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Updated on March 14, 2011
R.M. asks from Evanston, IL
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This is a weird and maybe even stupid question but can you "pop" a cancerous bump? I had this bump on my back that was basically the same color as my skin, looked like a cystic acne type pimple only it didn't hurt at all. Size of a pencil eraser I kept trying to squeeze it (yeah I know gross) and nothing would happen...after about a month of squeezing the thing a whole bunch of bright white "stuff" came out. It was odd because it was more like waxy and "dry" than the stuff that usu comes out of a pimple. Since then the bump has gone away and the skin is totally flat but to this day (its been about a month) I can still squeeze the scarred area where it was and a tiny bit of the waxy white stuff comes out. If it had been skin cancer such as a nodular melanoma or something would I have been able to squeeze that stuff out of it and have it go away? My crazy thought process started racing, thinking, what if it was cancer and now I just spread it everywhere etc. Was this probably just a cyst or pimple of some kind? Does white matter come out of cancer leisons? I have a physical scheduled and plan to have all my skin checked but its not until next month. Thanks mamas :)

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answers from Boston on

Even if it was a cancerous lump (which I don't think it is), the white substance wouldn't spread the cancer anywhere. It's not like an infection - the cancer started on the inside. However, it sounds like something else and I would a) not panic, b) mention it and c) stop squeezing the scarred area so you don't cause more scarring.

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answers from Washington DC on

sounds like a simple sebaceous cyst. They are very common and they fill with a "white cheesy" substance that may or may not smell AWFUL! Yes, they can refill and continue to come back. (if that happens, somtimes a doc will excise the "shell" in the cyst") They can get HUGE or they can stay small. They are completely benign but can be annoying.
Hope that helps!
(Do not take this as medical advice...please follow up with your doctor).

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answers from Cincinnati on

Sounds very much like a cyst or boil. I would not be that concerned. A doctor visit is always a nice double-check though. :) I wouldn't hurt myself worrying about it for the next month though. :)

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answers from Dallas on

sounds like a sebaceous cyst

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answers from Los Angeles on

its a cyst.....if it comes back goto your dr and have it removed.



answers from Minneapolis on

I agree with everyone else it sounds like a sebaceous cyst. If it continues to return or become infected, you may need to have it surgically removed. You can't spread cancer.



answers from Chicago on

If you are concerned see the dermatologist...It really sounds like a zit gone wild...LOL. I've had this before.



answers from Los Angeles on

Okay, I am not a doctor, and it's good that you are going to the doctor to check it out. But I have had the same weird bumps on my skin that if you squeeze it, the waxy white stuff comes out. For me, they are skin abscesses (or boils), and the stuff that is squeezed out is just pus and infected "stuff" that is really gross but not cancerous. Although I don't think you're supposed to squeeze it out because it could make the infection worse...and I have had one abscess that grew so much and became so painful that I had to have it lanced twice. It was very painful, and took a while to heal. So try not to mess with it. :-) And definitely show your doctor, just to make sure that's what it is.



answers from Pittsburgh on

It could be an infected/inflamed sweat gland cyst. My husband had O. of those and it had to be lanced by a doctor.

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