Weird Symptoms After Mt Nine Month Old Was Given Nystatin for Thrush.

Updated on May 26, 2014
P.S. asks from Jena, LA
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It has been a little over a week since my daughter was prescribed Nystatin for thrush, she also had her shots that were overdue on the same day. She did not feel too well, so i thought it may be her shots. She now has a diaper rash that resembles tiny blisters, slight vomiting occasionally, gas, her fever is now 102.00, and she is slight scratching in more place than one, but no rash. It is 4:00 a.m. and i am wondering should i keep an eye on her and take her to DR. in the morning or should i take her now????

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answers from Kansas City on

Call your pediatrician. Ours always tells us the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

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answers from Reading on

Have you called your doctor?

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answers from Toledo on

When in doubt, call the doctor. Most doctors have a nurse on call or an answering service of some type. So you really can call then 24/7. Our doctors are all at the same clinic (It's really big), so they have several nurses whose job it is to respond to patient calls at night. It has been a lifesaver for us.

When in doubt, just call. The nurse (or doctor) will help you determine what you can do and whether this is an emergency, something that can wait until morning or something that just needs time.

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answers from Richland on

Don't know what it is but it isn't the Nystatin. You need to take her to the doctor.

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answers from Erie on

Thrush really weakens the immune system, I'm not sure it was a good idea to give her vaccinations until that had cleared up, but you can't change that now. The most important thing is to build up her immune system and rebuild the gut flora she's lost during the thrush (the gut flora help digest and absorb nutrients, if they aren't in balance or are missing, the body can't digest food properly and is more susceptible to infection). Putting the rashes aside for a moment...if you are breastfeeding and she is not on solid food, start taking probiotics yourself. If she is taking some food or is on formula, you can give her probiotic drops, they sell them at health food stores. Cut all sugar out of her diet, including fruit, for the time being. Push fluids, if she is under a year old, give her mostly breastmilk or formula until she feels better, digesting food is difficult for her stomach right now.
You can give her tylenol or ibuprofen (I always preferred Advil) and cool cloths on her head to help the fever. I normally let fevers do their thing for about 24-48 hours before I give medicine, but this is your call, she's your baby and you know what's best :) The vomiting is probably connected to the fever, and it's not uncommon to feel "itchy" when your body temp is not normal.
The rash is most likely the result of the thrush, try to keep her bum aired out as much as possible, without a diaper as much as you can. If you can get her out into the sun for a bit today, do that, too.
But if you have a gut feeling that something is just "not right" then take her to an urgent care place or your doctor. Better safe than sorry.



answers from Beaumont on

I would call the doctor and let them advise you. Don't wait till tomorrow. She's too young to mess around with this. Best of luck...

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