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Updated on October 30, 2012
L.R. asks from Wind Gap, PA
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HI friends,

I have joined weight watchers and have lost 15lbs in 5 weeks. Well this last week I only lost half a pound. I feel like I am eating the same things over and over. Any ideas? I need new food ideas.

Thanks L.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I belong to Weight Watchers. Reached my goal and have one week of maintenance before I reach Lifetime (yay me). I lost 35 lbs and one of the things I noticed with myself was when I got within about 10 lbs of my goal, I didn't lose every week but I noticed a pattern in my weight loss. One week I would drop 2 lbs and the next would be nothing, then the next it would be up or down half a pound then a small loss then, like 2 lbs. Took forever once I got close to my goal. I didn't pick a goal weight for myself, instead, I let my body dictate kinda where it wanted to be (which is why I slowed up). How far are you from your goal? And I did hit a plateau for a few weeks that I couldn't shake and I got through it by drinking tons of water and really watching my salt intake. I too eat the same things over and over (thats just what I do). What you could do is take a cookbook that has recipes in it that you like, and go through it and plan out a weeks worth of dinners. Don't get discouraged!

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answers from Boston on

Be sure you aren't cutting back too much - your body can think it's starving, and the metabolism slows down. So you stop losing weight.

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answers from New York on

Try adding a few extra servings of fruits and veggies. That'll usually get the scale moving again.



answers from Portland on

It is normal to lose weight and then plateau and then you'll lose weight and plateau etc. Just keep up doing what you're doing.



answers from St. Louis on

I am in the same boat. I joined 4 weeks ago. I have lost 12 pounds but, this week I don't think I lost anything (weigh in is tonight). I get a little discouraged becuase I feel like I have made HUGE changes and I should have a little more to show for it. I find I eat a lot of the same foods, I am just a creature of habit though.
Weight Watchers online has some great recipes though. I would start there.



answers from Los Angeles on

Have you checked weightwatchers online?

There's recipes there - something might spark your creative juices :-)




answers from Philadelphia on

I love this web site: www.skinnytaste.com. She puts up great recipes and gives you the WW points too!
Good luck! You're doing a great job so far :)

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