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Updated on June 24, 2008
N.B. asks from Pontiac, MI
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I want to join a gym this summer but I'm wondering where would be best. I've contacted both Bally's and Curves and wanted to know if any moms have experience with either place. If so how were your experiences and would you reccomend either? Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thanks a lot everyone. One thing's for sure I'm gonna stay away from Bally's. I'm thinking we will go to YMCA or another local athletic club. Thanks ladies for the advice!

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Stay FAR away from Bally's all they want is your money!!! Have you looked into Curves time of operation - they have screwy hours (well the one by me does!) Have you checked out the local YMCA? They offer a great membership too and if your not to far from Great Lakes Athletic Club (Lake Orion,just a few miles north of Great Lakes Crossing)they have a WONDERFUL program and if your an overweight person (I am) they don't make you feel "bad" or embarrassed or anything they want to HELP and are great! But thats my opinion in a nut shell!

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I have 3 little ones myself. I love Curves. It is a good workout that is really easy to follow. The women are very supportive and friendly.
I love to cook too. I have some great recipes. If you are looking for something to do with your time I have a business with Pampered Chef. Of course it helps with the bills but it is a lot of fun too. I love getting paid to hang out with my friends and family:) Let me know if you want any info on the business or even want to host a party to see what it is like and get some great free kitchen stuff.

Take Care,



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Hi N.,

I belong to Body Language in Commerce. I absolutely love it! They offer Yoga, and many different group fitness classes for all levels. All of the instructors are wonderful and very motivating! Their website is www.bodylanguagefy.com.

Good luck and congratulations on your quest for becoming healthy!



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Check out http://www.globalfit.com. They offer discounted membership fees to various gyms in your area. Look to see if your employer, or your husband's employer, is on the list of affiliates they have. If your employer's listed, you can take advantage of the discounted gym rates.

Hope this helps! :)

P. S. --> Stay away from Bally's! I agree with the previous poster - Bally's just wraps you up in contracts and takes your money, and it's a headache to try to get out of! Don't even sign up for that $5 trial offer, that's how I got wrangled in. I had to fight to get my contract terminated.



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I was a member of Ballys for over 15 years, then they dropped my membership over a mailing error.--definitely NOT a good place to do business.

I LOVE the north oakland YMCA.It has all of the machines that Ballys has and a lot of free classes too. Free childcare, which is a bonus for me or I would never get in a workout.
Curves has very limited things to do, and ballys, check for cleanliness. many ballys are gross.

Whatever your decision, read the fine print, check the hours, and facility carefully. Its very difficult to get a refund once you pay your money.



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Hi, I went to Curves a long time ago. I didn't enjoy it that much. It really depends on what your looking to do and what area your from. I go to Balance fitness which is in Walled Lake & also have a membership to FitZone for women. I use both depending on if I have a sitter. Good luck :)



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I found the the Curves work out was not intense enough. It seems better geared towards obese or elderly people.

I'm not sure where you live, but I go to Fitness 19 and LOVE IT. It is inexpense and has great child care.



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I was a Curves member and really enjoyed it. It's really a beginners type place and is really good about getting you motivated when you're just getting started.

If you're self motivated I would suggest checking into a true gym for more results.



answers from Detroit on


I was a member at curves for a long time....I loved it..but it depends on which one maybe, the people at my Curves were very nice and motivating! BUT....if you do curves remember that you still have to do cardio on the side or you won't see as much results. It is more a body toning place, you do some cardio while waiting for your next machine but you really have to do extra cardio on the side. I worked out the whole time I was pregnant with my daughter. After she was born I went for a while then stopped as the hours are not open early enough or late enough especially now having a little one. I am pregnant again and just working out at home on my treadmill and using my free weights with videos, which is working out great with the limited time I have etc. But you have to be motivated to get up and do it on your own and stuff....which luckily I am and always have been!

I am sure I will join a gym again in the future. I also used to belong to the Royal Oak YMCA it was great, I only used it for the classes (aerobic classes, step classes etc.) and loved it too!!! They have a daycare too....which I won't use until my kids are old enough though, but that's my husband and my own worries about that......I am sure it is perfectly fine!!

Good luck...if you find a good one...post it so we all know too!!!

Take care,
S. :)



answers from Detroit on

Good for you! Exercise is key to health. Where you go depends on what you like to do. If you like circuit training, Curves is wonderful. If you want to train on machines, more independantly, Ballys is nice. I personally prefer Curves because it is for Women.

Good luck!


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