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Updated on May 13, 2010
C.K. asks from Atlanta, GA
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Okay everyone! I am a mother to four kids. I have never been a big person, after I had all my kids I boucned right back to my size and could wear my jeans home.. I can't seem to get over 100lbs. I really want to put on atleast 20lbs. I am just wondering if any of you can help me in gaining weight as far as what too eat that will help me gain it.
I have a very high metabolism so that don't help any at all, I am always on the go and doing something..

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answers from Atlanta on

HI C.,

Nutrition is the key to balanced weight. I always recommend an absorbable multivitamin (the one we use is guaranteed to absorb)because the body, when it gets what it needs, will balance the weight to where it should be. My husband lost 110 pounds, his best friend lost 50, my sister in law lost 15 and my girlfriend gained 20....All those losses and gains were within 5 pounds of where everyone wanted to be. Everything is about every body part getting the fuel it needs to do what it is supposed to be doing. If you're interested in trying it let me know and I can get you some more information.



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answers from Indianapolis on

I'd focus less on what you want to eat and more on building lean body mass. So, the best thing you can do is pick-up some exercise that will build muscle (unfortunately, this will also increase your metabolism as lean body mass burns calories more efficiently).

Any kind of weight training will help you build the mass. If you're in a financial position to hire a trainer, I'd recommend it (though I never have myself) to help focus on areas where you'd like to build muscle and areas you don't.

I started running in December in preparation of a 1/2 marathon we ran this past weekend. I would have thought I would have lost 15 lbs by now. I've lost 7. Bummer. But, I built a lot of muscle mass in my legs that I'd lost the past several years.

Any kind of weight or resistance training (bands, push-ups, etc) should help you build that mass.
Also, remember that it takes the body longer to digest fats vs. proteins and carbs. If you eat higher fat foods (which I don't personally endorse), it will take your body longer to digest your meals and possibly add more calories more quickly.

My best advice: work with both a trainer and a dietician to help you do it as effectively and as healthy as possible.

Good luck!

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answers from Columbia on

Hi C..
My first thought was to offer to send you my extra 20 pounds, but that just isn't very practical! Ha-ha.
My nephew is always trying to gain weight. He is an athlete and has crazy metabolism. I think he burns off calories thinking about exercising. His trainer told him to up the protein a lot with lean sources like cottage cheese and lean meats. He eats protein rich snacks several times a day. Another nephew has CF and his doctors told his mom to put gravies, sauces, and cheese on as many things as possible. Sometimes you can hide egg yolks in things to bump up the calories and proteins too.
Good luck!

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answers from Richmond on

As long as you have normal cholesterol levels, put butter on EVERYTHING! Eat high protein meals, and believe it or not, working out will help. Not cardio, but weight lifting and yoga type stuff, since this will help you put the weight on where you want it (HELLO CURVES!) Drink ensure. Like that other mom said, you can have my extra weight! I don't have 20lbs to give, but you can definately have about 6 or 7, HAHA! Good luck honey :)

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answers from San Francisco on

First I have to say that I wish (oh yes I do) that I had your problem!
If I were you I would definitely go and hire a personal trainer to shape my body and gain muscle mass...trust me, you do not want the fatty stuff. He/she will probably recommend you eat more proteins but if you have a good metabolism then enjoy all kinds of foods as long at it makes you feel healthy.



answers from Atlanta on

I thought I was reading a question from my best friend! She has four kids and unless pregnant can't seem to stay in the triple digits!! (not MY problem!) I liked the answers about building lean muscle mass and adding a protein supplement. Although I think if you are healthy and feel good you shouldn't really worry about what the scale says. Make sure your bites count and you are getting enough nutrition. With a high metabolism and running after 4 kids you may have to wait until they slow down before your metabolism does!! I will be interested in the other answers you get so I can pass them on to my friend too!



answers from Los Angeles on

I found this on the net about weight gain diets: http://www.gainingweight.info/weight-gain-diet-and-nutrit...

and if you would like to buy a high quality protein and muscle growth protein check these links out:


If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me!



answers from Atlanta on

In order to gain weight you have to take in more calories that you burn! Those are the facts. But, in addition to eating more calories, your body won't totally absorb the food unless you have the proper vitamins and minerals in your system. Do you take a multi-vitamin? I take Vemma which is a liquid vitamin that I love. My best friend who lost 40lbs after cancer used it to help her gain he weight back. She is currently at 98lbs and trying to gain 20 more. She says it has helped her a lot. You can check it out here: http://purenutrition.vemma.com/

I also think taking something high in Omega's is good too. I also take Mila or Chia seeds, which I order from here: http://ripplemktg.lifemax.net//

Both are great for the whole family.

Good Luck!

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