Weight Loss Beans/Drops??

Updated on April 22, 2013
K.L. asks from Elk River, MN
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I have four children (ages 1, 3, 4 & 7) and they sure do keep me busy. But the problem that I have is, they keep me on my toes so often running errands, school events, etc. that I rarely have time to exercise or eat right. My son's First Communion is coming up, it's the first weekend in May. I definitely could afford to lose a few pounds before then; in fact I would love to lose 30-40 lbs. I know that I wouldn't lose that many pounds in less than two weeks, but maybe over time. So my question is, has anyone ever tried those weight lose drugs out there. For example: Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Ketone Drops, Alli, etc. If anyone has tried any of these weight lose products or any other ones, could you please let me know if they have helped you at all with your weight lose, so that maybe it can help me with mine.
Thank you for your help

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answers from Modesto on

Do phase 1 of the South Beach diet, you will lose weight in the first 2 weeks.



answers from Seattle on

I haven't tried any of the weight loss drugs, but I'd like to share my thoughts about them.

The problem I see with them is that they might help you lose weight but what happens when you stop using them? Chances are you might gain the weight back. Why? Because you haven't change the way you eat. Think about it, unless you plan on being on those pills for life, you aren't really gainig much. The pills may change your metabolism, if that, but I think the pills you are talking about are mostly gimmicks.

I've used Weight Watchers to lose weight, and I've kept it off. Weight Watchers taught me about portion control, about nutrition and I got the support of other people going through weight loss at the same time.

If you can't do that, you can get some good advice online. Try Googling the American Dietetic Association or the American Diabetes Association. Both should have some useful info for you.

Good luck, and I'm proud of you for trying to lose weight!



answers from Chicago on

Weight watchers, works better. Or even see a nutrionist and get a healthy eating schedule for your entire family. Those kids need to learn early the good habits of eating.

Recently my family went Gluten free for my son, well I have lost 15 lbs with out doing anything. We already eat relativly healthy. This has kicked it up a notch. Less boxed items, more home cooked meals. etc.

Good Luck


answers from Chicago on

Hon, weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise.

And it's really pretty simple. Eat less.
You need a 3500 calorie deficit each week to lose 1lb.

That means about 500 calories less each day.

Use something to track everything that goes into your mouth...even coffee creamer. Get a tally for what those calories are each day, and then start removing or subbing out for lower calorie stuff. (keep tracking!)

You'll see the weight start to come off in a few weeks.



answers from San Diego on

Yes, I have tried Rasberry Ketones, at first I thought it was working but eh not really. I jsy orders the Garcinia Gamogia but did that before looking at Web MD reviews and not a lil nervous about taking it due to some comments of weight gain. I've seen the Green Coffee Bean but have not tried it. Good Luck, PLEASE let me know if ya find something that works. As for everyone saying it's all about Diet & Exercise, they are right but that was not the answer you were looking for, we all want a magic pill LOL.



answers from Detroit on

eat less exercise more.

that is the answer.. there is no magic pill for weight loss.



answers from Dallas on

I am slowly loosing wt. I have increased my exercise and made better food choices but my kids are almost grown and I feel your pain about circumstances not being on your side!

I have the green coffee bean extract pills. Got them at SAMs. They do seam to stableize my wt loss, as in not the up and down swings.
But i have trouble with low blood sugar on occasion and one of the side effects is low blood sugars. I can get some dips in blood sugars and i can tell by the usual shakiness and hunger. If you can take a pill or a couple pills, 30 mins before a meal and eat on time, you should be fine. it's not huge wt loss but it certainly helps! But reworking your diet will get you the best bang for the buck. Good luck!

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