Weight of 5 Year Old Boy

Updated on March 26, 2008
J.R. asks from Bay City, MI
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My 5 year old boy is 55-59 pounds and is 45-46 inches tall. I personally think he looks fine but my husband has been overweight since he was a young child (due to weekend grandparent trips and unlimited candy bars while there) and has a real issue with our only child becoming over weight too. He never wants to buy him any candy and I basically have to talk him into us getting him candy for his Easter basket. Can other moms out there at least confirm this is within a normal weight range or is he a bit overweight and I am just not noticing. Thanks for your input.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Without seeing your son I'm not sure but it doesn't sound like he is overweight. Here is a link to web md to a BMI calculator and info to help you see his weight and height compared to others. Hope it helps.




answers from Grand Rapids on

What does your Dr. say? I guess he would be the one to talk to.
My one granddaughter is 9 and only weighs 53 pounds. But she is way to skinny.



answers from Detroit on


I would ask your pediatrician to check his BMI which is a better indication than actual weight. My 4 year old is 42 inches and 42 lbs. He is in the 90th percentile for height and weight. (A quick check of my chart makes it look like your son is in the 95th for height and weight is 100th or more (not on the chart-- but close). I was worried when he was a baby b/c he was very chubby (cute on a baby...but not so cute when they grow up). My pediatrician told me that as long as the hieght and weight percentiles were within about 5 percent of each other it is fine (i.e. the taller your son, the more he can weigh).

I try to balance treats with healthy food. I am a big believer that children should NOT be forced to clean their plates and that treats should not be withheld for no reason b/c it makes them want them more. If he is active and eats healthy I wouldn't worry about it (sometimes that can creat a problem by itself) and maybe your pediatrican confirming that he is not overweight will help your husband.

Good luck.



answers from Detroit on

I have similar worries. My Ex Husband and I have been overweight from youth. My son is best described as "husky". His Dr says not to withold anything. Don't make anything off limits or he'll want more. Just keep the junk for special occaisions. And up the activity.

One of my suggested tactics as far as Easter, Halloween and Christmas is to first - make sure that he gets more trinkets and toys from Santa and Easter bunny and allow him to eat what he wants of his candy for 2 days - then it is out of here. I would rather that he have too much candy 6 days a year than to get in the habit of one or 2 pieces everyday.



answers from Lansing on

My 5.5 year old boy is 51 lbs and 41 "
He isn't fat but really stocky ( he wrestles in school so he is pretty muscular.
As long as you are making sure he follows the new food chart and given the right portion size ( 1/2 apple is actually 2 servings of fruit) and getting exercise daily ( running outside, jumping, bike riding) and he has endurance for exercise then *I think you are good
If he doesn't like to actively play or gets tired or winded I would look at that and check with ped


answers from Kalamazoo on

I think his weight sounds fine, maybe on the heavy side of noraml, but not overweight. I would worry about your hubby's tactics on this. Is your husband still overweight? Teaching by example is the best way on the health/weight issue. Withholding all candy will just make him want it more and could lead to more serious food problems as an adult. Everything in moderation and he will be fine.



answers from Benton Harbor on

Hi! As long as he's active I wouldnt worry too much about it. Everything I found for a boy that age and height said he should weigh around 50 lbs. Check out this website. http://www.keepkidshealthy.com/growthcharts/

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