), but she didn't really get into them until 4th grade.

Good luck!
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answers from Dallas on

My daughter loves to read the American Girl books and Tinker Bell and her friends series books.



answers from Cincinnati on

diary for a wimpy kid is humerus but kind of sarcastic. and consists of a five book series of now my son at 7 and daughter at twelve had both enjoyed the books by Jeff Kiney and i heard them laughing from the other rooms. i've read them too and would recomend them. the titles in order are diary of a wimpy kid,diary of a wimpy kid rodrick rules,diary of a wimpy kid the last straw,diary of a wimpy kid do it yourself book,and diary of a wimpy kid dog days.



answers from Dallas on

The Boxcar Children, anything Judy Blume, Anything Beverly Cleary



answers from Dallas on

My son loves Beverly Cleary and the Judy Moody series. Oh yeah, also the Magic Treehouse series.



answers from New York on

My daughter is in second grade and is also reading well above grade level. She loves goosebumps books and has read a bunch of them. She has likes the Judy Moody book series.


My daughter is in second grade and is also reading well above grade level. She loves Goosebumps books and has read a bunch of them. She also likes the Judy Moody book series. She has read The Diary of A Wimpy Kid around 6 and kinda liked them. She is also really into factual books about animals and stuff like that. Scholastic lists books for children that read about age level but are appropriate for your child as well if you are ever concerned.


answers from Dallas on

depends on the child. one child may never be able to read goosebumps because they are scary. Another child will think they are funny. Does your child scare easily? If so, don't bother with this series. If she likes scary things then you have a new series of books for her. You know your daughter best.



answers from Boston on

My son has gone through the Magic Tree House series.. Great books, lots of learning involved and a great story to boot. there are over 40 books and each has what is called a Research guide which is dedicated to the subject matter of each book, really dives into the teaching part of the books.

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