West Valley Hospitals for Delivery

Updated on November 23, 2007
K.F. asks from Surprise, AZ
5 answers

I live in Surprise, and I'm looking at hospitals for baby delivery. Del Webb is the closest, but getting the best care is the most important thing.

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Banner Thunderbird Hospital is where I had my son three years ago. They were exceptionally wonderful!!! I have worked in a few hospitals and been in a couple myself, and have experienced from both a patient side and employee side. I loved the staff at Thunderbird! They were very attentative, and the Nursery was awesome for our son! They helped us out tremendously with our first born and were sensitive to the fact that we were new parents. :-) They are located at 5555 W. Thunderbird Rd. just past 59th Ave on the right hand side.
Best wishes to you and your family and to your new baby! And have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :-)



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Hey, K. ~

I also recommend Del Webb. My daughter was delivered there in August of last year and we were both well taken care of. Being my third baby (and having had the first two births induced), she came about 15 minutes after our arrival at the hospital, and I was scared to death it was too late to even get a doctor to deliver her. They pulled a doctor out of thin air it seemed, Dr. Brooks, and he was fantastic. He and the staff were thorough and patient with me through intense fear and pain. (This was my first without an epidural and my water hadn't broken until 10 minutes before my daughter was born, so I had a "bulging sack" which burst just as they got out all the sterile instruments - I'd never even heard that could happen!) There was a stained-glass window on the ceiling above the bed, which came in handy as a focal point. My episiotomy was expertly done so that I had minimal pain and risk of infection post-partum. They also have great security there; I always felt my baby was safe.

Overall, great experience. I wish you the very best, and congratulations on your new little one!

~ R.



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Hi K.! I can relate to your situation. I had my first daughter in 2003 at Banner Thunderbird and had a great experience. I just recently had my second daughter at Del Webb in January of this year and I wish that I would have had my first daughter there too. I had a much better and more relaxing experience than my first. Which I didn't think was possible. I had such a great experience that I recommended Del Webb to my sister and she had her son there in June. If you are not sure call Del Webb and take their "Pickles and Ice Cream Tour". I did when I was 8 weeks pregnant because I was unsure if I wanted to deliver there and it helped. Good Luck with your decision and your new arrival!



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I also had a great experience at Banner Thunderbird and would go back there without even a second thought!




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Del Webb is awesome! I delivered both of my kids there and wouldn't go anywhere else! You get a private room both in delivery and in recovery. The rooms are large and comfy, one of the absolute best maternity wards. Baby rooms with you to promote bonding also. We even got a free cpr class while we were there. The NICU staff was great when my son was readmitted for jaundice.

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