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Updated on August 27, 2010
M.P. asks from Sarasota, FL
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I have never really lost those "10 extra pounds" actually, I have gained TEN more! I have a trip coming up next month and I wanted to lose at least ten.. maybe even 15 lbs.. I know that within this time frame- I wont do it the "healthy" or "right " way but Im looking for results here!!!
Any Ideas??
Anyone succeed on Atkins or South Beach?!?!?

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answers from Toledo on

Well, I don't recommend it, but I had to lose weight pronto when my bridesmaids dress for my cousins wedding didn't fit a week before the wedding. I lost 9 lbs in 6 days by eating nothing but lettuce with 1 tbs of fat free dressing each time I felt hungry and a tbs of peanut butter twice a day. I drank nothing but water, and I exercised (eliptical) every chance I had throughout the day. I lost the weight and looked great in the dress. About weeks after the wedding (and after I started eating normal again), not only had I gained those 9 lbs back, but I had also gained an extra 12 on top of it. I've never been able to lose those extra pounds (4 years later!). My advice...just get some bigger clothes and deal with the extra weight.

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Eat a lot of soup (makes you feel full) , fruits and grilled vegetables,, go for fish or lean meat.. and eat in small portions... and exercise!! Walk 2 mile a day and just keep moving around. That's the best heathly and right way to do it.

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answers from Fort Myers on

you have had alot of great answers. i can tell you what i did. and it actually worked. first off let me say this... i have tried the caggabge soup diet.. got sooo sick of that soup that i couldnt even smell it without wanting to puke. i tried the pills... any of those OTC diet pills.. none of them worked. i went on the phentremine lost like 15 lbs but as soon as i quit taking them i CRASHED hard core and put all the weight back on and then some. then i went on the diet i am on now. its hard as hell... but the results are worth it. i have lost 40lbs, i feel great, i look great, i get compliments all day long and i love it... the first 10 days are the worse! BUT! if you can make it through those first 10 days you are set!!!!!!!!!!!
day 1-5 EAT NOTHING BUT PROTEIN. no veggies, no fruit, no dairy, NO CARBS, meat meat meat... breakfast--- egg whites and a meat.... snack hard boiled egg whites... rolled up lunch meat, fat free hotdogs, chicken breast, fish protein protein protein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
day 5-10 PROTEIN and veggie. green leafy veggies. still NO CARBS. IF you have to eat something that has "some" carbs in it.. make sure its less than 2 carbs per meal. and WATER WATER WATER WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAY 10 - ON protein and SMALL carbs... for instance, no pasta, no bread, no rice, very little dairy... but its ok to eat like corn (corn as alot of natural carbs) its ok to eat nuts... (they are high in protein and have the "good" carbs) you can buy a protein shake at GNC its called ISO-PURE. they have a carb free one and a low carb one. ( i have the low carb dutch chocolate and its yummy)
you will see the pounds fall off. i have done it and a few girls at my work are doing it now and you can just WATCH the pounds fall off. and so far they are staying off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and it CAN BE DONE!

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answers from Miami on

It is virtually impossible to lose 15 lbs in one month. If you do lose anything by doing it the "unhealthy" way as you stated, you may lose some water weight, but not much and it won't be anything near 10 or 15 lbs.

Diets do not work but you can begin limiting what you eat. Cut out the soda and sweetened beverages. Drink water and lots of it! Cut out sugar: cookies, cakes, danishes, donuts, candy. Sugar makes you fat because whatever your body cannot use, it is stored as fat. Cut out the chips and fast food and load up on grains, fruits, and or vegetables to feel fuller and eat smaller portions. Starving yourself is the worst thing you can do because your body will end up storing MORE than it needs and you will gain weight instead of losing it. The sad news is that you will not achieve your goal in the time frame you are hoping for but NOW is the best time to start making lifestyle changes so that in the future you will not feel rushed to get the desired results. And above all else, start working out. These gimmicks that promise a firmer butt or flatter tummy by just strapping some sort of device on to do the work for you is just garbage. You want results? You will have to work, and work hard for it.

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answers from Seattle on

South Beach, definitely. Stick to it for the first two weeks and don't let yourself cheat. You'll be amazed by the results. The first few days are the hardest but you'll adjust to the new menu and you won't be hungry.

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answers from Tampa on

It is not easy, but it works and it's healthy. A raw diet. A smoothie for each meal with foods that are raw (anything not cooked). I went on this diet for health issues for my son, and I lose 15 lbs in about 1-2 weeks without even trying. Not to mention that health benefits. A natural food store would carry other foods that will supplement any fruits and veggies you would eat. Like nuts, flaxs seeds, etc. Any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Good Luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I'm not really sure, if it's possible to loose that much weight in such a short time frame. I've never heard of anything, at least.I know you said you don't care about the right way...but there's a reason the right way, is the right way!! Loosing rapid weight is terrible for your heart and nervous system. Besides, If you are able to loose it on a fad diet or something similar, you will gain it all back and then some.

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answers from Port St. Lucie on

Please check out http://www.nutraeasy.com as it's an all natural whole food approach that contains no drugs, caffeine or synthetics. I just answered another question for a parent that was looking for info on how to be involved in the company -so will just put that below here as well since there is more info on the product. My neighbor is a professional golfer with the LPGA and she lost 28 pounds in one month which was all the weight she needed to lose- I went from a size 4 to a size 2- it comes with a money back guarantee -so that's great too! :) YES YOU CAN do it healthy and right and STILL lose the weight you need -don't you underestimate the power of mother nature to help you help yourself!!!

Here's the message I sent out to explain a bit more about it:

I live in Florida too and I run the nonprofit Cherab Foundation. I am working with the Zrii corporation which makes healthy whole food products that combine the wisdom of both eastern and western medicine which are formulated and endorsed by the very well respected Dr. Deepak Chopra. We have been using it as a fundraiser \in our nonprofit and the feedback from both parents and professionals has been beyond belief. Our site is http://www.pursuitofresearch.org You only spend the amount of time you want to spend, it currently costs just 24.95 to be a distributor and you just purchase whatever products you need, and most I know are making between hundreds and thousands a month part time and I work with a few people making well over one hundred fifty thousand dollars a month. I like Zrii because it's founded by Mr. Bill Farley, a man who has been a multi billionaire since the 80s http://www.meetbillfarley.com who is respected as one of the top business icons of all times. Please feel free to call me for more info ###-###-#### so you can see if this is something for you. I seriously can't think of a downside. It's lucrative, fun and extremely rewarding. If you read some of the testimonies here you'll see why as this is just a few of our almost across the board results http://pursuitofresearch.org/testimonials.html and if you wanted to be in touch with any of these parents or professionals just let me know.

L. Geng, President
The Cherab Foundation
http://www.cherab.org http://www.cherabfoundation.org

"Help give our cherubs a smile and a voice"


answers from Orlando on

In order for you to lose 10-15 pounds within a month (which may not happen that quickly), you need to also workout. Six days of cardio and 2 days of lifting weights. And, no, lifting weights will not bulk you up. By increasing your muscle mass, you will increase your metabolism and there by burn more calories while you sleep. You must also eat to keep your metabolism up. If not, your body will store what little you so eat, as fat because it won't know if or when you are going to eat again. Most importantly,CUT OUT ALL PROCESSED FOODS, drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Hope this helps.



answers from Miami on

Hello M.

Have you've heard of the Cookie Diet !!! It's not yout typical cookie . check it out www.CookieDiet.com , it's hard the first couople of weeks , but it really works if you stick to it , it's the only thinh that had worked for me . I've lost 45 LBS so far , it's a bit strict .

Good Luck !!!! :-)



answers from Dallas on

In high school I did the atkins diet and it was successful for rapid results. You will have little to NO energy though, because carbs ARE our energy! Just letting you know...


answers from Pocatello on

Do slimfast and then for dinner eat lean cuisines. You will be at such a low calorie intake that you will be able to have a snack between lunch and dinner and then another snack before bed. Try to stay around 1500 calories or 1200 if you can stand it and the weight will fall right off.


Do slimfast and then for dinner eat lean cuisines. You will be at such a low calorie intake that you will be able to have a snack between lunch and dinner and then another snack before bed. Try to stay around 1500 calories or 1200 if you can stand it and the weight will fall right off.



answers from Washington DC on

Cabbage soup diet should do it for you. Look it up online.



answers from Chicago on

Phentremine.....my sis works at a hospital & that's what a female Dr used to lose the weight (and then some) after having a baby, so when all the nurses found out what her secret was they all got it & my sis too & my sis looks great.....

i know that pills are not the best idea but neither is losing that much weight in a month as people have mentioned, so good luck in your decision & do your homework to see what is best for you



answers from New York on

Exercise, swap 1/2 of your meat portion for some additional steamed vegetables, salads are great with light dressings.

The right exercises are great for resculpting the body. Yoga and pilates along with some vigorous jumping jacks, running in place or jumping with a rope will help increase your metabolism.

You may also consider some of the products from Robin Anthony. I detox at least once every 6 months and also colon cleanse.

You can loose the pounds in a healthy way but you need to changed your mindset, your fitness output and your dietary input. Let us know how it goes but I wouldn't do any of the crazy deprivation diets. One last valuable information don't eat anything at least two hours before your bedtime. If you happen to be a midnight snacker, drink water instead or eat grapes, cucumbers, celery (no dip) or something like that. I hope this helps. Keep us posted on your progress.



answers from Los Angeles on

Cabbage soup diet. A friend has lost 16 pounds in one month. She is also exercising. This is the first time she has lost weight (in years) and so fast. She felt healthy while eating the soup and feels great now.



answers from Minneapolis on

Portion control (cut your typical meals by 2/3), exercise, cut pop COMPLETELY from your diet and reduce your sodium intake. Eat only healthy foods, in smaller portions (think the size of your fist). I lost 10 pounds in a month doing this.



answers from Los Angeles on

south beach works if you follow it. hard part is keeping the weight off but its one of the healthiest fast weight loss diets out there. good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

Generally speaking, I'm with Lisa G. If you need more specific support and advice, I'd suggest joining the Self Diet Club on self.com. I signed up for it, on the loose 2lbs a week program, and lost 8 pounds in a little over 3 weeks. Definitely cut the soda, and any other "fruit" drinks (don't replace with diet soda- it makes you crave sugar) and any alcoholic beverages from your diet and be sure to EXERCISE!



answers from Jacksonville on

Do you exercise? Cardio, cardio, cardio!


answers from Williamsport on

You can absolutely lose 10-15 pounds the healthy way in a month! I lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks a few months ago. Yes, I had to be WAY MORE HEALTHY than normal, as in working out hard EVERY DAY, and eating only healthy food and keeping the calories well below 2000/day and going to bed hungry every night, but it all came off, and now regular maintenance has it in check working out 3-4 times per week and keeping a good diet. I've also lost 10 pounds in a week this way before (exercise-wieghts+ 40 mins cardio 5-6 days/week). Don't forget, Jilian gets 100 pounds off of people in 7 weeks!

But, if you want the sneaky trick to rapid weight loss-I also use the cayenne pepper, lemon juice, B maple syrup fast (google it) when I dont' feel like working out and I have to lose weight fast for formal events or something. 3 days will drop 7-8 pounds and you will function just fine (not too hungry) if you don't go longer than 2 hours between drinks. Your skin will glow too. People do it for 6 days and lose well over 10 pounds.

If I were you, I'd work out and diet 5 days per week and do lemon syrup cayenne fast weekends until your trip. You'll lose way more than 15 pounds.



answers from Davenport on

If you loose 10 lbs in 1 month-then yes you are not doing it the healthy way and after your trip you will gain it back plus extra! Is it really worth it? I would continue to loose the healthy way and invest in some spanx.



answers from Johnstown on

WALK!!!! I put in a minimum of 4 miles a day--takes me a little under an hr to do and it's my "me" time. Also, cut out all junk food and especially stay away from sodas--even diet--they're worse than anything at keeping that extra weight on.

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