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Updated on February 26, 2011
S.D. asks from Peoria, AZ
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I have done this program so many times in the 10 years. I do love the idea, the success and the modivation. But today, as all eating lifestyle changes, we tend to go backwards instead of forwards. I am not denying there is time when the scale tells you that you gained because you deserved it and know what and how much you ate. BUT THIS TIME I am so frusterated.
So I went to a location for 5 weeks. Then last week had to go to a diff location. I lost 1.6 Now today, I went to my normal location. They said I gained 2.4 lbs. REALLY ????? I have done nothing different and did not even get a good meal out of this. So what do you think happened ? Also I hike 5 days a week and sometimes have hiked on the morning prior to a weigh in. Well, does that hurt me ? I think my success is sabatosed ( if I can even spell that word ) Do you think I have messed up on going to the other location ? I am just so thrown off by this. The second location would refuse to weigh me to see if it was a scale issue.
I am so wanting to splurge choc out of this depression.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Oh my... don't you realize by now that as women we comletely fluctaute with our hormonal schedule? What you are describing is most likely due to water retention. You need to take responsibility every day on your own scale to get your true readings. Really-just do the online WW and weigh yourself-unless you need the group dynamic. So much better IMO.

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answers from New York on

Hi - I know how frustrating it is to think you've lost or at least stayed the same, only to get on the scale and see a gain! My WW leader told us absolutely NOT to exercise before getting weighed in, or else we would likely see a gain. Also, scales can vary as much as 2-3 lbs., depending on which one you use. I find that it the center I attend, everyone has their "favorite" scale and are pretty superstitious about getting on any other scale, even if there is a long line! Just keep doing what you're doing...try not to get discouraged! As long as you're losing an AVERAGE of 1-2 lbs a week over time, I don't think an "off" week should be too much cause for concern. Keep at it, and good luck!

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answers from Portland on

You used two different scales. Scales are different. There's no way to know if you gained or lost.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Different foods and the time of the month can definitely cause weight fluctuations.. even the clothes you were at the time of the weigh-in can have an impact.. To me, when the weight is a 1 to 2 lbs difference, I always take into account that that's prob not necessarily a fluctuation in fat but rather, water.. have you noticed, if you were to weigh yourself in the am and then again at night, you are probably lighter in the morning?? Also, keep in mind, IF NOT properly hydrated when working out , much less in general, your body will RETAIN more water...(hence appearing as though you have gained weight) so if you are exercising as much as you say, then do get more water into your diet. Don't wait for thirst , by the time you feel thirsty you are dehydrated. Try this approach this week.. drink more water, keep the exercise up and diet under control and I bet you lose more weight.

Also, don't let this be a setback.. this will happen throughout a weight loss program.. what matters is you keep on track.... stay strong.. IF you must have a splurge of some sort and need or want chocolate.. then count out a few hershey's kisses.. then leave the rest. also, you get 49 extra pts a week.. you could use those..

best of luck
you can do it!!

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answers from Honolulu on

I used to be a Weight Loss Consultant, when I was in college.
Not for Weight Watchers.

For women, many things can affect varying daily weight.
Water retention.
Increasing muscle also weighs more than fat. THUS, you may be losing inches, but gaining 'weight' because it is muscle weight. But that is a good thing.

Everyday, all day, the weight of a person fluctuates.

Don't get hung up on every little iota of weight 'gain.'
The ULTIMATE proof, of losing 'weight', or rather, getting thinner... is IF your clothes are getting loser and you are losing inches.
THAT, is the proof.
Not what is on a scale.

Also just a side tip: The body, will get used to an exercise, in about 6-8 weeks. Then the body will plateau. So that means, after 6-8 weeks of a person's usual exercise routine... you NEED to mix it up. Via, the kinds of exercises you do, the intensity, the frequency, etc.
"Interval Training" which is very easy, is a good way to do this. It only can take 10-15 minutes. You basically do any activity, even walking, in spurts of intensity. So, walk at a casual pace for 1 minute, then sprint for 1 minute, then walk slower again for 1 minute, then sprint again for 1 minute. Do it for as long as you can. It is VERY rigorous and will make you sweat. Pro Athletes, utilize this method as well, to get in shape and lose weight.

Do not... get hung-up on the scale. THAT, will sabotage you.
Go by clothes, if they are getting loser, and your muscle tone and fitness.

Right now, you are getting hung-up on what a scale says.
I would never, gauge a woman's weight "loss" by only what a scale says. I go by, her overall fitness and inches lost, in relation to muscle gain.

Accuracy of scales vary. Also it will get affected by what kind of surface the scale is on. ie: hard flooring or a carpet.

all the best,

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answers from Tucson on

There are good weeks and bad weeks with Weight Watchers. I learned how to eat smaller portions and I have had a lot of success with it. Once you reach your goal weight, you have to keep going at least once a month to keep the weight off and maintain. You can't just quit going. It is however free after you have maintained your goal weight for 4 or 6 weeks. I can't remember which it is. You can have a square of chocolate on the plan. I do a square of dark chocolate every now and then. Just remember to do your 20 minutes of exercise every day at least.

D. P.

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answers from Los Angeles on

love weight watches, but would change one thing:daily weigh in not weekly. Got your own scale, know what causes fluctuation so you don't have to agonize for a whole week.

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