Weight Watchers and Breastfeeding?

Updated on January 23, 2009
C.W. asks from McKinleyville, CA
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I have a baby girl who is 3 monthes old and breastfed. I am really wanting to loose some weight... I am unhealthy at this point. However, whenever I try to cut back on the calories my milk supply is affected! I am wondering if anyone out there has done WW while breastfeeding? Any luck? Breastfeeding is WAY more important than loosing wt for me right now so I am wondering if it would be a waste of my time and money until I am done bf'ing? But I want to do this for a year or so... so thats a long time to wait to get the wt off! I did WW a couple years ago and liked it. Any insight is very appreciated : - ) Thanks ladies!

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answers from San Francisco on

It is one of two programs that is actually approved for breastfeeding moms. The second being body for life, which is the program i use. Now i have created my own, being a student of nutrition, that is working quite well.



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My sister-in-law and cousin both had no problems doing WW while breastfeeding. My sister-in-law said you get so many points while breastfeeding that it's really easy to do the program. Ultimately, if you do the program right, you're eating how you should be eating (fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.).
Best of luck, I'll be happy to be your WW buddy if you'd like...my husband and I start tomorrow morning!



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Hi C.,

I don't know much about WW but when I was breastfeeding my baby I did a Cellular Nutrition Program and It was great I had great results w/my first 2 baby's I would loos my milk in about 4 months and with my 3 baby I did this CN Program and I was able to bf her for 1 year and lost 30 lb. I was so happy that I was able to bf for much longer than with my first 2 baby's, stopped beacaue i got pregnant agen was able to keep with the program while pregnant and had the best pregnancy and felt great, bf for 1 1 /2 years and lost 30 lb and on my way to loosing another 30. I also got rid of migraines and allergies have a lot of energy and feel great and it's all Natural. I do need the energy with 4 kids I am always on the go. My children also take the children cellular nutrition program and they are very healthy and don't get sick as much. If you would like more info. Pleas give me a call D. ###-###-####. I wish you the best on your wight loose goal and congratulations on your new baby. Best wishes D.


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I haven't done WW, but I have a few friends who have. The plan does allow some extra "points" for breast feeding moms. What turned me off to it was having to keep track of everything I eat. As if we mamas don't have enough to do! I try to follow the motto "eat food, not too much, mostly plants" (choose foods with minimal to no processing is what is meant by "eat food") Good Luck!



answers from Chico on

Hi C.,
I had good success with WW while breastfeeding. I had had an appointment with a lactation consultant when my daughter was 2 months old and she cautioned not to lose weight to soon. She said that she likes breastfeeding mothers to maintain about 4 - 5 pounds above their pre-pregnant weight until baby is weaned. I waited until my baby was 9 months old and eating some solid food before I did WW, my milk supply was fine and we nursed until she was 16 months old. WW has guidelines for breastfeeding mothers. My weight loss was a bit slower during breastfeeding than it had been when I had done WW before so be prepared for that. I haven't tried the new momentum program yet so I don't know the changes they've made. I would suggest that you see a lactation specialist before beginning any weight loss plan if you're having any concerns about your milk supply.
Best wishes, K.

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