Well-designed Crib That Converts to Good Toddler Bed?

Updated on April 08, 2010
J.S. asks from Portland, OR
8 answers

I'd like to get a low-key, convertible crib for my 10 month old and would love to hear from folks who have one they love. I'm hoping for something that is sturdy and safe as a crib. If there's something about the design that makes it easy on my back, even better! For the toddler bed, I'd like the matress to sit low enough for her to get in and out of it easily. I'd also prefer to spend no more than $250 or so. A couple contenders are the Ikea Gulliver and, on Amazon, the Graco Victoria.

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answers from Seattle on

I kicked myself in the butt many a times, that I didn't go with the Ikea crib... they are great. My sister had two, which are still in use by her toddler/preschooler (now almost 5).

If I had to do it again...IKEA!

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answers from Portland on

We love our Soho crib from Babies R Us. It eventually goes from a crib to a toddler bed to a full bed.

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answers from New York on

I have the Leksvick from Ikea.

I like it just fine, but DS decided he'd rather be a co-sleeper so he didn't sleep in it a ton, lol.

The one bad thing about it (and probably most cribs) is on the lowest setting (this one has 2) I couldn't reach down and put him down if he was asleep (I'm about 5'2").

It's a toddler bed now and he can climb in and out with no problems. And I don't think he could hurt himself if he did fall out.

Good luck!

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answers from Indianapolis on

We LOVE our Ikea crib!! I meets safety needs, is AMAZINGLY simple, no drop-sides or anything to deal with. It was cheap, unfinished and easy to put together. We just rubbed it with mineral oil that is safe if kids chew on it. It converts to a toddler bed. I think it sells for $70-80 now. I want to say it's the Antelope or something weird like that.

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answers from San Francisco on

Our simmons convertible crib set from BabiesRUs is great. He's used it for 3 1/2 years and it is still very sturdy. The dressers are well built too. Our 1 1/2 yr old daughter has a Koala home from BabiesRUs and the crib is very sturdy but the drawers on the dressers are not as good as the simmons.



answers from Raleigh on

We have gone through many cribs and IKEA cribs are the best....it is very sturdy even when turned into a toddler bed.We have this one



answers from Fort Wayne on

my husband and i bought the graco convertable. in white its a really nice affordable cribe 160.00 out the door.



answers from San Francisco on

I bought a Baby Mod Cadence crib from Walmart ($220). The company makes the same cribs marketed under the Davinci name but costs 50% more at Target, Babies R Us, etc. Baby is due in J. so I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it appears really sturdy.

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