Weight Gain with Seasonale Birth Control

Updated on December 08, 2008
K.G. asks from Rockwall, TX
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Hello Mama's! This is my first request for the Mama's - what a wonderful bunch! I love reading the daily posts and trying to help when I can, now I'm going to give a request a try! Since I started on Seasonale birth control pill approx. 2 years ago (also used the generic too), I have gained 30+ pounds! The first 20 was in the first 3-6 mos! I don't have the best eating or working out habits and will turn 40 in Feb. My OB told me it was probably those life factors and stress (said the belly is where fat from stress settles - especially as we get older)that have caused my weight gain. So, I was just wondering if anyone else gained a considerable amount of weight on this particular birth control pill? I have switched to Sprintec and take it on a 3 mos cycle (to mimic the Seasonale - which I do for menstrual migtaine reasons). I'm thinking I could lose the weight if I just go off these darn pills altogether - which I've been on for several years! Thank you in advance for your advice and support!

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So What Happened?

Hi Mama's, Thank you so much for your advice and support. I guess I just needed to hear what I already knew... I need to eat better and exercise! I have started an exercise program with a weight trainer and have made the decision to throw out all the junk food in my house. You all gave me the motivation to make this jump into action and I am very excited to be on the right path! My first exercise session left me super sore for 2 days... it was the best feeling!!! I will stay on the bc pill and see how things go with the life style changes first. I don't doubt the pill can make you hungry... I just need to reach for the right foods and watch the calorie intake! Thank you again! K.

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I take the Yasmine birth control pill. It is known NOT to make you gain weight. Maybe you can switch to Yasmine?

You also need to eat right and exercise on a regular basis, which means oatmeal (with no sugar - but Splenda or Stevia is okay - Stevia even better, but Splenda will be fine too, and it is sweeter) with blueberries and a glass of skim milk. Or a high-fiber cereal and fruit. You know, healthy foods like that. Follow that healthy eating pattern all day long (apple and peanut butter for a snack, turkey sandwich on whole wheat with NO mayo for lunch, and a lean meat with veggies and brown rice or whole wheat pasta for dinner. Unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon on it is a good dessert after dinner. If I am hungry a couple hours after dinner, I snack on dry Cheerios. Sometimes I put it in a bowl with skim milk. Or, unsalted, unbuttered popcorn is also a good snack. Make good food choices, exercise, and if your medical situation of menstrual migtaine (not sure what that is) allows it, then switch to Yasmine pills. Your age has nothing to do with this, in my opinion. There are plenty of skinny women in their 60's and 70's!! Good luck!



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if you must stay on them, which is an option, then you must improve your eating and exercise habits. eat one less serving of dessert a week. walk the dog a few times a week. drink more water and less soda. do little things and they will add up! read a book about basic nutrition, not a fad diet book. that's what you need, not a fad diet or a diet pill. diet pills and fad diets are short term solutions to long term problems. have you ever read their fine print? they say that for best results you should also eat right and exercise. gee, what does that tell you? LOL so no, don't listen when members recomend this pill or that pill or that new diet. stick to the basics and you will see results over time. just be patient! i have done a few times myself and it's the only way it works!



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It's not the birth control--its the amount of calories you're eating. You could stay on that birth control and start on one of our programs (protein based) and lose the weight you've gained!

Give me a call: ###-###-#### or see my website: www.derweightlossmall.com.




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Sorry to hear about your troubles. I have to say that I too am on this b.c. but have not experienced any of the troubles you are reporting.

Good luck figuring this out. I am sure you are frustrated.



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I don't take Seasonale, but I do take Lo-Ovral and have for over 5 years. I will tell you that for years I blamed the birth control. That is, until 2007, when I put every fiber of my being into losing weight and I did it! Looking back on what I ate 5 years ago vs. what I eat now, I see why I gained so much weight - it was because of the food I ate - plus the stress I was going through (like planning my wedding and finishing grad. school all at the same time).

Weight loss and weight gain is just a simple matter of mathematics - calories you eat vs. calories you burn. I encourage you to look at websites like Calorie Count - they have lots of information about why it's all a matter of calories and nothing else (that's right - not protein or carbs or any of that other stuff - JUST calories.) Don't waste your money on diet programs. The key to success is the same whether you do Jenny Craig, Slimfast, Weight Watchers, etc. It's ALL about calories. I lost 40 pounds in 6 months doing nothing by counting calories and limiting my daily calories to 1500 a day.

Keep in mind that as a woman over 35, experts will say that your risk of heart attack or stroke while on birth control are much higher. So, losing weight and adding some simple exercise to your routine will help lower the risk that the pill adds. I too take the pill for migraines and completely identify with why you want to continue taking them.

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