Weight Watchers On-Line - Helpful or No?

Updated on May 16, 2011
K.U. asks from Detroit, MI
12 answers

Just curious if anyone has used this and what they thought of it - I'd like to lose some weight but seem to have difficulty, even when I am doing all the"right" things (or so I think). I know a few people that have had great success with WW but I really don't have time in my schedule to be going to weekly meetings and weigh-ins and would rather just be able to do it on my own. Has anyone done the WW on-line program? How did it work for you?

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answers from Sacramento on

I had 20 post-kids pounds that wouldn't budge not matter what I did, so I decided to try Weight Watchers' online only program. I just didn't have time to drive across town for meetings. I ended up losing all of the weight and loved the program! It's a practical program, one you can use whether you're at home or out to eat. I even lost weight on a cruise while on their program. Can't recommend it highly enough. I've maintained the weight loss since last fall.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I've been doing WW Online for about 2 mos. and I've lost 20 lbs! I really like it a lot - it's cheap, I don't have to waste my time going to meetings, and I can eat real food (and pretty much any food as long as I stay within my points). My sister and two good friends are also doing it right now, and they are down 20+ lbs as well :-) A few years ago I did LA Weightloss - it was super expensive (like $800 for my husband and I), I have to go there once a week to talk to these idiots which I hated, and I didn't even lose that much weight. So in other words, I highly recommend WW online, good luck!

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answers from Atlanta on

I've been doing it online for 10 weeks, and I'm down 28 lbs. It is a helpful tool with the weight tracking, measurement tracking, recipe builder and recipe finder.

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answers from St. Louis on

I lost my 30 lb baby weight gain on WW online. I never had time to go to the meetings either. I felt like everything I needed was there online. Plus, if you just do it online its half the price.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

WW online is way better than the mtgs IMO. It is so darn easy to log everything-its almost kind of fun! The meetings were a little annoying really. Maybe because I did not really have anything much to lose and most people did so I couldn't relate to their stories. Why don't you do the free trial week online to see how it works for you.

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answers from San Francisco on

I've done the online program before and was successful. I just joined a few weeks ago and am relying on the online portion. It is pretty robust as far as a website and the tools that are available. You could always try online and switch to going to the meetings since online is free with the meetings. I do like weighing in at the center, I'm fortunate that it is very close to my home and our scale can't always be trusted ;-).

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answers from Biloxi on

Love the online program. I'm doing it right now and have lost 16 pounds so far. I'm extremely busy, so it's perfect for my schedule.


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answers from Boca Raton on

It's a neat program - if you do it! :P

I did the online format in conjunction with the meetings (some sort of combo deal). I did lose some weight as long as I was following it. My problem was actually following it every day (especially after weigh-in day when I would tend to let loose).

If you have a smart phone you can log your points from your phone which is very helpful. They have wonderful pre-built lists where you can get point tallies for many different foods, including restaurants. You can also calculate points based on calories and fat content.

So . . . I give it a thumbs-up (my issue was more with myself LOL).

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I have been using that and going to meetings when I can and like it. Its all on when I have the free time and now I almost feel gulity when I don't find time to go. I am down almost 15 lbs and of course much more to go :)



answers from Detroit on

The program is excellent but it is harder to stick to it without the meetings. If it's a priority, maybe you can work it out.



answers from Detroit on

I used WW online for a while and lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks. As long as I was diligent about tracking I stayed on task and was happy with the program. Their new system is better yet, IMO. It was when I got lazy about tracking that my eating suffered. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I've lost 50 lbs on weight watchers online since starting in January. I have another 60 to lose, but it is a lifesaver. I'm finding it very easy to follow the program and have so much more energy. Good luck! If you have a smartphone, there are also apps you can download to help assist you. I have a few, but still rely heavily on the e-tools that weight watchers online offers.

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