What Age Did Your Daughter Start Wearing Deodorant

Updated on July 06, 2017
T.N. asks from Houston, TX
5 answers

My 8 year old soon to be 9 year old is starting to smell quite musty after playing outside.. What age did your daughter start deodorant? I remember my oldest being in fifth grade not 3rd! Geez.. Help and what kind do you recommend

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answers from Pocatello on

My daughter is also 8 well 9 this month but she too had to start using deodorant this year but pls don't worry I was also concerned but after talking with moms of Jamie's(my daughter) friends I've learned we are not alone😉It's completely normal. 👍

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answers from Boston on

Oldest was probably 10, middle was 10 or 11, and youngest was 8.



answers from New York on

I think it was in 4th grade, the whole class for one of my kids got sent home a note from the teacher begging us all to start making our kids use deodorant! She said the smell in the classroom after recess was actually making her lightheaded :) If you can smell it, so can others, including folks who have to be in close proximity to your child.

We made our kids use a deodorizing body soap (AND WASH UNDER THEIR ARMS) daily plus use deodorant (which is not the same as antiperspirant) starting in like 4th grade. The boys used Arm & Hammer brand - which seems to do a good job for an excellent price point. The girls were always fussier but I remember purchasing Secret a few times. The only thing for me was they had to use stick and not an aerosol (personal preference).

Good luck!



answers from New York on

I think that good personal hygiene can be a separate issue from simply wearing deodorant, especially if you are concerned about chemicals etc. "Playing outside" is often a child's equivalent of an adult cleaning the garage or going for a run - possibly dirty physical activity - afterwards the child might need to put on a clean shirt or take a quick bath/shower etc. That's just good hygiene which can be encouraged at any age, nothing to do with puberty. Maybe try encouraging those behaviors before jumping to deodorant.



answers from Oklahoma City on

When they needed it.

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