Weight Watchers - How Do You Figure Out How Many Points?

Updated on April 23, 2010
M.B. asks from Lake Villa, IL
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I have the current Weight Watcher points books, but I do not know how to figure out how many points I should be going by. I wanted to attend meetings, but my husband does not. I wanted to try to follow the points by myself for now.

If you could let me know how to figure the points out, I would really appreciate your time.

Thanks - M.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your input! I am going to check out the websites that were recommended. I think I will attend a meeting to see how it is. I think I will do better with extra support. By some of your posts, it sounds like it is something I can do. It will be better for my family too.

Thanks again!

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I have the weight watchers book.

Current Weight Daily Points
Less than 150 20
150-174 22
175-199 24
200-224 26
225-249 28
250-274 30
275-299 31
300-324 32
325-349 33
350 or more 34

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I was a member of weightwatchers.com. You take a little quiz and it tells you how may points you need. I will tell you that there is a website sparkpeople.com that is the same idea as weight watchers but FREE!! It doesn't use points, but calories. Every food you could possibly think of is there and it REALLy helped me!!

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If you have a point book, in the very beginning it should have a little questionaire to figure out # of points. If not, you need the get started book. If that isn't possible, then go to www.weightwatchers.com and you should be able to figure it out for free OR if not, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial (or something like that)to figure out your points. One thing to keep in mind... if you lose a lot of weight or change activity level, your # of points can change. Good luck! I just lost 30lbs by doing WW - I did it on my own with the "home system" and 3 month membership to online.



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You can sometimes buy the current weight watchers starter kits with all the booklets and stuff on Ebay.



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Not sure what you mean by "figure the points out". Does that mean how many points you are allowed each day? Or how do they assign a point value to the food? Or something else?!

Here is the WW points formula:

P= (C / 50) + (F / 12) - (min {r,4} / 5)

P= Points, C= Calories, F= Fat grams, r= dietary fiber grams

It's pretty straightforward...the last part means that you can subtract a max of 4 grams of fiber. So, if a bread has 10 grams of fiber, you can only use 4g in the calculation.

For example, let's take one slice of Aunt Millie's brand Whole Grain bread: calories= 35, fat grams= .5g, dietary fiber= 3g

35 calories / 50 = .7
.5 g fat / 12 = .04
3 g fiber / 5 = .6

.7 + .04 - .6 = .14
this is less than .5, so ZERO weight watchers points!

Here also is a handy dandy points calculator and more WW info:

Another site with a ton of WW points values for hundreds of restaurants and foods, as well as recipes can be found at www.dwlz.com Dotti's Weight Loss Zone. Her story and pictures are also very motivating.




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There is a separate points calculator which is based on your current weight and age. You can join Weight Watchers online if you can't attend meetings.



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Hi M.,

Without getting too personal, it depends on your current weight. When I started I was 170 and was breastfeeding. I was allowed 35 points per day.

Before that, I went on it to lose some pre-baby weight before I got pregnant. I was 165 and my points were 22 a day. As you can see, you get much more when breastfeeding. Hope it helps.

Good luck.



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It should say somewhere in all the information you got. It varies on your weight, if your pregnant or breastfeeding, etc. Maybe look online if you cant find it in the book.



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You need to get a getting started booklet from weight watchers if you don't have one already. It depends on your age, height, if you're active or not... This booklet helps you figure all that out.
Attending the meetings will really help you get started on the right track. Even if your hubby doesn't want to go to the meeting, go alone. Your first meeting free...you'll like it. Plus, by going to the meetings it will give more accountability.



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THe point value is in the getting started book. it is based on age sex life sytle ect.... I hope that helps.
Let me know if you need any more help

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