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Updated on July 01, 2007
C.H. asks from Harbor View, OH
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My best friend is adopting a 12 year old boy from children services and we want to through him a "welcome to the family party"! Never heard of one of these before so I am asking if anyone has any ideas for games we can plan! I guess it is kind of like a baby shower but for an old child. If you have any ideas please let me know!
I guess most I wasn't clear on the situation he is in! Allen who is changing his name to Adam has been apart of the family for almost 2 years so there are NO new family members to met well their may be 1 or 2 but the won't come to his party anyways! Plus my best friend has had this little boy 3 times before this......So needless to say he is happy that they are doing this and agrees 100% Allen (the litttle boy) is so happy he is changing his name and everthing. He knows about this " shower" so it is more of a new birthday/baby shower thing I don't know how to explain it but he is most wiling to help put it together! He is happy to be apart of this family and there is where he wants to stay. We want to have his party right after he legaly has their last nmaes and papers sighned! Hopes this helps it to make a little more cklear to the ones that don't think it is a good idea for now

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answers from Columbus on

What a wonderful idea!!! You could have folks make tye dye T-shirts and bead necklaces and bracelets. That way you reinforce that we are family but each of us is special and have unique gifts.

Pre-Teen boys like games like Playstation and Gameboy but also card games like Yugioh and Pokemon and Munchkin. My 11 year old son loves to play most any game however. The books by Gary Paulson (Hatchet is the first) are great for boys. This age also likes to buy their own things so gift cards are nice. I bet he'd like cool sheets and towels of his own too. Maybe with monograms on them if that expense is affordable.

Good luck!



answers from Columbus on

Waiting for a little bit would be a good idea. I agree a twelve year old boy may not feel comfortable being the center of attention with a lot of strangers. Check with your friend who can ask the boys caseworker (who probably knows the boy fairly well) what would be a good way to handle this.

As for games, play things that incorporate everyone. Touch football, tag, card games etc. This will give the boy a chance to meet his new family on his terms and see that you all interact and support each other. Right now seeing how you guys interact as a family is more important than all of you knowing his favorite kind of breakfast cereal.

EDIT : have fun with this. Serve hgis favorite kind of food, play what he wants. Have atheme party would be a great idea where everyone helps decorate his room. Glad he is supportive of the idea.



answers from Cleveland on

Please check with your friend first. A 12 year old may not want to be the center of attention, especially when he is trying to integrate into a new family.
No matter the circumstances, children need to grieve the loss of their birthfamily, and often have trouble fitting in among what is really a different culture.
It would probably be a good idea to wait a while before presenting him with a lot of new people.
I have three adopted kids, but they were under 3 when I got them.
Don't forget to try to continue supporting your friend, and don't belittle her concerns. Get her involved with a support group.



answers from Toledo on

Kids love a pinata filled with candy, relay races are always fun, you can always get a handful of t-shirts and some paint markers and have them decorate it, there is this really cool game called pass the parcel but instead of having music there is a poem directing where the package goes after a person unwraps one layer until the last layer describes the quote quote birthday boy. I have the outline of this game if you would like it, just let me know. I hope this helps.



answers from Cleveland on

My friends had a "big kid shower" for me three years ago. I had my then 18 month old and then we gained custudy of our then 6 yr.old nephew. It was just a party for us girls,but they had a couple of games like,Guess Charlie's favorite... Before hand I had just asked him a few of his favorite things and then everyone had a guess.If kids are going to be there,maybe some basic party games for them. Water balloons toss and some other stuff like that. It made Charlie feel so welcomed when he saw all the new stuff he got. He got new sheets,winter coat and snow gear,pj's clothes,educational games and some sport stuff. It was so nice to have all the love and support from my friends and family! If I think of anything else I'll let you know! Best of luck!



answers from Canton on

i am glad you edited that to add more details....cause at first i was like NO, i didn't think the whole party thing was a good idea.

it all sounds wonderful and i am so glad for everyone involved. i wish i had the time, resources, mind set to take on something as great as adopting. i want to so bad in my heart, but just know the time is not right, right now. i hope i can be a part of something so wonderful in the future.

good luck and congratulations to everyone involved!!



answers from Columbus on

C. that is great! A very close friend of mine adopted a set of sibling a few years ago - 9 & 6 at the time. We had a welcome to the family part for their arrival. It was a bit like a shower, but everyone brought them things that they would need to start their new lives. PJs, outfits, sneakers, backpacks and a few games etc. We just had a large pool set up for the kids to swim and had a bbq. But we did get wood plaques at they hobby store - and some paint. Each kid got to make a sign for their bedroom door. "C.'s Room" that type of thing. But the additions really liked that they could show off where their new found space was. Have a great time! And best wishes to your friend!


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