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Updated on August 09, 2008
T.L. asks from Pocatello, ID
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I need helpwith that common "back fat", I have 3 kids including a 4 month old and a 3 year old, I need someting I can realistically do. Any tips?

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answers from Portland on

I'm having good luck with Jazzercise.

I have a coupon to try a free class at the location in Hillsboro if you're interested. It expires 12/31/06, and I can mail it to you.

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answers from Richland on

Well I'm not sure if this is realistic for you, it kind of depends on how active you are. But I came up with an interesting work out routine, that has worked wonders after all 3 of my children. I used my baby and my toddler as my weights they loved it! And since doctors recommend not lifting anything heavier than your baby in the beginning it works great! I do squats, sit-ups (they are a little different, instead of bringing your shoulders towards your knees, you actually bring your knees towards your shoulders while holding your baby on your legs.), and "baby bench presses". I know it sounds hard, but your kids will love the active interaction and it works great. Well good luck!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I am a 23 year old mother of 2 (3 1/2 and 10 mo). I have been going to curves and watching what I eat... I still weigh about 160, but I am in a size 11 now.. I was a 16-18 about 3 months ago. It's really helped me alot and they keep me on my toes with monthy weigh and measurement. It's tought, but I know what I want to look like and I'll keep aiming for that till I'm there.
Godd luck to you!



answers from Seattle on

Start sitting on an exercise ball when ever u can. When I got preg my lower back started hurting alot. I have a sit down job so my Dr suggested I get a ball and sit on it at work. The only catch u have to sit up straight with your legs at a 90 degree angle. Even though I've gained way over the amount ones supposed to my back fat has almost gone completly away. At first it was hard to sit on. It hurt my back. But once my muscles started to reform it became easy. Now my back hurts when when I sit in a normal seat because it's impossible for perfect posture. My muscles have reformed and it hurts to slouch! Can u imagin that? U will see the difference right away. Bad posture stretches your back skin out once you straighten up the back fat appears. When u slouch in a mirror it goes away. U need to stop slouching so your skin can reform to its new shape. Makes sence huh? Test this theory in the mirror.



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That is it! I guarentee it. It customizes to your body! You lose fat where you need to and you gain lean muscle mass where you need to! It is incredible..
My 18 year old son lost 30 lbs in 2 months.... It stays off girl! You will LOVE it!



answers from Seattle on

Hi, I have that too. I have been told that rowing exercises are the key to getting rid of that. Things you can do at home are get those exercise bands and hook them to a door, coffee table, etc. and just pull away. Also get weights and lay on an exercise ball on your back and bring the weights together at your chest, or get on your hands and knees and pull your elbows back while holding a weight. We just have to work those muscles back there if we ever hope to get rid of that horrible "back fat" Hope that helps.



answers from San Diego on

Oooo Tae-bo! I lost 20 pounds doing that! Well, that and I cut soda out of my diet... and I cut back on sweets and salties... and I ate salads more... and I drank a lot of water... OK so all that COMBINED with Tae-bo and I lost 20 pounds!



answers from Sacramento on

Hi T. - I've got a couple of suggestions... you must be BUSY with three young kids.
One suggestion that was huge in helping me lose body fat was this: combine equal amounts of Rye, Barley and Basmati brown rice. Put 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup of rice mix in a pan. Bring to a boil. Turn to low and when simmering, place lid on pan cook for 20 minutes. It's filling, gives you energy and is great fiber.

If you are looking for more of the "products" way.. Arbonne makes a great product that botanically based and it works! There is a meal plan as well as fiber shakes, protein shakes, and Going Going Gone vitamins. There are some amazing before and after pictures and stories related to their product. You can go to www.rlovelyskin.myarbonne.com to check it out, or let me know. AND I can show you how to get a 35% discount.




answers from Los Angeles on

What I have been using that I've actually lost 8lbs in the last two weeks, is natural and organic, no side effects and the Spokespearson for the product is Heather Hansen from the Biggest Loser is O3World.
Check it out, I love it!


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