What Age for a Music Concert?

Updated on November 08, 2011
L.T. asks from Houston, TX
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So, just tonight on Facebook I saw at least 5 other people posting pictures that they were at the Taylor Swift concert tonight with their daughters. And those were the ones that were saying something about it (probably more are there and just not posting on FB). Most of the girls were ages 5-8, with only a couple others age 10 and up. My daughter has been asking to go to a concert (but not a whole lot so she's not bugging) and I think it might be fun but she's only 10. I think age 5 is WAY too young and for the price--for sure!

I didn't go to my first music artist concert until I was late in my teens but maybe I'm dating myself and being too old school. I just don't get it and wonder if these parents are taking their kids to such expensive things at such a young age, do they 1) appreciate it and 2) expect even more as they grow older? Now when my daughter and my son were preschoolers we went to things like Diego or Dora or Sesame Street Live and they loved it! Is it that the music concert is just a step up from those shows? Maybe I'm just not doing the math and perhaps the expense is about equal to the shows we went to.

Just curious what other parents do?

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answers from New York on

I went to my first concert with my dad and my friend and her dad. We were 13 and we saw Tiffany, if any of you remember her. LOL! New Kids on the Block opened for her. My first concert I went to on my own was the Bangles when I was 15. My parents took me and my friend there, and then picked us up after. I was elated....

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answers from Las Vegas on

I got concert tickets for my 13th B-day and I went with my mom. I think that is an appropriate age. I also think that it depends on the entertainment. Some bands are meant for older teenagers/adults only.

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answers from Atlanta on

I love taking our kids to shows and have been since they were infants. We do a lot of music festivals, but I would take my 5 year old to a concert that he wanted to see.

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answers from San Francisco on

I took my oldest daughter to her first concert on her 9th birthday back in 2004. It was Avril Lavigne and she LOVED it. We went with another mother and daughter and it was really, really special (of course I am a rocker and a huge fan of live music so I am biased!)
As far as the expense goes, as with anything else, it's about what you can afford and what you want to spend your money on. The concert tickets cost about $200 for the four of us, easily what I would have spent on a traditional party, but SO much more memorable :)

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answers from Boston on

My kids haven't asked to go to a "real" show yet but they are definitely old enough (oldest are 13). One of the oldest wanted to see an indie band at Six Flags so we've done that and my husband took her and two friends to see the same band at a local club (all ages show) and they were 12. I went to my first concert when I was 11 and saw many, many shows between the ages of 11 and 18, then tapered off when I was in college and haven't seen anyone in years.

For me, it depends on the band and the child. My 7-year-old is a rabid Green Day fan so if they come around again, I probably would take him if I could get tickets because he would really enjoy every minute of it and I think that the GD crowd is probably pretty tame at this point (because we're all old LOL). While I wouldn't spend the $ on U2 for him, we have taken him to see a U2 cover band in an all ages setting. We have taken all of our kids out to see live music whenever possible because they younger ones (5 & 7) are especially drawn to it but usually we stick to free things (outdoor festivals, the cover bands that play at restaurants, etc.).

Anyway...I guess it all depends on the artist, the venue and the price more than age for me.

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answers from Tulsa on

Two girls I used to babysit got to go see Justin Beiber as a treat (they were 8 and 10) with a few of their friends. The older one loved it, but the 8 year old was completely freaked out by the crowds, screaming, etc. She spent a fair deal of time crying in the bathroom. I would say it definitely depends on the kid, I'm thinking 10 would be the youngest I would take a child to the concert.

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answers from Boston on

I guess it depends on the kid, and the family. As far as the expense goes, it's no different than going to a Sesame Street live show, as you mentioned. Think about all the theme parks people bring their kids to (young kids, even!) I guess it's all about choices and priorities. We bought our 3 year old a $65 ticket to a music festival and I'm so glad we brought her. We would have paid more if we had to. She had a blast! We went with another family with a child her age. It was all outdoors so noise was not an issue. I love that they experienced authentic music by talented musicians instead of marketed hyped up characters from a TV show. We have enough commercialization in our lives. If I see one more princess lunchbox/waterbottle/headband/socks/jacket/bike helmet I think I'm going to throw up ;)
My mom took me to my first show when I was 10 years old. Again, depends on the kid. I'm not sure how many other 10 year olds would have appreciated seeing Tracy Chapman out in a field in central Maine, but call me a weirdo, I loved it!



answers from Waco on

OK... I am going to really date myself here, but I was 5 when I went to my first concert... Olivia Newton John. After that, there was Neil Diamond, Tina Turner, Madonna, Prince, Bon Jovi, and a myriad of the 80's hair bands... all well before the age of 12. After reading some of the other posts, I guess I am in the minority. My friend's Dad owned a radio station and always scored the best tickets for us. I LOVED going to concerts and still do. I have a deep, deep appreciation for all types of music and I really attribute alot of that to the early exposure I had as a child. My mom also took me to see tons of musicals. I honestly can't wait to start taking my kids to concerts and theatrical productions. I hope I can instill that love of music in them. BUT, that being said, I will probably wait until they start expressing an interest. It seems kind of pointless to take them to something that they aren't really interested in yet.



answers from Baton Rouge on

I took my daughter to her first outdoor concert at 6 weeks. The first concert I took her to at her request was when she was about 5, and the band was some friends of ours who play Celtic music.



answers from Houston on

My parents took me to see the Oak Ridge Boys when I was 11. It was a big family outing with aunts, uncles, and cousins included. I did not go to my first concert with friends until I was 16, and it was a BIG deal that me or any of my friends got to go. When I was 22, I took my 13 year old sister to see NKOTB, twice. The second time even "camping out" for tickets with a friend of mine, she took her cousin (though we did not take the girls to the "camp out").

My husband and I took our son to see Jimmy Buffett when he was 5 years old. We are big Buffett fans, and he still talks about going to this day. But, I have to add, we take our son to all sorts of things like that. We went to see King Tut in Dallas when he was 6. He's been going to Monster Truck Jams since he was about 2 (yes with ear covers). Just because it costs money doesn't mean he won't appreciate going and look back fondly on it when he's older.

My sister and a couple of her friends took their daughters to see Taylor Swift a couple of years back when the girls were 5/6 years old. They made a whole overnight of it. The girls had a blast before, during, and after. They still talk about going.

I personally think it's important to give children these types of outings even if they are young. It's an experience they can take with them for life.

Why would you take them to see Diego, Dora, and Sesame Street Live, but not what they are interested in now? They get the experience of going to such things and you get the experience of seeing them experience it. It's all part of making them the person they'll grow up to be. If you never take them places, they won't know how to act/respond when they do do them when they are older.


answers from Kansas City on

My husband scored a great price the week before the Taylor Swift concert here. So he bought them...(no nose bleed we were club level with fantastic seats)...my daughter is six. She didn't know she was going until three days before the concert. She was told because she was doing great it school and because she had been doing all the things we asked of her without a fight, without no complaints...etc, dad thought she deserved to go.

I think it depends on the child, the parent. My daughter was VERY appreciative. I don't know if she will expect more when she's older but I what I do know is that she was respectful that night, has been respectful since and had excellent behavior before and after.

My husband and I don't take our kids to see Diego, Dora, Sesame Street...we don't go to those types of events, I personally find them not worth the expense, just as you may find taking your child to a country/rock/pop concert not worth the expense.

To each their own...

BTW she Taylor puts on a show well worth the money. She has learned how to play the crowd and make each little girl/boy feel like she is speaking directly to them. She earns her money!



answers from Seattle on

What more is there?

That's always what I wonder with that argument. I mean... they went to a concert (or have some kind of tech) so now they'll want _______? I just always hear crickets. What more is there??? ((Granted, I HAVE a son whose done both, and both young... so I don't hear the begging for those things. I hear the begging for things he DOESN'T have yet. Like a paddle ball. He wanted an iPod until he got one (uses it every day), but after that... a paddle ball. Because he didn't have one, yet. Kids just naturally want what they don't have. So do adults, for that matter!)) It's not like "Oh NO! We can't get you a BIKE... because then you'll want a CAR!!!" LOL... it just really, really doesn't work that way. TEENS going to their first concert, may then want the "more" that is age appropriate to want more of (going on their own, etc.), but kids? Nope. Not in my experience. They're just thrilled with what they've already gotten. It doesn't occur to them that there's "more" until they're older.

I've been taking my son to concerts since he was a toddler. Ear protection is pretty easy to get and keep on (same rule like helmet while riding a bike). As long as he likes the music... he's always LOVED going (there have been a few opening acts that have almost sent us home, and 1 that did). I have some of the best dancing photos of him ever. When he was smaller (he's 9 now) he'd ride on my shoulders in crowds. He's also often gotten to go up on stage (dad is a musician), but he gets that he can't unless we have passes.

Concert tickets REALLY vary in price. We often only pay $10-$15 for them. WAY less than baseball or football or "kid music" tickets!!! Eve the more expensive shows ($30-$50) are less than sports tickets!!! ((I lucked out and had a kid that hates "kid music" as a genre (he likes a few things), so I've never had to shell out $125 for kid music concert and all the toys they market with it, although my mum took him to one.)

As far as OTHER concerts/music go... I've been taking him to the symphony and opera and ballet since he was a toddler as well. The nice thing about rock type concerts is that they're REALLY AT YOUR OWN PACE. Symphony, Opera, Ballet have set intermissions. So we didn't do the "shows" but instead went to dress rehearsals. The director/conductor stops all the time for notes, so there are good spaces to leave (for good or to take a break) when someone's got the wiggles. Those tix were a whopping $7.50-$15. That's icecream money!


answers from Seattle on

My kids are 6, almost 5 and 3.

They have all been to Rock concerts(we use rifle range ear covers).

They have seen countless rock bands(all Local during a Music Festival)

My middle guy is into hard core Punk Rock. so we took him to see Rise against. He just about died from excitement.

We do not do anything that is costly. We try and take up on the big flat rate music festivals. Seattle, luckily has many...and a few during the Spring and Summer are FREE!!

We have done the kiddie ones with them....I have seen Doodlebops more times then I like to admit...Thankfully I dont not think they have been back since we went broke:) So I know they are not missing anything.

My first music concert was when I was a preteen. I saw Weezer....before they called it quits back in the day.

I will probably not allow my kiddos to go to a concert alone until they are much much older. Like 16. I wont insist they stick with me, but I want to be around to make sure things are safe.

My Best Friends mom would come with us, when we would do day festivals...It was nice actually having someone to just hang with our stuff. I always really appreciated that she was that type of mom:)


answers from Kansas City on

you know what, i didn't until i was a teenager either.

my mom thought it would be great to take the "whole" family to see Transiberian Orchestra for christmas last year. including my 4 year old son and 4 year old neice.


the noise wasn't an issue for them. BOREDOM was. and it made most of the rest of us (except my mom and her boyfriend, and my sister and brother who have NO kids) have a miserable time.

granted 5-8 is older than our two four year olds. but i agree. HUGE waste of money. now if it was something they LOVED (my son likes ONE of their songs - i thought the loud music, bright lights, and pyrotechnics would hold his interest anyway - they didn't) then maybe i'd consider it in that age group. still a huge amount of money though, and i'm pretty cheap! lol!


answers from Austin on

I took our daughter and our little neighbor to see the Backstreet Boys when they were 8 and 9.. I purchased 6 tickets, I sold the other 3 for enough money, our tickets were free.

It was good experience. I explained before we got there what it would be like and how we behave. They were upset that some girls screamed the whole time. They felt like everyone should be sitting down and listening to the music.

They are now in college and remember that concert fondly..

I do think it depends on the child.. I bet some would become over whelmed by the sound and all of the people going crazy...



answers from Washington DC on

My opinion, unless it was a Christian rock band, Toby Mac, Steven Curtis Chapman, they would not go.
In middle school my oldest daughter went to Toby Mac on a youth trip.
My oldest son didn't go to concerts until he was out of the house and in Japan with the Navy.
But then, I don't like concerts.



answers from Washington DC on

I personally feel like getting your kids into tween stuff when they are little girls is wrong. They shoudl be enjoying kid stuff now. My daugher is 7 and I hated teh whole Hannah Montana and Justin Bieber stuff. Why woudl I want my child focused on that when she should be playing with dolls still. I know a couple parents who promote this stuff to their little kids, but I don't. I know far more 5th graders who go to see Taylor Swift, and that seems a bit more appropriate. If you think your daugter is ready, great. But I don't think it is just about money. I think it is about age-appropriateness.

PS - I do take my daughter to plays and the ballet.



answers from Austin on

We always budgeted our entertainment and would have had to give up a lot of other stuff to afford any concerts. My daughter was in the minority when she was younger because she didn't get to go to the concerts that made her friends feel so grown up. But we didn't think it was worth the money. Once she had her own allowance or a job, she never spent the money on concerts because of the cost. Now that cost is no object, it is still pretty pricey and only goes when she can get free tickets.

If it is in your budget and you think your daughter would appreciate it, I would only go to ones where the rest of the crowd is your daughter's age. It sickens me to think of young girls at concerts with inappropriate attire and body language going on onstage.

Be sure to discuss what you budget for things that affect your daughter so she will not expect things as she grows that don't fit in the budget. For example, if she expects to go to another concert, you can tell her what is in the budget and how long it would take to save up for that. Kids need to learn it is all about choices. You can spend money on nice things but you have to give up something else. Too many kids think it is just a matter of their mom being mean and saying no and someone else's mom being nice and saying yes.

Also, if you think a concert is inappropriate, go on YouTube and show her why.



answers from Houston on

I agree with others it depends on the child. Some kids are really into music like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber and probably asked to go see them. I know plenty of 4-8 years olds that are gaga over both those artists and would love to see them live. If that is the case they are more likely to appreciate the experience and not get bored. I couldn't see a parent taking a child to a concert that they didn't want to go to. I've seen young toddlers and babies at music festival concerts before, I'm sure the parents either wanted to go as a family or just didn't have a babysitter. The kids I saw were really well behaved and seemed to enjoy themselves.

If my son really wanted to go to a concert at a young age I think we would have considered it. He's 11 now and only starting to ask about concerts now. Of course now it is contingent on good behavior so maybe we will take him as a reward at some point.



answers from Houston on

My daughter is 14 and so far I've only taken her to performances at the Houston Rodeo. There you get 1st quality acts but the music performances are relatively short (1-1.5 hours) and you also have the rodeo performances, livestock show and carnival. She has seen Los Lonely Boys, Hannah Montana and Brad Paisley so far. This is a VERY mild crowd compared to what you would get at a rock show but I think it's a good starting point.



answers from Victoria on

My parents did not allow me to go. I am 31. Some of my friends did go to concerts for NKOTB. But most did not. My number one thoughs are does she know what to do if she gets seperated from you. I would also be careful of the type of concert she or you son would like to attend. If its an Ozzy (sorry I dont know the current ref) concert I would say no way. Maily due to the drugs passed around in the crowd. But Taylor Swift is a good person who understands she is a roll model my concern for drugs or stranger danger goes way down for a TS concert. Those would be my only two hangups.


answers from Dover on

I think the appropriate age depends on each child, the show/atmosphere, rather than a specific age.

I am a long time KISS fan. When I went to their reunion tour my son was 5 and cried because I didn't take him. The crowd was much more subdued than I would have expected and there were kids around his age/size there. So when they did their Psycho Circus tour two years later, I took him as promised. He had a blast, really enjoyed himself, and others around us got a big kick out of him because he was really putting on a show himself. I have taken him to a number of shows (another KISS show, Poison twice, and several at our local Fair) and would do it again. He's now 20 and loves music and concerts.

My daughter has been to several plays and I would take her to age appropriate concerts but she's just now almost 5. I don't think I would take her to a regular concert yet because I am not sure she could sit still and enjoy it like my son would have at the same age. If I went to a Joss Stone show I would have to consider it though because she LOVES her.

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