Weight watchers....to Do~or Not~to Do???

Updated on February 04, 2011
J.T. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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Hello everyone,
I'm looking for honest opinions about the weight watchers program. I'm trying to loose about 50-60 pounds gradually(not a fad diet or anything unhealthy). Lately I"ve seen many weight watchers commercials showing good results, but I'm not sure if there real or not. Has anyone joined weight watchers or know someone who has? Thanks in advance for the advice.

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answers from St. Louis on

My 100% honest answer? I love ww more than I can explain! If I could, I would marry it! I lost 44 lbs of baby FAT from ww. I went from 156 lbs to 112. I cant wait to start it again when Im not pregnant. It is a very flexiable diet. I did it on my own (meaning just used ww tools my friend gave me) and lost 15 lbs on my own, but decided to step it up a notch and joined ww, I paid no start up fee and $17 to use etools and thats all I needed. I never went to a meeting, although I hear they are very helpful.
I even tried applying for a job there, but they didnt call me back. :( My neighbor joined because of my success with it and last I heard she was down 33 lbs. Loooove it!

P.S. You may not want to take advice from people who have never tried it, because if you want it to, it will most def work. Fool proof! Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Everyone is different. There are lots of diets out there that will work for the right person in the right frame of mind. Many years ago my husband was on WW. It worked for him but he was hungry all the time...... and cranky. This may not be true for everyone. The good thing was the meetings...... helped keep him on track.

If you are interested in another extremely healthy plan I can send you a link.

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answers from Chicago on

WW is great! It becomes free of charge when you reach your goal weight and maintain for 6 weeks. You get lifetime memebership and as long as you maintain your weight within you goals you don't have to pay to attend meetings.

If people gain weight back it is because of laiziness and lack of disclipine...As in any weight loss environement regardless of the tools you have to learn to make healthy and alternative choices, More fruits and veggies and less sugar and fattening foods. WW teaches portion control which is many of us need. I am with WW now and it works great!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I am a life time member, and can promise you that if you follow the program it works. If you don't, it doesn't. This is the case with any program.

Here are what I consider the strengths of WW:
1. Very educational about healthy eating. If you feel like you have no idea what to do or how to get started, WW provides clear, easy to follow guidelines and tools.

2. Good support and good motivation to help you stay on track, IF you attend meetings. If you don't want to or can't get to meetings, there is an online option. For me, making the commitment to weigh in and attend a meeting is key.

3. Very easy to follow and understand, the new program they just rolled out in November is a great improvement on an already great concept.

Here's the thing, though... if you aren't mentally ready to commit yourself to a process, you're probably not going to succeed. WW is not a magic wand and its not overnight. I've been on/off program it seems like all my adult life... when you're on, you will lose weight. If you use the info that it teaches you to guide your eating going forward, you will keep it off. If you want to eat cookies and doughuts every day (like me) you will gain the weight back.

As for the price, I don't think $50 a month is too much to invest in your health, but you have to make that decision for yourself/your own budget.

Good luck... the new year and a new program might be just what you need to kick start your weight loss.

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answers from Boston on

I went to weight watchers meetings a few weeks and then just used the point system on my own. I does help to go to meetings and get motivated, but if you stick with it and truly write everything down (although now it may be possible to log your portions onto the computer - at the time they would hand you these little log pages every week, but I kept a clean one and simply made xerox copies, and then after a while I just bought a notebook and made my own shorthand notes). I lost 17 pounds about a year after the birth of each of my kids, and the program really teaches you portion control. I also liked that you can eat regular food and not have to buy special stuff. I was also able to save up points during the week and go out to a dinner, but that was hard since it seemed I used every last point every day, and often ended up snacking on veggies at night since those have zero points. Like any program, you need to stick with it and also keep those portions after you have lost the weight or else it will come right back. Good luck.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have done WW over the years and am not sure I would recommend it. I have not done their new "points plus" program but did the program that proceeded it. I found that while it restricted calories it did not worry about whether you ate the correct number of servings from all of the different food groups. I also found that it over restricted calories so I had trouble losing because my body thought I was starving it.

Since quitting WW I saw a nutritionist which my insurance paid for 100%. While I already had a good handle on weighing, measuring, and portions from WW, it taught me that I should not cut out healthy fats and dairy for snacks and low calorie cake. I also found that while eating a balanced diet I no longer craved the salty and sweet snacks that I LIVED FOR on WW.

So my vote is to not waste your money on WW, but see a nutritionist that will determine exactly what your caloric intake should be and how it should be spread across the food groups.

I would also check to see if any of your local hospitals offer the Drop 10 in 10 Program. Again this was covered by my insurance and taught the same concepts as the nutritionist but stressed selecting whole grains.

Good luck!

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answers from Spokane on

Sorry Carol G, I disagree with you. Some people have to have a program that guides them :D

I did WW and I lost 65 lbs without even thinking about it. The program is beautifully structured, and it takes all the hard (thinking) work out. I just stayed within my points, and the weight came off. I could not believe it. Before I tried WW, I tried watching what I ate, eating more healthful foods, increasing fruits/veggies, exercising, blah blah blah, and nothing actually had any real result besides WW. It is an excellent program, and it actually teaches you how to eat very healthily, and to get real with life! I love it, and I recommend it to anyone who has a weight issue. I do want to point out that it is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. It is something that you will have to continue to do, long after you've lost the weight, because maintaining weight loss is an even bigger job than losing weight, in my experience. Give it a try, and you will be impressed. They will even let you try one week free, and I would take advantage of that, because my first week, I lost 6 lbs. It is awesome. Good luck.


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answers from Jacksonville on

I used the basic principles of the Weight Watchers program on my own and lost over 50 lbs several years ago. I have maintained most of the loss all these years and could not be happier. I think WW teaches you accountability about what you put into your body. Keeping a food log really helps you make better decisions on what you eat or drink. I believe with any program you have to be ready to make a lifestyle change though. Not only your diet needs to change, but exercise is the key also.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I did their program a long time ago and lost nearly 70 lbs. I am planning on joining them again after the new year. All it does is teach you portion control, and how to manage your "points" with everyday foods....even eating out. Go to dotties weight loss zone if you join, that website is great for figuring out points when you go out to places to eat.
I also asked my Dr if she reccommended it and she said its the only one she likes.
Good Luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Weight Watchers is awesome!! It is not a "diet". It helps you change your lifestyle. It is something that is manageable for the rest of your life. I think the Jenny Craigs are good diets while you are doing them. But it isnt something you would do the rest of your life. I wouldnt buy their foor forever. I lost a lot of weight after my first child with WW. I gained a lot after my second and have just decided to start weight watchers again. It is very easy to follow and the support is awesome. It does help to go to the meeting, for great ideas and to be accountable to somebody. You can do it on your own too, but I find it easier to cheat that way.
Good Luck to you!

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answers from Chicago on

I lost 40 lbs on WW over 8 years ago. I've kept it off for the most part. I think WW is a great place to start. They offer support and accountability, which is just what you will need.

WW is not a fad. It encourages healthy eating and excercise - in moderation. You learn how to incorporate your treats into your diet without gaining weight!

Good luck!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I lost 9 lbs on it.. would have lost more directly using it, but for now, I felt that it was NOT in my budget.. granted, it's not terribly expensive at all but when you aren't working, you know.. you feel you must use the money for other things..
However. I think it's a great program and I still use the over-all program in my every day life... The meetings were helpful and fun.. esp if you have a high-spirited leader. I got a lot out of those..
I have since lost 6 more lbs on my own. so even if you only went a few times, I think it's well worth it. also, I think they are having a free registration period this month.. If you go, go now while the aspect is free.. why not save about 20 bucks..
best of luck.. :)
p.s. the WW pedometer is fun... you put in all your numbers, then as you walk/hike or simply move.. it shows you how many steps you take in a day and how many points you earn for doing it.. that was a fun gadget I thought..

best of luck

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answers from Honolulu on

I have 4 children, and after my last child, my weight could not get lower than 135 even when I was running every other day and eating healthy. A couple of weeks ago, I started working out with P90X and joined Team Beachbody. Yesterday, I checked my weight, and I was surprised to find myself at 120. Team Beachbody has many tools and support to help you get where you want to be. I personally love the meal planner and Shakeology drink. There's also different exercise programs to suit you. If you're interested, this is my link: http://beachbodycoach.com/familyfithawaii

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answers from Allentown on

Hi, My:

Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig are both great.
It just depends on what you need.

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answers from Saginaw on


I agree the WW ads look mighty tempting to join, especially after the holidays. WW works but it costs, in my eyes, a lot of money. Something to consider - you could check out in your area a program called Overeaters Anonymous. It has the same support group that WW would have but it's free!

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answers from Chicago on

I did weight watchers and lost about 30 pounds, getting me back to my regular weight. After giving birth to twins (and gaining a LOT in the process), WW helped me get down to my prepregnancy weight and then some. I plan on following the program again after our next baby is born in June.

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answers from St. Louis on

I have several friends who've used WW over the years. I have found that they do well while on the program & tend to gain back that loss a year or so later. They all blame themselves & laziness.....

Another option would be an appt with an actual nutritionist/dietician at your local hospital. You will be taught a better way to make choices & a healthier way to live! Good Luck!

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answers from Denver on

If you seriously want to lose weight stop buying processed foods. It is just that simple. If it has sugar or corn syrup in the first 5 ingredients, don 't use it. Eat 3 servings of fruits, veggies, and protien a day and you will lose weight. Move your body. Walk!

You don't need to pay for a service you can do yourself.

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answers from Sacramento on

I love Weight Watchers! I haven't done their new program, but did well on the old one. You don't starve and you don't have to give up any food groups. You learn sensible eating practices. I needed to lose just under 20 lbs. that wouldn't go away after our second child and I did it with WW. I thought I knew healthy eating practices, but realized pretty quickly I didn't until I went on the program. If you're self-motivated like I am, you might consider the online only program and save some money.

Do a Google search on weight loss programs with the best long-term results and Weight Watchers comes in number one. They've researched this over the years and WW consistently comes in tops. I think it's because you're not dieting, you're learning a new way of looking at food. And again, you don't have to give up any foods entirely, so you're less tempted to give up or cheat.

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