What Activities Are Your 6-7 Year Old Children Enrolled In?

Updated on December 14, 2010
K.B. asks from Jacksonville, FL
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I have a 6 year old boy who is not your average boy. He isn't into wrestling, or rough housing, cars, Star Wars or little army men. He has never been into action figures and until recently never really got into anything in particular. He likes Bakugan, Bayblades, computers, video games, his friends and his home school group. He tends to like to hang out with the gyrls more because the boys are "just too rough" in his words. (His little brother is the exact opposite)

Anyways, I am looking to enroll him in some classes or activities, but am at a loss of what to do. He was in karate for a couple years and enjoyed that, but I think he is over that for now. He isn't a sports guy, and tends to be the tall and skinny kid you see talking and playing Beyblades or the DS--or with the older kids when we are at a home school function.

I am just looking for some ideas of what everyone enrolls their child in so that maybe I could list them off to him and he could pick something that interests him..:) I would greatly appreciate it! Any other suggestions for activities, either educational or social are always appreciated, as well!

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answers from Orlando on

What about Cub Scouts? My 8 year old son is not a 'sports guy', but really likes Cub Scouts. It has both individual and group components.
Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I teach a few hours a week at our local Rec center. Would he enjoy a cooking class of some sort? I was told that the cooking classes are split down the middle as far as gender. It would reinforce math and science skills too as an added bonus.

Maybe some sort of music class? My best friend's son started guitar lessons at that age. He began with acoustic and then went on to the electric guitar. He stuck with the lessons for about six years.

Another rec center in our area offers lego classes, robotics classes and science classes. Maybe something like this is up his alley.

I'd also look into the idea of individual sports. My hubby liked athletics, but he discovered pretty quickly he didn't like the "team" part of it. So he got involved in archery and later cross country running. There's also swimming and golf.


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answers from Dallas on

My 8 year old has been in baseball, football, cub scouts, basketball, & karate for past few years now and enjoys them all. He likes sports, but also loves to read, play on his computer, video games, DS etc. Is your son artistic? Maybe an art or drawing class might be fun!

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answers from Tampa on

Very well done on seeing how your children are different. I don't have an ideas, just admiration.
best, k

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son is 8 - and sounds very similar to yours. He keeps chickens and enjoys that, he also likes chess.
He never has enjoyed organised clubs though for some reason.
I am going to enroll him in cub scouts next year.

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answers from Tulsa on

BMX, gymnastics, piano, voice, any musical instrument, scouts, or just about any community organization.



answers from Milwaukee on

My 5 year old played soccer last fall. He will be playing basketball soon as he's old enough (6 I think). Flag football is fun too. I would get him into sports as soon as possible before he doesn't have any interest at all.



answers from Boston on

Is he not into sports because they are "just too rough" what about an activity like swimming, tennis, or gymnastics. My oldest enjoys cubscouts. Does your local library have any programs that would focus on the things your son likes? Ours has a computer class for kids once a week.

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