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Updated on October 26, 2010
F.J. asks from Houston, TX
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Does anyone know the name of the Weight Watchers book that has the points in it. I want to do the point system without joining.

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answers from Chattanooga on

FYI...HOLD OFF on anything until the end of November. They are starting a whole new program with different points calculations and all the sliders, electronic calculators will be changing. I would do as Kay suggested and go to one meeting the first week of December to learn about everything, ask questions and get the new materials and points calculator and then just don't go back. Totally worth it. The WW boards online are free but DO NOT ask any questions about how many points things are on there...they will eat you alive :)
If you need any help, I have been a member for years so email me and ask away!

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answers from Las Vegas on

Often times, they will have a FREE registration period..which means, you can go to a meeting in person, get ALL the info, including the NEW point system and not pay the registration/joining fee.. you'd have to pay for the first meeting, but then it could be your last..

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answers from Detroit on

If you have a freecycle in your area you could ask for one everything is free on there. I can totally understand you not joining since money is tight everywhere however you can join it is like $20 and get the materials you need to get started and purchase what you want and not go back again. The slider is what you can use to measure points but you do need to know how to figure out how many points you get a day and you will get all of that if you join or if someone gives you the start up set. In my meeting room you can't purchase without a membership they put it on your chart that you purchased. My husband could go in and purchase a gift for me but would have to tell them that I am a member. Good Luck

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answers from New York on

They don't sell the book without you joining - so you can't go out and buy the book on amazon. YOu can join onlinle for a month at the time and quit after you get the material - but since it's copywrited they're not just selling the booklet. Maybe one of you'r firends has it from another time. I know they update the points each year so a 3 year old book won't be accurate - but it's better than nothing.



answers from Houston on

I also did WW all online, no meetings. You can use the online for 1 week free, I believe and then it's a small monthly fee, but it was worth it. I lost 37lbs and kept it off all online!



answers from Houston on

I use Weight watchers online!! This is not my 1st time join the weight watchers. This is my 2nd times.. My first time was in college- 15 years ago. I personal likes online than books. Its more details included recipes, make your own recipes with points, Restaurants, and many more... Its cheaper and easy for me to deal with it!

If you have Iphone- you can download it for free after you join the weight watchers online. I lost 10 lbs within 3 weeks!!:)

Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

I've been a WW off and on for a very long time. As far as I can tell, you can walk into a meeting center and buy stuff. Lots of people come in, buy stuff, and leave without going to a meeting. I don't recall them asking for any WW identification to make a purchase.



answers from Dallas on

People sell some stuff on ebay for it. You could check there.



answers from Dallas on

It is just the WW point book. You might find some for sale on Ebay. There is also a "slide rule" type thing that helps you figure out the points. You can also join online and not go to the meetings. But I have to say, going to the meetings is great if you can do it. I lost 40 pounds on WW years ago and found the meetings really helpful. Knowing you have to weigh in once a week in public is a truly motivating thing. Good luck!



answers from Buffalo on

I can understand the not wanting to pay the money to join, 1st I want to make sure R U Prego?
Then you can go to any weight watchers meeting store and pick up the books they used to allow that w/out being a member but you could not get the sliders but could buy the caculator. If they do not let you join for just a month or 2 and you will get everything you need to do it at home. I do recommend sticking with it though the meetings help so much, but again I understand the $$ thing.

Good luck.



answers from Houston on

I have been to meetings in the past but now I use the online program. It's much cheaper, about $17 a month, and you have access to everything but the meetings. You can keep track of your foods on line and they give you the point value. I work two jobs and just do not have an hour to spend at a meeting. I know the program works because I have lost 30 pounds!

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