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Updated on March 30, 2011
C.W. asks from Lexington, KY
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I have a son who turned 3 in february. He was at the doctor today and weighed 28 pounds. I'm not worried at all, I know all kids are different, I was just kinda curious as to what other 3 year olds weight. Thanks!

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answers from Kansas City on

My son was 3 on March 11 and is 24lbs. My oldest son is almost 6 and weighs 35lbs. I am very petite--so it must be genetic.



answers from Cleveland on

My son will be 3 in 2 months and he weighs 27 pounds. I am not worried at all either, I was the same way my whole life up until I became pregnant with him, I was considered underweight even though I would eat like a horse!! My cousins son is 4 months younger then my son and he weighs 42 pounds.



answers from New York on

My son is 2 (26 months) and weighs 32 pounds. He is not fat, just a big boy. Like you said, all kids are different.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

My daughter turned 3 on Feb 13. She is 'small boned' and tiny like me, although her height went from 15% last year to 40% this year! At her 3 yr well baby she weighed 28.5 lbs.

I like this calculator for weight.

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answers from New York on

My son also had his 3 year physical. He is 33 lbs and 39 inches. I am sure the doctor told you what percentile your son is. If I had to guess, it is probably is the 20th or less. Is that what he always has been? Was he recently quite ill? If he has always been small or has been sick then definetly don't worry. But yes, that is pretty thin since I think my son is slender and he is in the 50th percentile for weight!



answers from Denver on

My son just turned 5 and is 33 pounds soaking wet! Just a small kid. Good luck and don't worry too much .....



answers from Boise on

At first, I thought that sounded super light, since I just took my 15 month old in and he weighs 25 lbs and is in the 50 percentile! But then I looked at my trusty online growth chart (it's just like the one the doctor uses)

According to that, your son's weight is only in about the 10th percentile. That's pretty light. How tall is he?

My 2nd boy is a monster and weight 36 lbs when he turned 3. Be thankful your son won't outgrow the 40lb weight limit for strollers and car seats anytime soon!


answers from St. Louis on

My son us 2.5 and weighs 28 lbs. Hes in the 25% for weight.



answers from Charlotte on

my son is almost 5 and only weighs 32 lbs



answers from Allentown on

My 3y10m is 37lbs, which is what one of my daughters was at 6. He is not chunky, and she was not rail thin... they're just built differently!



answers from Washington DC on

My daughter will be 3 in June and she currently weighs 34lb , she is very tall (she is the same height as my friends 4 yr old). My eldest child is very slim and now at almost 8 yrs old he only weighs 49lb.

A good guideline is to look at your immediate family and their builds/heights , that will give you an indication as to what your son is following.



answers from San Francisco on

My son is almost 4 and only 28 pounds.



answers from Washington DC on

My daughter turned 3 in February too. She is about 36 pounds, but pretty tall. I think she is around 75%-ile overall.


answers from Cincinnati on

My son turned 3 on March 9th, and he too is 28 lbs. He looks tiny, but hes very healthy.



answers from Nashville on

My son is 4yrs old and he weighs a whoppin 31.5lbs when his younger brother who just turned a year old in January weighs 28.7 lbs and who is almost taller than his older brother!


answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter will be 4 next week and she's 29lbs and 37" tall. My boys were both 40lbs and 40" at 3yrs old.

Each kid is different, as long as he's meeting milestones and is active and learning he's great!



answers from Knoxville on

When my son turned 3, he weighed 26 pounds!! That's 10th percentile. He could care less about eating because he is such a busy kid!!



answers from Lexington on

My 3 1/2 year old son is a healthy 44lbs. Great question, the variety of answers is interesting!



answers from Dallas on

My daughter is 3 next month and weighs 31 pounds - she is a little underweight I think



answers from Chicago on

My almost (next week) 3 year old weighs 38 pounds but she is almost 39 inches tall.



answers from Tampa on

My son is 3 1/2 (will be 4 in July) and is about 27-28lb and about 36-37in tall. We saw the GI doc since our pediatrician wasn't real thrilled that he'd gaind like 1/2lb in 6mo, but all testing showed nothing wrong - as we had suspected he's just a petite boy, but DH & I both were small when we were kids & we're about average now. We really weren't worried either since we did a failure to thrive workup when he was 2yr old also, but the pedi just wanted to make sure there was nothing he was missing. You just have a small boy too :)


answers from Kansas City on

My son is 3yrs 3mos and he weighs 45lbs and is 43 inches tall. At 15 months he was 40lbs, so his weight has slowed down finally!



answers from Nashville on

My daughter turns 3 next month, and when I put her on a scale the last time I went to a doctor about a month ago, she was 30.5 pounds fully clothed. She's trended on the lower half of the percentile charts for weight ever since she was born (except for a few months when she was a baby and nursing like crazy). She looks even skinnier when you take into account that she's in the upper half of the percentile chart for height. If you look at pics of me when I was little, I was quite skinny, so I'm not too worried about it. My friend's almost 3-year-old son is under 30 pounds, and he looks perfectly fine. But the son of another friend of mine who's this age is already over 40 pounds! Wide range of "normal" here.



answers from Philadelphia on

Google child growth charts and you can see what percentile he falls in.



answers from Los Angeles on

My son turned 3 at the end of December, at his 3 yr check up he weighed 30lbs & was 34 inches (just measured him and he's closer to 36 inches now) my 18 month old was in for his 15 month check up and weighed 28lbs and was 32 inches...

Drastically different between the kids, but then again one's brown hair, brown eyes dark skin & the other is blonde hair, blue eyes and as white as you can get. And yes they have the same father! So crazy I often get weird looks when I tell everyone they're both mine!



answers from Detroit on

My DD is now 3.5 (b-day in August) - at her 3 yo check up she was 38 inches tall and weighed 35 lb, and proportionally she looks perfect! Percentile she is around 75 to 80% for both height and weight.



answers from Boston on

My son is about to turn 4 and he weighs 32 lbs his almost 2 yr old cousin weighs more. He is tall and skinny just like me.



answers from Boston on

My son turned three in October. He's about 41 inches tall and 42 lbs. But he's enormous - the tallest kid in his preschool class by at least an inch.



answers from Nashville on

That's probably normal, my 5 yr old is about 38lbs.

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