Weird Numbness in Toe off and on Will Last for a Week or So Then Goes Away.

Updated on May 04, 2010
J.P. asks from Lisle, IL
8 answers

Hi Moms,

I've have been getting a weird numbness in a toe in my right foot. It stays for a week or so then goes away. I also get pins and needles every once in a while also. Should I be worried about this and call the doctor? Last summer I had been going through what you call a irregular heartbeat and also was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I am taking medicine for it and the irregular heartbeat also seems to be better now. Has any other moms had this strange numbness in their toes? I told the cardiologist before about the cramps/pins and needles he didn't seem too worried. Should I go back and demand further tests?? What could this worried feeling be???

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answers from Chicago on

I have this occassionally. I had it checked and it turned out to be an in grown toenail-they don't all appear infected or swollen. I was told that once i have it taken care of, the pressure on th enerve will be gone and so will the numbness. Definitely get it checked out.

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answers from Los Angeles on

It could also be a problem with your back which might be serious. I woudl get it checked out just in case.

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answers from San Francisco on

I have nerve damage in my big toe as the result of a series of fungal infections with swelling (started when the airline lost our luggage and no clean socks!). Periodically, it gets worse -- from shoes that pinch the top of my foot or squeeze my toes, hot weather, blankets pressing down on my toe, or who knows what -- and the numbness and pins and needles begin to move up my foot. When the doctor first diagnosed it, he prescribed custom orthotics and an anti-inflammatory, which helped a lot. The doctor also said the damage was not body-threatening, so no fear of gangrene or anything extreme... That said, I would have it checked. Toe numbness can be a complication of diabetes, for example, or as you mention, circulation problems. So many symptoms can be a signal of something scary or absolutely nothing. I guess that's why we need doctors!

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answers from Daytona Beach on

I started having this a while ago and eventually after a year or so of it, on and off, I started to get pain in my foot and when I could barely put my right foot down to walk I finally went to the podiatrist. Turns out I had plantar fasciatus (spelling?) and the pain is the aftermath of the damage. So I was told I've basically "overused" my foot, lol, but mainly I walk barefoot in my home too much and we have hardwood flooring but the culprit (I think) is the tile. So a bulky night brace, indoor slippers with arch support, special inserts for shoes and eventually new sneakers designed for anti-pronation are all that I've been using, as well as ice and heat. Once I started using the she insert and house slippers my big toe was even more numb, drove me crazy, and the numbness started to rise up my calf and into the thigh, on the back side, and I freaked out and called the doctor. He said my new inserts, shoes and night brace are most likely shifting things around and my body had to get used to the change so it wasn't surprising that the toe felt number than usual and the effect was going up my leg. Well, after only one day the leg numbness went away and about a week and a half later the toe has gotten less bumb, but not gone all thogether. I've decided to give physical therapy a try, that's the next step according to the podiatrist, because they did such a great job with my shoulders that I'm sure they will really help with the foot. But like I said, plantar fasciatus may be the culprit as nerves are being knotted up with the "flattening" of the foot because it's almsot as if your arch is slowly going flat. If you have other symptoms, pain in the leg, cold toes that sounds like heart issues. Either way, if you have what I have or something else, you should really go to the doc. I wish I had gone when the pain in my foot was just starting because it got to the point where I couldn't even hop one my toes anymore because my entier foot hurt like there was no tomorrow. Don't wait untill it starts to hurt, if it's plantar fasciatus talk to your doc, I got an x-ray finally, and they can see what's going on and then you can get referred to a podiatrist. As you can see from the other posts, it can be one of a whole host of things so that is why you must get checked out to find out what it might be.


answers from Norfolk on

I used to get this from time to time. Never had a problem with it again once I stopped wearing panty hose. Could be a circulation problem, a nerve problem or even a thyroid problem (thyroid can affect your circulation quite a bit - my feet and nails would be blue sometimes before I was on medication to regulate my underactive thyroid). It's best to check these things out with your doctor.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I've had weird numbness in my big toe off and on too. Never got it checked, so I'm interest to see what responses you get. But it did seem to start after having kids (and epidurals, don't know if there's any link). I also notice it more when I'm wearning shoes, I think. But you're not the only one, anyway


answers from Richmond on

Sounds like either poor circulation or a pinched nerve (or nerve damage). I don't know about you, but I am so h*** o* my feet. Do your toenail beds turn purple or blue when this is going on? Then it's circulation. Does it get worse/better after certain activities? Does it HURT or is it just uncomfortable? Have you ever broken any of the bones on that foot/ankle/leg? I broke, well, a lot of bones in my right ankle/foot, and occasionally get numbess, but I turn my ankle in a circle a few times and it usually goes away. If you experience any unusual coloring or pain, I would check with your doc again. Feel better!



answers from Davenport on

I would not ignore it. It sounds like gout or neuropathy, but that is just a guess.

Do you have any other symptoms (cold feet, loss of hair on toes)....this is a sign that you are not getting enough blood to your feet and could be serious. If you have these symptoms, I would demand further testing from your cardiologist. Is it just one foot or both?

If you do not have the above symptoms, I would start by talking to your pharmacist. Explain your symptoms and see if any of the meds you are on can cause neuropathy or gout.

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