Welts on My Daughter's Back?!

Updated on May 05, 2013
M.A. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi All,

My 4 year old daughter has welts on her back, a bit on her chest and a bit on her shoulder. They are the size of quarters, they are red, they do not hurt or itch. I've tried calamine, hydrocortisone, benadryl. Nothing changed them. I noticed them on Sunday, went to the docs on monday. They assumed some type of bug bite(she was playing in sand on Saturday) but seemed puzzled. Most were right near the top of her underwear line. Most of those are starting to fade but new ones are appearing between her shoulder blades. I have two other children, 7 and 1. Nothing on them or us! Any thoughts?I'm stumped!

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answers from Austin on

Do you have a new pet or been around a strange animal? Depending on what they look like, also sounds like ring worm.

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answers from Seattle on

It's possible she's allergic to your laundry detergents, soaps or lotions and is having a really bad reaction.

I would call her doctor and tell him that new ones are appearing and that what you tried isn't helping.

I hope she feels better soon!

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answers from Honolulu on

Take photos of it before it disappears.... and/or if you go back to the Doc for follow up etc.

The odd thing about it is: you said it does not itch, nor hurt.
Hives would itch. And insect bites would also itch.

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answers from Milwaukee on

When I think of welts I think hives or bug bites. Not many bugs out yet so I am guessing hives??

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answers from Redding on

My first thought was hives. My daughter was completely covered in what the doctor assumed was chicken pox. I used a baking soda paste and gave her benadryl. She didn't have a single mark on her by the next moring. So it was a reaction to something.

Is it getting hotter where you live? Is there any chance she's getting a heat rash of some kind? It's possible to develop an allergy to things you've commonly used like laundry soap or fabric softener.

My advice is to document everything she eats and when.
Document when the welts seem to appear and in what areas.
Pay attention to whether or not she tends to get sweaty in the areas where she breaks out.

You can try a soothing bath in epsom salts or an Aveeno bath. Baking soda is another good thing you can bathe her in or put on her in a paste form. Wrap her in a cool sheet if you do that because as it dries, the backing soda will come off and it can be messy.

You know, mosquitoes love me, but they don't bite anyone else in my family. And yes, they will bite through clothes. Make sure she doesn't have any bugs in her room.

She could have been bitten by sand fleas. Some flies also bite. It could just be irritation issues of some kind.

I would give her a comforting bath and put her in a cotton nightgown with no panties and see how she looks in the morning.

I never did find out what caused my daughter's hives and she got them several times but after that, she never got them again.

It was a mystery.

Best wishes.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Sounds like some little critters are inhabiting that sand for sure!



answers from Chicago on

It sounds like eczema to me. My daughter and I both get it. Totally looks like ringworm sometimes. Eczema is a dry skin condition. If severe there is medication for it, but my daughter's is usually cleared up by using a lotion like Aveeno a couple times a day. It can itch like crazy or not at all, so it is good to have hydrocortisone around. Ask the doc about it next time you are there. Good luck.




answers from Chicago on

My one year old came up in welts around his neck line and then they gradually got worse and went over his body - they faded and new ones came. If they are bites you might see a little hole in the centre of them - my boy didn't have holes in the middle. Usually bites would fade and new ones come unless she is getting rebitten! They at first were white/clear welts and later they were red welts - not itchy at all. I actually took him to ER as it was at night, couldn't get in to the Dr and it suddenly got worse. He did look terrible!
Long story short they treated for an allergic reaction - epi pen! so you rack you mind - anything new - detergents, food, medicines etc. It came and went for almost 5 days. Zyrtec twice a day and it would still come and go and then finally went. The allergists concluded it wasn't an allergy after all but COULD have been caused by a virus - apparently some viruses can cause welts/hives, that come and go.
I would say if they are coming and going AND are not getting any worse then you are all right since you have been to the DR and it just takes maybe a week to go through her system.
Surely if you are concerned or it gets worse go back to the Doctors. Good luck poor little thing!



answers from Chicago on

See an allergist asap.



answers from Chicago on

Try washing all of her clothes (especially underwear) in a "free & clear" detergent, without using any fabric softener, but rather, add white vinegar to the rinse cycle. No dryer sheets. See if that makes them disappear. That seems to work my husband and kids.


answers from Dallas on

It sounds like chiggers. And there's also some tiny almost microscopic mites that live in playground sand. My M. said when she would get chigger bites her grandmother would put a capful of Pine Sol in a bath and that would get rid of them. I'm not recommending that but look up chigger bites.



answers from Burlington on

I think it could be hives or bug bites. I get hives all the time for no apparent reason (or none I've figured out anyway) and sometimes they itch and sometimes they don't. They usually start itching after I've accidentally scratched or rubbed them, but if I can take my mind off them, they'll go away. Mine are sometimes round like bug bites but they are often more like a thin, raised line, that look like I've been whipped or scratched. I first noticed them on my upper chest when I'd get out of the shower. I'd look in the mirror and it looked like I'd been attacked in there. At first, I figured I'd just been scratching there, harder than I'd realized, but then I started paying attention and noticed I'd get them when I was sure I hadn't scratched. I tend to get them on my upper chest, my inner arms and also around my waistline or anywhere where my clothing is snugger to my body (under elastic, etc). Unfortunately, ignoring it seems to be the only thing that works for me but you probably don't want to do that if it's a bug bite. I hope you figure out what it is!



answers from Washington DC on

Hives is my guess. Any new products, like new laundry soap that might've been used recently? And it's not eczema?

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