Weight Watchers Plateau- Not Losing Anymore Weight

Updated on February 17, 2009
M.O. asks from Chicago, IL
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I have lost 18 pounds on WW so far without working out. Now, I have plateaued- and I still have about 10 pounds to go before I am truely happy with my weight. I have realized it is time to work out.

I am going to try 10,000 steps a day. Does this work?

Can you reccomend any other easy workout plans?

Has anyone else plateaued on WW? What did you do?


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answers from Chicago on

10,000 steps a day DOES work if you're currently not doing any exercise. For most people, 10,000 steps a day is almost 5 miles.

With any proper nutrition plan, exercise plan, modification, whatever, you are always going to have plateaus. It is part of your body adjusting to the good, healthy changes you are making. Push through the plateaus and know that by eating right (weight watchers is wonderful) and adding exercise (10k steps is nice because it isn't overbearing or difficult), you are doing things that are healthful and helpful to the body.

I know it can be discouraging to be working so hard and not see any numerical results on the scale but also try to look for improvement in other areas. Personally, I've been stuck for weeks at a weight that is 13 pounds from my goal, but in the meantime I am seeing muscular definition in my body and fitting into clothing sizes I haven't worn in ages! So, even though the weight isn't coming off my body is changing and responding to the good things I am doing to it.

Something you might wish to try. I am going to guess that with WW you have either a range of points or calories to eat each day or for the week. I am not sure how you divide up your allotted points, but try doing a 'bounce between'. In other words (just for easy numbers' sakes) let's say you have 70 points a week. Instead of eating 10 points a day, try doing 8 one day, 12 the next, 9 one day, 11 the next and so on. Sometimes people plateau because the body's metabolism gets into a 'rut' so to speak, and by bouncing up your calories a bit you keep the metabolism on it's toes. NEVER dip under the number of calories per day you are supposed to consume because your body will start to go into starvation-survival mode. And, as you have probably learned at WW...you have to eat to lose weight :)

Congratulations on your efforts thus far and don't give up!



answers from Tampa on

I realize this is a late response, but I just found out about this myself...

There is a new nutritional program of four natural products that is doing wonders in the weight loss field. People are losing as little as 8 pounds a month and as much as 8 pounds a week, without changing their diet and lifestyle. They are just taking these supplements. It's pretty phenomenal - for anyone who wants to lose a lot of weight or maybe just a few more pounds...

The website to check out is www.justeatandlose.com, the tab for the Core4 products.



answers from Chicago on

Plateaus are normal with any kind of diet. 18 pounds is already awesome! It is definitely time to start working out. My first suggestion would be to join a gym with childcare and try to get your little guy used to going with you before the whole stranger danger/separation anxiety phase sets in. With any "diet" you really have to commit to a lifestyle change if you want to keep the weight off (even if it's baby weight). To do this, you really need to have a gym membership or at least some good equipment at home. Start slowly and see that time as "you" time and eventually you'll learn to love working out and (most days) look forward to it. As for good workouts to get started with, obviously walking and increasing your number of steps is a great start, but remember that losing weight is all about calories consumed versus calories burned and while walking does burn calories, unless you're speed walking, you're not really getting your heart rate up very high, so you're probably looking at buring only a couple hundred calories a day (1 pound = 3500 calories burned or not consumed). The more calories you burn the faster the weight will come off. With so little weight left to go, in my opinion, you're better off trying to just knock it out and be done with it by challenging yourself physically a bit more than walking. Of course, you have to start somewhere, but I think you'll realize that even if you haven't worked out in a while, you'll be able to progress to more physical workouts rather quickly. Some ideas for an "easy" workout that would likely burn more calories than walking is any form of dancing (classes are great) or swimming. In the summer months, try taking lots of stroller walks (with baby of course) and biking (again, can be done with baby in a trailer or bike seat). Best of luck and way to go so far!



answers from Chicago on

Hi Michelle,
I did Weight Watchers after my 2nd was born. I lost about 30 pounds without working out too much...I did work out some, but not daily. On days I didn't exercise I did simple things like cutting the grass (at the time we had a fairly large yard), going for daily walks with the kids, walking around the zoo or the mall, taking the stairs more, parking further away. I found that I did lose weight, but wasn't toned or in shape at all. I also plateaued, but found that if I changed my eating it helped. I started eating my AP and my flex points (seemed the more I ate the more I lost???), but stayed within my points. I'd also suggest trying to make a habit out of working out...that really did help me.

I stopped doing WW, but tried to keep up with the "rules". I then started exercisng...taking my kids for bike rides a few times a week with a bike trailer, doing DVD's at home, and I also tried the couch to 5K program, but didn't stick with it b/c my schedule changed and I just could find time to jog outdoors and we don't have a treadmill. This really helped me a lot. I started losing more weight even while not officially doing Weight Watchers and saw my body starting to get more toned.

In general WW helped me to see what healthier eating looked like. I am pregnant so not doing it, but plan to start again in April or May...this time with exercising needing to be a big part. Good Luck...sounds like you're doing great!!!

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